MLW Fusion Episode 50 | Review

We open the show in an interesting manner. We see Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith, Jr. at the back door of the arena for MLW Fusion Episode 50. Rich Bocchini informs us that this footage was that of Teddy being arrested by Chicago police. This was after MJF reported that Teddy had vandalized his car. After Teddy is taken away, Davey and Brian Pillman, Jr. are confronted by a cocky MJF and Richard Holliday. Brian promised that Hammerstone will get his wrath, saying “Snitches get stitches.” The remaining Hart Foundation members went to go post bail for Teddy in this edition of MLW Fusion.

Brian Pillman, Jr. and Alexander Hammerstone will face off later on this episode of MLW Fusion. In the main event, Mance Warner will be taking on LA Park in a Death Match. We will also hear from CONTRA Unit after their recent reign of terror. First up, we have an advocate for the “Free Swann” movement. Myron Reed will be in action in the first match of the evening. Reed comes out to the ring with tape across his mouth, reading Free Swann. Reed’s opponent is MLW’s resident Base God, Gringo Loco. Loco is very popular in front of his hometown crowd.

MLW Fusion Episode 50

A theme throughout the match was that Myron Reed had a continuous issue with referee Doug Markham. At the beginning of the fight, he felt Markham was unjustly checking him more than Gringo Loco. He had problems with Markham’s count for near-fall attempts. This type of behavior did detract from the incredible Middleweight Division action. His last argument with Markham would lead to his demise. Gringo Loco recovered and hit Reed with a springboard cutter, followed by a Spiral Tap type move. This gave Gringo Loco the victory. After the match, Reed took issue with the referee once again. He chastised Markham and paintbrushed him. Reed then went outside the ring and confronted the commentators, Jim Cornette, and Rich Bocchini. More officials came from the back and escorted Reed away.

Following this, we see a recap from last week when Mance Warner was on commentary. He came out to observe the match between Hijo de LA Park and Puma King. Hijo and Salina de la Renta became too concerned with the Southern Psycho. Much like two weeks ago, Mance got the better of the son of LA Park and sent him in to lose the match against Puma King. We then go to the back to Kaci Lennox, standing by with Mance Warner. Much like before his first match, Warner runs down his game plan to prepare for this death match. They involve light beers, eye pokes, knee pad up and knee pad down. These two will go to war in the main event of MLW Fusion!

Next up we have some news from Matt Striker in the MLW Battle Riot Control Center. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will defend his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Jimmy Havoc. Havoc was the last fighter to pin Lawlor! More names that have been added to the Battle Riot battle royal. They are Mance Warner, Daga, Air Wolf, and Barrington Hughes. We check in on the Dynasty backstage, where MJF has received a text message photo of Teddy Hart’s mugshot. We will hear from CONTRA Unit next. Their video was delivered to MLW officials with the ultimatum: Play this unaltered, or else. The video is their manifesto of sorts. Basically, they are international dealers of violence and they want two things in MLW: the gold and the power.

Next up, we have The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation clashing, represented by Alexander Hammerstone and Brian Pillman, Jr. Hammerstone was accompanied to the ring by both MJF and Richard Holliday. Pillman had to go it alone, as Teddy Hart was still in jail and Davey Boy Smith, Jr. had not yet returned from bailing him out. This seems to be The Dynasty’s modus opperandi, to isolate a single member so they can have the advantage.

Brian rushes to the ring after MJF’s promo, he could wait no longer. Pillman fights with a lot of heart and fire, anger burning for what The Dynasty has done to Teddy. However, he could not overcome Hammerstone’s power. After dropping Pillman’s neck on the top rope, a Nightmare Pendulum followed. After the match, of course, all the Dynasty Members ganged up on Pillman. They then forced Pillman to watch as Hammerstone destroyed two of Teddy Hart’s prized necklaces that were left with Brian.

Rich Bocchini then sends us to a video check-in with MLW Heavyweight Champion, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. We see Tom training hard in an MMA gym, hyping himself up for the fight with Jimmy Havoc. Up next, it’s time for the MLW Fusion main event. First out we have the Southern Psycho Mance Warner, coming to the ring with an American Flag and a light beer. The MLW faithful seem to enjoy Mance’s antics as well, trading eye poke gestures as he makes his way around the ring. Next is the legendary Chairman, accompanied by Salina de la Renta, LA Park. Park is also carrying a flag, but that of his native Mexico! He is also beloved by a good portion of the crowd.

Even though billed as a deathmatch, it really isn’t much of a match at all. Just a fight. The two waste no time taking things to the outside of the ring area and involving chairs and tables. It should be noted that there were a few wrestling moves used as well. We get to see just how psycho the Southern Psycho is too. At one point, LA Park is hitting him like a government mule with his belt and Warner is grinning, Cheshire-like. Despite Mance’s never-say-die attitude, eventually, the legendary luchador was able to overcome him. A vicious spear put Warner down for the three count at last.

Next week on MLW Fusion, MLW World Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart is scheduled to be in action. He may have been cleared of jail, but are his injured ribs healed yet? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to tune in! You can watch MLW Fusion every single week on Saturday nights at 8:00 PM on beINSports. If you don’t get beINSports, don’t worry! It goes up on MLW’s YouTube channel at 12:00 PM Eastern time. This was MLW Fusion for Episode 50.

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