205 Live Landscape for 7/4/19 (Lorcan / Gallagher / Nese vs Kanellis/Daivari/Gulak)

Welcome to another edition of Pro Wresting’s Post’s 205 Live Landscape This week the main event will be the trio of Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher and former Cruiserweight champion Tony Nese against Mike Bennet, Ariya Daivari and current Cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak. Also in action under Tornado Tag Rules will be The Singhs vs Lucha House Party. Let’s crack on with the action peeps!….

Tornado Tag Match
Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) vs The Singh Brothers

Metalik and Lince play up to the crowd as the bell rings, getting them involved from the off. It isn’t long before both teams are brawling around and outside the ring. Within seconds both teams pair off, with a great arm drag and missile dropkick from Metalik. Some quick double team action from LHP leads to a two count. Eventually, this kick-starts the brothers into life, showing a brief glimpse of offense. But it doesn’t last long.

More double team action from Metalik and Dorado, leading to a moonsault for another two count followed by more double teaming. Gotta love that Tornado Tag rules! Again The Singhs mount another comeback, with Sunil taking care of Dorado outside the ring followed by crotching Metalik on the top rope. Swings and roundabouts now as it’s now Singhs turn to dish out some double team justice, which leads to a two from the referee.

Dorado is met with a nice spinning heel kick as he made his way back inside the ring. Both brothers are really laying the boots in on Metalik and then Dorado to finally gain some heel heat from the crowd by doing Bollywood dancing and laying the boots in. Quite ingenious really. Feeling superior, The Singhs perform more double teams but still only gain a two count.

Dorado slides in and makes the save which allows Metalik to hit a great looking slingblade….always wondered why it was called a slingblade….A Golden Rewind by Dorado onto Sunil, a pair of lucha tope suicido’s and superkicks for yet another two. I’m very impressed with this LHP pairing. The brothers decide to grab their “Bollywood Award” and walk off but are stopped by Kalisto! Eventually, The Singhs are rolled into the ring. A Ropewalk Elbow and a beautiful Shooting Star Press gives Lucha House Party a well-deserved win

Winners – Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado aka Lucha House Party

Is it me or do The Singhs really REALLY miss having Jinder Mahal. I mean they are competent in the ring, good in fact but they just seem….vanilla. Without Mahal, they are really missing a piece of their puzzle that really drew them heat a while back.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Lucha House Party involved in the tag team division after this showing. They’re definitely something different to the rest of the teams in the division.

A brief hype video for Humberto Carrillo is shown after the match.

Before the main event, Mike Bennett is interviewed. He’s questioned about his match last night on Raw and his wife Maria’s shock pregnancy announcement. Mike responds by talking about the emotional roller coaster he’s on, but he’s here on the orders of Drake Maverick. At the moment, Maria will not be at ringside with him as they’re currently not talking. It should have been the greatest moment of his life, but she told him in front of the world that she was surprised he could get her pregnant, that she called him a disappointment. Mike’s disappointed in Maverick because Drake has kept him from the Cruiserweight title scene, and he should be celebrating with his Maria. Instead, Drake is celebrating with his happy wife. Maverick will pay for what he did to his family, and now he will prove to Maria that he really is MAN enough when he wins this match tonight.

Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher & Tony Nese vs Mike Kanellis, Ariya Daivari & WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak

The match begins with Nese and Gulak about to lock up, but Mike tags himself in. Possibly in a way to show that he’s man enough. Seeing this, Gallagher tags himself in and the match begins with Maria looking on. From the lockup, we see counter versus counter versus counter. What a start!

A shoulder tackle from Bennett turns Gallagher into a ball, which Mike investigates. He’s quickly rolled up by Jack for the first two count of the match. Oney tags in and runs straight at Daivari on the apron. Ariya runs away so Lorcan turns his anger onto Bennett and chops the crap outta him! So stiff! With Mike backed up into the corner, Lorcan carries on with his fists of fury, but that lights a fire under Bennett and he gives as good as he gets! Both men then trade back and forth, uppercuts and lariats. I’m loving this.

Daivari now tags in and works over Lorcan with some stiff striking ability of his own, but Oney soaks up the attack and fires back with some of his own. Drew tags in and a quick double team on Oney gives us another two count. Quick tags now as Mike comes in and lays the smack, or boot down on the prone Lorcan. Followed by Daivari again in, but he inadvertently lets Lorcan make the hot tag to Tony Nese. He comes in and like a Tasmanian Devil, whirls around the ring taking out those dastardly heels.

Jack jumps in and makes a beeline for Bennett just as Nese is taken to the canvas by Gulak. He then tags in legally and goes straight over to Nese getting a two count. Some ground and pound on the mat follows as Drew keeps control of the match. Ariya tags in and again grounds the action delivering some sharp elbow strikes. Bennett now in on the revolving door action but his suplex attempt is reversed into an inside cradle for two. Incensed, Mike goes to town on Nese and then tags in the champ for a quick elbow drop and a two count.

Nese Lorcan Gallagher
Photo / forum.fnnation.com/

Bennett is now in and joins his partners with a triple team Iconoclasm for a two! Eventually, Nese takes Gulak out with a pump handle driver and makes the hot tag to Lorcan. He instantly runs towards Daivari and unloads on him, takes Bennett off the apron and hits a running blockbuster on Ariya for two. He tags Jack in and they double team Daivari, eventually putting him on the top rope, but Bennett cuts Jack off and then gets dumped outside for his troubles. Drew runs over and dumps Gallagher to the outside, but then Oney dumps him outside….quickly followed by a dive. While this was happening, Daivari climbed to the top rope and hit a huge cross body. Nese, not to be outdone, hits a great Fosbury Flop. And then Jack takes to the skies with a William III onto the pile of men….what a sequence!

Finally, the order is restored as Gallagher cradles the champ for a two as Lorcan and Daivari brawl to the back and Nese outside. It’s broken down here peeps! Gulak recovers first and flapjacks Gallagher, who responds with his patented headbutt. A missed 450 by Nese, who was tagged in by Jack, leads to Bennett tagging in. He sneakily covers Nese but only gets a two. Nese is up on his feet first and hits the cradled belly to back driver for the three count and an impressive win for him, Gallagher and Lorcan!

Winners – Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher & Tony Nese

As the show goes off the air, Drew Gulak attacks Nese as he celebrates, as Jack Gallagher is busy taking Bennett to task. It’s total chaos to close the show!

That was a fantastic match and a worthy way to close any show. The booking of all the feuds involved in that match worked so well. And that finish was so so good. More of the same, please!

That draws to a close this weeks 205 Live Landscape. I really hope you enjoyed my first review of the show as I bloody enjoyed watching it!

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