Pro Wrestling Post Podcast Presents Episode #1 DEFY Wrestling’s SCHAFF

Photo / Schaff

Seattle, Washington based promotion Defy Wrestling employs several talent. However, one man is quickly rising up the ranks as the baddest man in wrestling today, listen to SCHAFF! He developed his skillset competing throughout the United States. However, it wasn’t until Defy Wrestling brought him in that his following began to emerge from there as well. SCHAFF quickly became a fan favorite because of his no-nonsense ability to simply toss his opponents all over the ring. He was willing to come in and work his way through the ranks to eventually become a talent that was brought in and developed within Defy’s faithful.

Schaff has taken his rough and tough as nails style and brought it front and center to the DEFY Wrestling audience. With the support of the likes of Matt Farmer, Schaff continues to grow into the talent that he believes he is and that the administration believes he will become as well. As his growth and experience in the industry continue onward, fans can anticipate a great number of experiences to come his way in particular along the Pacific Northwest and Southwest coast. His time to show just how bad he can be will likely prove itself as he steps in the ring with the best the industry has to offer.

During our chat, the baddest man in professional wrestling shares who he was inspired by and looked up to. Who was it and whom did he hoped to want to emulate throughout his career? Be sure to listen to the end for the ProWrestlingPost Podcast feature #wrestlingtinder with SCHAFF with whom he shares his thoughts about wrestling. Be sure to listen to us below at the link provided or the various podcasting platforms provided below.

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