Stardom News: Giulia Wins Stardom Cinderella Tournament

Stardom would deliver on their March 24th show covering their annual Cinderella Tournament. As always, they delivered with some surprises in here except for the winner which we’ll get to in a bit. The new Oedo Tai leader, Natsuko Tora would shock everyone by making it far into the finals. However, it would be able to take on the other finalist, Giulia in the Cinderella Tournament that would turn heads.

We can only have one winner and the winner of the finals, and the Stardom Cinderella Tournament was Giulia. Giulia would join the select few that won the tournament such as Mayu Iwatani, Toni Storm, Momo Watanabe, and Arisa Hoshiki. Giulia would deliver in all of her matches in the tournament and proved that she is here to stay in Stardom. Natsuko did rather well also as there were some that people didn’t expect her to make it that far in the tournament but it also helped legitimize her as Oedo Tai’s leader and how far she actually could go in her new role.

Much like all winners, they’re presented with a dress for them to wear after the match.  Giulia looked gorgeous in hers. Fans all love, love, love Giulia. Another thing she gets is a match of her choosing. She has decided to challenge Arishi Hoshiki for the Wonder of Stardom Championship. Giulia is the third consecutive person to challenge for the white belt after winning the Cinderella tournament. Both Momo and Arisa have won the belt a month after this tournament. Giulia could follow suit.

There is no official date for their title match as of yet.

Photo / Stardom

However, be sure to keep an eye out for it when it’ll happen. If you haven’t watched the Cinderella Tournament yet, you can watch it now on Stardom’s streaming service. Congratulations to Giulia on winning the tournament. We are looking forward to her title defense against Arisa as it’ll no doubt be a great bout.