Ruby Soho – She Goes Where The Wind Takes Her

Over the course of this eleven-year career of, Ruby Soho has seen joy, pain, success, heartbreak, and redemption. The journey of every professional wrestler is different. While there are similarities in their means of training travel, and matches how they get to where they eventually want to be is different.

From paying close attention to matches of Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, and Eddie Guerrero to finding interest in wrestling at the tender age of 15, Ruby Soho has had a love of wrestling in her blood for half her life. She was initially trained by Billy Roc at the School of Roc.

For ‘Miss Heidi,’ her in-ring debut would take place in January 2011 against Abbie. It was for the co-promoted event between the National Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling King, and National Wrestling Alliance Midwest.

I watched a few friends become independent wrestlers when I was about 15. Then, the Summer of my freshman year of college, I went to a childhood friend’s cancer benefit show and immediately took an interest in training. By the first day, I was sore but had fallen in love with the sport.

Ruby Soho on the decision to become a wrestler

With most wrestlers making their in-ring debut, it was met with a loss. But wins and losses, especially early on, don’t best represent someone’s future but rather a moment in time. Her first year on the independent circuit saw Soho wrestle in less than 20 matches. It was a start for her, and as the years would follow, so would opportunity.

During Soho’s second year of competition, it was there where she competed for promotions that were vastly different. From either their presentation to their personal, Soho wanted to build on a great first year in wrestling. For many, they often couldn’t claim that they wrestled for a promotion operated by a rap group. Soho would debut for the Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) in 2012. But from there, it would be one of the promotions that became near and dear to her heart.

In competing for SHIMMER, it was as much about elevating women’s wrestling as it was providing them a platform to showcase how exceptionally talented they were as well. Soho, who competed as Heidi Lovelace during her time in SHIMMER, faced the likes of Nicole Matthews, Cherry Bomb (aka The Bunny), Nicole Savoy, Madison Eagles, Kimber Lee, Saraya Knight, Shayna Baszler, and Nikki Storm (aka Nikki A.S.H).

Much like her time in SHIMMER, Soho also called Shine home as well during her time on the independent circuit. Her tag team with Solo Darling, making up ‘The Buddy System,’ would compete in various promotions together. One of which included their time in Shine. While in Shine, Ruby Soho was recruited as part of Daffney Unger’s faction, the All-Star Squad (A**).

One of the more notable places Soho competed early on was Ohio Valley Wrestling. The former developmental system of the WWE initially came about with a tryout against Taeler Hendrix. Despite not being successful, Soho would compete in nearly forty matches for the promotion over the course of two years.

Ohio Valley Wrestling

During this time, she would engage in a storyline in which it would be revealed that she was the secret admirer of Taeler Hendrix. The storyline was an early opportunity for Soho to showcase character development on top of her already extraordinary wrestling skill.

Another promotion where Soho had a chance to be a little more off the wall was in Chikara. Over the course of a few years, Soho would take part in Tag Team Tournament’s, the Chikara Young Lion’s Cup, and Chikara Grand Championship matches. Her opportunities were evident throughout the promotion.

She would defend her Young Lion’s Cup throughout 2015, ending the year undefeated. It was a remarkable accomplishment. Unfortunately, during her time in Chikara, she would also renew hostilities against SHIMMER rival, Kimber Lee.

Soho’s time internationally also speaks a great deal about her depth of knowledge and growing move set. Soho would compete for the World Wonder Ring Stardom on her travels to Japan. While she was there, Soho and fellow teammates, Dragonita & Act Yaskawa, were forced to join the Monster-gun faction. The time and experience there was one she is long able to carry with her throughout her career.

In December of 2016, the former Heidi Lovelace had signed with the WWE’s NXT brand. At the beginning of the following year, Lovelace would debut as Ruby Riott and would immediately be thrust into a feud with Nikki Cross as part of sANity’s feud with Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose & Roderick Strong. Cross & Riott would battle throughout their time together on NXT.


