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Central Empire Wrestling Champions

Central Empire Wrestling Champions Prevail at CEW Homecoming

The last time Central Empire Wrestling was in Oskaloosa, Iowa, two championships changed hands. A new Heavyweight Champion was crowned, and a new team donned...
Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin | The Unsung Gold Standard In Wrestling Today

Shelton Benjamin is a pure athlete. Hailing from Orangeburg, South Carolina, this WWE Superstar is the epitome of what a wrestler should be. He's...
Evolution - Adapt or Perish

Evolution Adapt or Perish | The Rise & Fall

Evolution Adapt or Perish. At Unforgiven on September 12, 2004, Triple H defeated Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, he did not...
One Division Rumble

One Division Rumble Presented By Imperial World Wrestling

The Wrestling and Hip-Hop Connection with Imperial World Wrestling (IWW): Present One Division Rumble Imperial World Wrestling (IWW) is a sports brand owned by the...
Behold the Max Chill Mafia

The Max Chill Mafia | Impact Pro Wrestling’s Resident Triad

The Max Chill Mafia. When looking at the best pro wrestling trios, there is one thing all the greats have in common. These groups...
Impact Pro Wrestlings 20th Anniversary

Impact Pro Wrestling’s 20th Anniversary Show Preview

Impact Pro Wrestling fans, the time has finally arrived. This Saturday, May 8th, the stars of IPW return to the Forte Center in Des Moines,...
Hardcore Justice

Hardcore Justice 2021 Presented by IMPACT! Wrestling

Classic IMPACT Wrestling pay-per-view Hardcore Justice returns this Saturday night. The IMPACT Plus exclusive event comes at the behest of IMPACT Wrestling...
St Patricks Day

Saint Patricks Day in Slamtown Presented by Impact Pro Wrestling

Wrestling fans, this Wednesday night just got a little more crowded. The stars of Impact Pro Wrestling return to the ring and will be...

Victoria | A Wrestling Career Never To Mess With

Over the course of her twenty-year-plus career, Lisa Marie Varon has shattered ceilings and blazed an unmistakable trail as Victoria. During a time when...
MSK capture NXT Tag Team Championship

MSK – Exploring The Origins of Wrestling’s Rascalz

Coming off of one of the most impressive debuts for a tag team in NXT history which culminated in them winning the 2021 iteration...