Report: Roman Reigns To Not Compete at WrestleMania 36

We are all familiar with the card subject to change disclaimer and sadly, Wrestlemania 36 will be yet another show subject to this issue. It is being reported that Roman Reigns will NOT be appearing at WrestleMania 36. He will not challenge Goldberg for the Universal Title as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin.

Roman Reigns opted out and not appearing at WrestleMania is completely understandable. Due to his two bouts with leukemia and the treatments he had to undergo to vanquish the dread disease. He is immunocompromised and does not feel comfortable exposing himself to the risks of being unquarantined even if it is only in the Performance Center where we can be sure every precaution is taken.

The federation backs Reigns fully on this important yet heart tearing choice. Ironic however that Reigns would come to this conclusion now after having been just a short while ago. That being said, with the situation being so fluid and getting direr by the day. Only a fool would find issues with this decision. The question though remains, where do we go from here. Does it benefit the E to keep the title on a part-timer who is known to be stiff and very much on his back nine?

Who though on the SD roster who is not booked in a big match and has enough of a draw could be chosen?

Here is what I would do in this very situation. Tomorrow night has a contest between Shinsuke Nakamura and Drew Gulak. With the stipulation that if Gulak emerges victorious, then Sami Zayn will have to defend his title vs Daniel Bryan. Quick fix, have Zayn interfere and cost Gulak the win. While the Artist Collective celebrates, have an authority figure force Zayn into defending the I-C belt vs Gulak while putting Daniel Bryan in line for a Universal Title shot vs Goldberg.

Hoping beyond hope that Braun Strowman is kept out of the championship equation.