205 Live Landscape 8/1/19 (Maverick vs Kanellis)

Hello, one and all! Grab a chair and settle down while I talk you through this past weeks 205 Live including this week’s main event. And this main event has been building for a few weeks. The now-former 24/7 Champion Mike Kanellis will take on the former 24/7 Champion (and 205 Live GM) Drake Maverick. In an UNSANCTIONED MATCH folks! Hopefully, your mouth is watering as much as mine, so without further ado, let’s see how the landscape fairs on 205 Live!….

The Singh Brothers vs Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick

Akira and Samir start the match off. It doesn’t take long before Samir really starts to wear down Tozawa with some nasty kicks. Akira comes back with some great knife-edge chops and tags in Kendrick. A quick double team and a Kendrick cover on Samir gain a two count.

Akira tags in and after some more double team action, Samir comes back with strikes of his own. Cue Samir’s Bollywood dance followed by more strikes. He then tags his brother Sunil in. The roles are reversed now as the Singh Brothers double team Tozawa. Quick tags, more dancing (man that gains some nice heel heat) and some ground and pound to keep Akira on the mat.

With Tozawa isolated in The Singh’s corner, the brothers really go to town. More hard boots to keep him grounded. But it’s not long until he overpowers them both, hitting a nice enzuguri and a hot tag to the waiting Kendrick.

All fired up, Brian goes to town on the Singhs. Fists of fury everywhere and a leg lariat for another two. Samir, sensing the end is nigh, grabs his Bollywood award. But Sunil takes it from him and goes to hit Kendrick. But he inadvertently hits Samir instead. A malfunction at the junction indeed! A Sliced Bread #2 from Kendrick and that’s all they wrote!

Winners – Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick 

More Humberto Carillo is up next as another video package is played.

The Lucha House Party members are shown and they big up the lucha influence on 205 Live right now. They single out Humberto and Raul Mendoza for more praise. Lince Dorado says that both men are indeed lucha, and wants to face Carillo.

Lince Dorado vs Ariya Daivari

After declaring that he wants Carillo, Dorado squares up to Daivari. But Ariya grabs the left arm and begins to work on it, grinding down. A great sequence of counters begins as they both work each other down to the canvas. Ariya reverses the Golden Rewind to finish the great sequence and powders to the outside.

Dorado hits an apron moonsault onto Daivari and throws him back into the ring. A springboard splash gives us the first near fall of the match. Dorado stays on top with some hard chops, a head scissors takeover and a dropkick for another two. Lince jumps up to the top rope but Daivari gets up and pushes him to the outside.

Once Dorado is back in the ring he’s met with an inverted DDT for a near fall. The Iconoclasm is up next for the LHP member, but he powers out and hits a high crossbody block for a two. A quick cut off from Ariya with a DDT for a two. The action is picking up fast here.

It’s Ariya’s turn to go up top now as he launches onto the prone Dorado with a fist drop. But he’s met with Lince’s boot instead! Dorado strikes Daivari out of the ring and once again hits a crossbody block. But this time it’s to the outside! With both men eventually back in the ring, Lince heads up to the top rope once more and attempts a moonsault. But he eats a superkick instead! Daivari covers and gets the two count.

With both back on their feet, they trade strikes and Lince again attempts the Golden Rewind. But it’s reversed into a Million Dollar Dream. I haven’t seen one of these in years! Dorado gets out of the submission and rolls up Ariya for a near fall. A uranage from Daivari for two. The near falls are happening quick and fast here! Lince hits an enzuguri and an inside cradle for the win in a very entertaining match!

Winner – Lince Dorado

That was a good match and puts over Dorado strong as he attempts to take on Humberto Carillo. Good match and good booking. See peeps, it can happen sometimes in the WWE.

A quick Drew Gulak promo is up next. He talks about how he has no opponent yet for SummerSlam, but he’ll be watching tonight’s main event. Whoever he faces will only get pain and punishment.

Drake Maverick vs Mike Kanellis
(If Mike Wins He Gets A Cruiserweight Championship Shot)

As Drake was making his way out of the gorilla position to the stage, he was jumped by Kanellis. Throwing him from the stage onto the arena floor, and then into the railings. Gaining more heel heat, Mike ripped up a fan pro-Drake sign. And then for good measure, as the referee was checking on Maverick, Kanellis picked up and threw him into the LED board at the top of the stage.

Eventually, Drake made his way to the ring and the match was officially started. It didn’t take long for Kanellis to once again dump Drake outside the ring and get thrown into barricades with the added bonus of some trash talk. A superkick into a slam onto the announce table is next, followed by more jaw jacking. Kanellis is on fire and in total control. Both men are now back in the ring, and Mike strongly whips Drake into the turnbuckles.

After viciously ripping the shirt off Drake’s back, Kanellis levels him with a nasty looking lariat, and then takes off Maverick’s belt and begins to whip the ever-loving bejesus out of him with it! Drake escapes the brutality but not for long. Kanellis tries to spear Drake in the corner, but he posts himself when Maverick moves out of the way. But Drake can’t catch a break as when he goes to the outside to work on Mike, he gets cut off and beaten down once more.

Kanellis finds some of Maverick’s 24/7 posters and tries to make Drake eat it. But this actually fires up Maverick more than ever before. He comes back with strikes and a great dropkick from a smaller member of the roster. Turnabout is fair play as Drake now whips Mike with his own belt before he sends him out the ring. Tope con giro and both are now on top of the announce table. DDT onto Mike and the table explodes!

The end is nigh as both are now in the ring. Mike pummels Drake and sits him on the top turnbuckle, and then follows him up top. A Super Razors Edge attempt is reversed into a Top Rope Hurricanrana, and then a Sliced Bread #2 (our second of the night) gives Drake Maverick the win!

Winner – Drake Maverick

As Drake was taking the plaudits, the camera cuts to backstage. There we see Maria Kanellis with her 24/7 championship, watching the monitor with a stern look on her face.

And that’s that peeps! Drake Maverick overcame a hell of a beating. Mike Kanellis is still in the doghouse with his pregnant wife Maria. And Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak is still without a challenger! More long term storytelling, please!

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