Will Ospreay & PAC | Never Crossed Paths

Revolution Pro Wrestling – aka Rev Pro – gave the wrestling world an early Xmas present a few days ago when they announced that The Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay will take on the King Of The Bastards, PAC, early next year. Here is our first edition of never crossed paths as Will Ospreay and PAC prepare to face each other for the first time ever.

The match will be at Rev Pro’s annual High Stakes event that takes place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on February 15 next year.

This match will mark the first time that PAC will headline one of Rev Pro’s shows, as the company formed not long after he joined the WWE under his Adrian Neville persona. He recently wrestled for them at an event in Portsmouth, where he took on “Speedball” Mike Bailey in a great high flying and physical match.

This “Battle Of The Gaijins” as many have called it (PAC from Dragon Gate and Ospreay from NJPW) will also satisfy not just the demand from the wrestling fans, but Ospreay himself as months ago he tweeted that he wanted a PAC match and is now actively promoting the match via his Twitter account.

To get this into some perspective, we have on our hands two of not just the best Junior Heavyweights to ever come from these shores but two of the best wrestlers in the WORLD.

The Return of PAC

PAC, before his WWE time, has performed at multiple world-renown promotions such as Dragon Gate, NJPW, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and many more. He is a multiple-time champion from his days in the WWE (2x NXT Tag Champion, NXT Champion, 2x WWE Cruiserweight Champion) and, in my eyes, learned more about his character and how to use that in a match than anything else there, as he was already outstanding when he arrived. 

Now he’s back in the world of the indies and realigned himself with his home from home, Dragon Gate, where he joined the number one heel faction in the company, RED, and is now tearing up not just Dragon Gate but every promotion he steps foot into.

Will Ospreay, while PAC was away in the WWE, stepped up to the plate and took on the mantle PAC left behind….being one of the best Junior Heavyweights in the world. He won the first-ever Super Strong Style 16 in PROGRESS Wrestling, a former PROGRESS World Champion, the first-ever Brit to win the Best Of The Super Juniors tournament in New Japan Pro Wrestling and is a two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion.

With a fully healed up Ospreay (he’s currently out with a rib injury) and a focused PAC, we could witness one of the best matches in wrestling history come Feb 15. Thank you Andy Quildan (Rev Pro owner & booker) for making UK fans forget about the new NXT contract controversy and giving us fans a match a year in the making!

Will Ospreay & PAC

Blake’s Take


When Will posted back in August that he wanted PAC, many of us thought it was a pipe dream. PAC went back to his home from home, Dragon Gate, and it all quietened down. Then this announcement came from left field and the entire wrestling world is counting down the days to see this epic first-time match.

You can bet your last mince pie that tickets will/have sold out in a matter of moments, but never fear, I will try and snaffle a few for myself and some friends. I don’t want to miss history being made!