Whether it was because there was animosity between the two or because the #1 contendership for the NXT Women’s Championship was at stake, the two women would battle fiercely throughout the Spring of 2017.

Riott was a perennial threat for the NXT Women’s Championship during her time on the NXT Women’s roster. After losing at NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2017, Riott would join the SmackDown roster along with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. The trio would immediately make an impression on the main roster beating the entire SmackDown women’s roster over the course of a couple of weeks. Early attacks on Naomi and Becky Lynch, along with interfering in a women’s championship match between Natalya and Charlotte Flair the same night, certainly made a statement.

Riott’s first six months as part of the SmackDown roster was quite eventful. From SmackDown Women’s Championship opportunities to participate in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble and the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

Over the course of two years, Ruby Riott and her Riott Squad showed a true sense of comradery and teamwork. Riott herself was the featured single among the trio, while both Morgan and Logan were typically utilized as a tag team. However, as it appeared things were directing Riott into a strong singles push, injury struck. In May 2019, Ruby underwent surgery for a bilateral injury and then again a few months later in August in the same area.

Return from Injury

After nine months of inactivity, Riott returned, and upon her return, she would turn on her longtime friend and Riott teammate Liv Morgan. By the Spring of 2020, Riott and Morgan would reconcile, reforming the Riott Squad (minus Sarah Logan, who would be released). It was difficult for the duo to capture the same appeal without the time on-screen and minus Logan, who was a key part of their success. Riott and Morgan would compete in a tag team turmoil match on night one of WrestleMania 37.

Sadly, a few months later, Ruby would be released by the WWE in June 2021. It would be 90 days before Ruby could compete again. Whether it was a major promotion or an independent one. She was very well-liked by her peers both in and out of the ring. With such a wonderful and professional manner coupled with a tremendous in-ring work ethic, it would be only a matter of time before she would join another promotion. Ruby’s departure didn’t sit well with some. One of which was former WWE Champion Mick Foley, a longtime supporter of women’s wrestling and Soho.

“I thought Ruby [Soho] stood out. I thought she was excellent in WWE. She had a nice run there. I don’t think they got everything they could’ve out of here, and that’s why when she left, I tweeted out, ‘I don’t think we’ve seen the best of her’ or ‘the best is yet to come.’ And I think it is.

Mick Foley on Ruby Soho 

Ruby Soho – She Goes Where The Wind Takes Her

So while it is important to encapsulate Soho for her skill, demeanor, ability to overcome adversity, temperament, and ability, one thing that is often not mentioned about her is the body art that she displays. As of this writing, she has 25 tattoos, each one caring meaning, and relevance.

From musical notes to a negative portrait to turning a surgery scar into a sunflower or a picture of Medussa to cover up another scar, the tattoos have come at significant points in Soho’s life. For example, her Medussa tattoo gave her the idea for the tattoo because of her symbol of feminism but to also frighten around her to represent her inner power and strength.

Her tattoos represent where she has been, where she is, and likely where she is going. From Lotus’ that represents symbols of purity and peace, a love of flowers; however, one tattoo stands out for both its symbolism and meaning as it applies to Ruby Soho. ‘She goes where the wind takes her.’ It is a saying by Pocahontas to which reflects Soho’s free spirit and willingness to dream big while living out her dreams in the process.

After Soho would be releasing videos of her going on a destination as ‘The Runaway,’ speculation about where she was traveling began to surface.

Ruby’s heart ain’t beatin’ ’cause she knows the feelin’ is gone
She’s not the only one who knew there’s somethin’ wrong
Her lover’s in the distance as she wipes a tear from her eye
Ruby’s fading out; she disappears, it’s time, time to say goodbye

– Ruby Soho by Rancid

Ruby Soho would make her debut at AEW’s All Out pay per view in September 2021. She was a surprise entrant to the AEW. It was official Ruby Riott was now with the entrance music of Rancid had become Ruby Soho. Her future is as bright today as it ever was. What does that mean for her future? It means it’s an elite opportunity.

Please note the link here for information regarding the history behind Ruby Soho’s tattoos.