#Preview ‪Bar Wrestling 29 Presents Four Touchdowns in a Single Game‬‬‬‬

After Bar Wrestling 28: The Best City I’ve Ever Been To really surpassed itself from the matches to having members of The Elite (Cody and the Young Bucks) make an appearance, it would be easy to say that Bar reached its peak for 2019 but I wouldn’t be so sure of that. After an amazing card, Bar have got their show Four Touchdowns in a Single Game on the 31st January at American Legion Post 241 and they’ve released yet another smasher of a card. Like all the other previews, there could be changes to the card but here’s a preview of everything we know about the upcoming show!

Tessa Blanchard & Daga v Lucha Bros

The team of Tessa Blanchard and Daga was one that a lot of people were really excited for when Bar announced the card for The Best City I’ve Ever Been To because you had this strength and strong attitude from Blanchard combined with the diverse style of Daga that had both strength and agility. However, even though this agility from Daga may have been an advantage over his opponents at previous shows, this won’t be the case with their opponents this time because Blanchard and Daga are up against the phenomenon that is the Lucha Bros (Pentagon and Fenix). As well as both guys possessing the same agility with their background in Lucha Libre, both Pentagon and Fenix are such diverse athletes with this strength and power. So, as amazing as Blanchard and Daga are, I have to give the advantage but not because of purely their talent in the ring (because you can’t ever say that Blanchard and Daga don’t have this amazing diversity in their skills). It’s the in-ring chemistry that Lucha Bros have because of their history of teaming together which might give them an edge over their opponents. However, it’s impossible to rule out Tessa and Daga and it’s going to be a damn good match of different styles and personalities.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Luchasaurus v Aaron Solow v Jungle Boy v Andy Brown

When I first read this match, I was a bit confused at the start because it’s probably one of the most random matches I’ve ever seen but in the best way possible. We’ve got guys like Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy who I’m quite familiar with but then there’s Aaron Solow and Andy Brown who I haven’t honestly heard about before. Also, fatal 4 way’s work in the best way possible in the sense that they are so chaotic and it almost seems impossible for any referee to maintain control which always make it more fun to watch. However, from looking at the match up, it looks like the wrestler with the best chance of winning is probably going to be Luchasaurus because he is literally the hybrid athlete with strength, speed and amazing agility. As amazing as the other wrestlers are, when see 3 guys going against a man like Luchasaurus, it’s hard to bet against him.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

RockNES Monsters & Watts & Tyler Bateman v Ray Rosas & Ryan Taylor & Brandon Cutler & Joey Ryan

By just looking at all the names in this one match, it’s full of so many amazing wrestlers from the industry and some amazing Bar favourites. Moreover, this is the first preview where I get to involve the man himself, it’s the first preview where there’s a match with the King of Dong Style Joey Ryan! He’s teaming with Bar favourite Ray Rosas and two other guys that I am not that familiar with in Ryan Taylor and Brandon Cutler but what I can expect is a seriously badass team with some lucha libre, strong style and a dick flip hopefully. It has to be a badass team to match up with their opponents in RockNES Monsters, Watts and Tyler Bateman who are all huge favourites of mine (not just in Bar). RockNES have that tag team chemistry that will give them an advantage over the other team and if you team with Watts pure strength and Bateman’s unorthodox style, then it’s definitely a team to watch. There doesn’t seem to be a clear winner here and it’s almost impossible to say that one has a massive advantage over the other because it can be seen that they’re equally matched in so many ways. The winner will probably be the team who gets the advantage early and stays on top of their opponents throughout. No matter who wins, it’s going to be an amazing match with some amazing wrestlers.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Heather Monroe v Kiera Hogan

Even though I’m not too familiar with Kiera Hogan, Heather Monroe is a Bar favourite and has had some amazing matches for the company the past few months. Monroe has definitely proved her skills with her diverse skills in the ring from her strength to agility which helps her sneak up on her opponents and get the victory. Kiera Hogan will have to muster everything she has to beat Monroe and, after looking at some of her stuff at Impact, it shouldn’t be too hard for such a passionate wrestler who’s had a lot of experience for someone so young. It’s matches like this that can get so exciting because they’re hard to call. I won’t say that either has an advantage but maybe the crowd support for Bar favourite Monroe may just give her the edge!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Jake Atlas v Brian Cage

This match is one that I’m really excited to watch because from the get go it just seems like a very unlikely match. It’s also pretty relevant after a certain company may have posted a video about Atlas being at a certain performance centre. However, all that aside, it’s definitely a match to watch because you’ve got the powerhouse Brian Cage who combines strength and agility going against Atlas who is this adorable ray of sunshine but can also kick major ass in so many ways! It might seem that Cage has the advantage with his experience, but Atlas has only been getting better and better since he was named 2017 Rookie of the year where he’s gone on to win titles and have some amazing matches against the likes of Eli Everfly and Douglas James. It’s going to be a match of two very different characters and that’s what makes it so exciting!

Credit: Bar Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie & PJ Black v Diamante & Maxx Stardom

This is yet another match with a pair that I’m not too familiar with, even though I know a lot about Taya Valkyrie and PJ Black. The two have been so dominant in their tag and singles matches in different companies through the strength and attitude of Valkyrie and Black. So, it will be interesting to see how the team of Diamante and Stardom react to such a ruthless and dominant tag team. The best strategy I can see is to not try to beat them at their own game and try to gain the advatntage in whatever they know best. Don’t try to get into a fist fight with Taya and definitely don’t try to go all high risk with Black because it will probably bite them. Stardom and Diamante need to find their opponents weakness to have any chance at beating such a formidable team.

Credit: Bar Wrestling

So, we’ve got yet another Bar show that’s knocked it out of the park and it’s going to be so exciting to see what these matches are going to bring with some faces I’ve not seen before. Like always, if you’re in the LA area, you should definitely go if you can and you can buy pre-sale tickets for $25 at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4025672. The show is at 9pm at the American Legion Post 241, 4725 Maine Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 and it’s definitely recommended to try and buy the pre-sale tickets because a lot of people were turned down at the door on the last show and the pre-sale ticket guarantees admission. However, if you aren’t sure, you can try and get tickets on the door on the day at $40. The show will also be released on https://barwrestling.pivotshare.com/ and other sites such as PowerSlam TV (who have a great range of wrestling shows to watch).