Report: Andrade Out For WrestleMania

Changes are more than just an iconic Bowie tune. As the hours go on, there are more and changes in the Wrestlemania line up, By now, we all know that Braun Strowman will get a shot at the Universal title vs.Goldberg. A few hours ago we found out that the Lashley Aleister Black match will not take place either as Lashley recently traveled to South Africa and has to spend some time in self-quarantine. Now, we have been informed that the Raw tag team championship encounter set between Andrade and Angel Garza vs the Street Profits will not take place either as one is for WrestleMania as reported by

Andrade hurt his ribs during the Raw taping and is not in game shape as it were. The only bright spot is that in this case injury and not illness or fear thereof is at the root of the situation.

Interesting to speculate who might step in to challenge Street Profits. In these exceptional times, reality supersedes storylines and so much depends on who is available to travel safely if they are not already in Orlando.

Word is that the NXT performer Austin Theory will replace Andrade and become Garza’s tag team partner. Theory has been getting a lot of air time on NXT as late and has more than held his own. The 22-year-old Georgia native has the look and talent to go far in the business. His recent program with Tomasso Ciampa really put him on the map. While appearing on NXT earlier as primarily an enhancement talent, he is now more than ready to take that uphill career climb.

With other changes on the way and -or already in progress, it will be very interesting to see how the E can effectively book on the fly and make the most of a bad situation. This is the time to be bold and take a chance or two. Hail Marys are not just for football anymore. With Andrade being out for WrestleMania this comes on the heels of yesterday’s news.