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Pat Patterson WWE Intercontinental Championship History Pt 1

WWE Intercontinental Championship History (Pt. 1)

Here is Pro Wrestling Post's first part of the History of the WWE Intercontinental Championship - Since its inception, the Intercontinental Championship has been...

Wrestling Legend Tito Santana Joins 350 Days Producers for TV Show

David Fredrick and Stephen Faust of the “Official Tito Santana Group, Arriba!” on Facebook “gets it.” Tito Santana is a legend deserving of not...

Empire State Wrestling’s Overdrive | The Jarkaster Journey

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in on my wild ride as an independent wrestling referee. This latest entry is as eventful as any of...
Harley Race

My Live Harley Race Memories

Harley Race liked to refer to himself as “the greatest wrestler on God’s green Earth” And as a 70’s and 80’s fan, when he...

#AndNew SmackDown Live Women’s Champions

At Money in the Bank, Becky Lynch went in with a double target on her chest. As Becky 2 Belts, she had two separate...
Mikey Whipwreck

Mikey Whipwreck talks ECW & life after wrestling

ECW original Mikey Whipwreck has had a long-standing involvement in professional wrestling that dates back over twenty years. The laid-back Whipwreck was fun and...
Bruno Sammartino

Bruno: A Look Back At My Childhood Hero

It’s June 24, 1974. I’m a skinny, 14-year-old and it’s my first wrestling match EVER. My heart is beating out of my chest because...
The Maestro

The Maestro talks WCW, and family lineage

As Former WCW star The Maestro, Rob Kellum recently took some time to participate in an interview. Kellum reveals his time with WCW, his...
Celebrating Italians in Wrestling

Celebrating Italians In Wrestling | Among the Best in the World

Pro wrestling manager and fellow Italian Chazz Moretti spoke highly of his culture and heritage as he was celebrating Italians in wrestling. On his...

Umaga – The Life and Tragic End of The Samoan Bulldozer

In WWE, Umaga played a hard-hitting, tough son-of-a-gun. However, behind the curtain, Edward Smith Fatu was regarded as of the most sweet-hearted men in...