Akira Hokuto Producing Joshi Promotion ‘Assemble’

With shows in the wrestling scene on a small decline, including the Joshi scene, we have received some big news out of the gate. Joshi legend, Akira Hokuto has announced that she will be creating a establishment for the Joshi scene. One to help them out through these hard times and it’ll be called “Assemble”.

It was formed to have various promotions band together during the pandemic. It was also created to help something special for the fans and talented women from various promotions. The promotions being involved in this ordeal is Stardom, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, Marvelous, PURE-J, Oz Academy, WAVE, SEAdLINNNG, the group T-HEARTS by Yumiko Hotta and of course, some Freelancers.

Photo / TheJoshPod / Proresu-today.com

Unfortunately, Stardom, Ice Ribbon, and WAVE will not be apart of the first show. The reason being there was apparently some conflicts behind the scenes. However, there will be plans for them to appear in future shows. Not all promotions will be involved as TJPW, Gatoh Move, and Actwres girl’Z will not be apart of this project for different reasons. Hopefully, that will change in the future but these three seem unlikely.

Akira Hokuto Producing Joshi Supershow

Nearly ten years ago, the males did this for the ALL TOGETHER shows and now it’s great to see the Joshi scene being able to do this and hopefully strengthen their relationships together in the long run.

The first show has been announced on October 1st as the event will take place at Ueno Park. There is no official match-card, but they said they’ll have them determined with a lottery once the show begins. Expect various tag matches and maybe a special singles match or two.

This is a fantastic announcement. It is a great time to be a Joshi fan. For those that follow most of these promotions, they should hopefully have one watch different products out of this. Hope you all stay tuned when it airs!


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