PWP Podcast 09 (RETRIBUTION Leader Revealed)

Like clockwork, the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast is back! Each week Mark Blake, Pete Moon & Marc Madison will discuss the significant happenings in the world of pro wrestling. This is the PWP Podcast Episode 09. Join us this week for:

PWP Podcast 09
RETRIBUTION Leader Revealed & The Upcoming WWE Draft

This past week it was revealed that Mustafa Ali was in fact the leader of RETRIBUTION. How long this plan has been in the works is discussed along with whether or not the decision to put Ali in that role is a safe one to make. We consider the potential backlash he could face and why. While the crew discussed this topic they also discussed the upcoming WWE draft. Who did Pete, Mark, and Marc all feel would be best suited to be on which brand? The trio also explored the potential of some fresh feuds and match ideas that would affect all involved.

PWP Podcast 09
Cody regains the TNT Championship and #1 Contender for the AEW Title Tournament

Upon his in-ring return, Cody faced Mr. Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship. The result was not only a win but also a discussion as to whether or not the trio felt it was a beneficial decision to make. They also discuss those named in AEW’s upcoming AEW #1 Contender Tournament and who could still be added to the mix.

Past Pieces of the week discussed among the staff include the two below:

In Your House Badd Blood 97′ Hell in A Cell – The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels | On This Day by Alex Podgorski

Brian Pillman – The Unsung Brilliance of The Loose Canon – by Mike Bryan

Future Piece off the week discussed among the staff includes the one below:

‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams | Unsung Heros by Marc Madison

Miro – The Best Man & Bulgarian Brute – AEW Talent Preview by Jake Landmesser

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