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Emi Sakura

Emi Sakura | The Longstanding Journey of One of Joshi’s Greatest Leaders

At the tender age of seventeen, Emi Motokawa decided to pursue a career in the world of professional wrestling. She tried out for various...
Itoh Respect Army

Mizuki’s Heart: The Rise and Fall of the Itoh Respect Army

Mizuki and Maki Itoh are two of the hottest names in the landscape of Japanese women's wrestling. Mizuki's athleticism and high flying can wow...
Ryo Mizunami

Ryo Mizunami – The Fierce Freelance Ace

A familiar experience to all is the long wait. A time where you expect something to happen, and it ends up being delayed. Maybe...

Riho: The Student That Would Be Champion

While it’s not unheard of for wrestlers to begin their training young, few have been thrust into the sport as former AEW Women’s World...
Jarkaster Journey by DJ Jarka Wrestlebash Review Collision in Cuba

A Mock Wrestling World Cup | Jarkaster Journey

Hello, everybody. I did not intend to take this long in between blog posts, but here we are. Life moves fast. Days turn to...

Akira Hokuto Producing Joshi Promotion ‘Assemble’

With shows in the wrestling scene on a small decline, including the Joshi scene, we have received some big news out of...

Wrestle Square India’s Promotion On The Rise | A Brief History Of

Vinayak Sodhi founded Wrestle Square at the beginning of 2015. He made a life-changing decision to start a wrestling promotion of his own in...
Parm Singh Mann

Parm Singh Mann Discusses Talent, History In Pro Wrestling And More

One of the nice things about being an observer of the independent professional wrestling scene is the opportunity to see new talent emerging from...

#Preview: Stardom x Stardom 2019 (8/10/2019)

We're finally back to do another preview and it'll be Stardom's last big show before their 5 Star Grand Prix the week after called...
Double or Nohting Kong

Double Or Nothing Kong, Sakazaki, Sakura vs Shida, Riho, & Mizunami

All Elite Wrestling's first big PPV is in a couple of days. We have a lot of matches to look forward to. I'll be...