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The dictionary definition of the word charisma reads; Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Next to the word charisma, you will find a picture of ‘The Frontman’ Jah C. A master on the microphone, Jah C’s ability to reel in the audience before even stepping foot in the ring is unmatched.

“I don’t think you can call yourself a great professional wrestler if you don’t have the ability to communicate your story on the microphone or verbally,” Jah said. “If I can only rely on my athletic ability for the next eight minutes while you watch me bump, flip, flop, and fly all around the ring and I can’t talk to you one-on-one, then quite frankly you’re just a wrestler.”
Jah C
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Oozing with confidence similar to the Rock, his promo style reminiscent of some of the golden era greats of professional wrestling. Jah C thrives at holding the audience in the palm of his hand.

The Rock’s electric persona was a major inspiration to Jah C, but at the same time so was a guy like Cactus Jack during his ECW days.

Jah also finds inspiration from other independent wrestlers like Jimmy Jacobs and Eddie Kingston.

While a mic master, Jah C is more than capable in the ring. Blending pure athleticism and pomp and circumstance to each and every match he competes in.

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Inspired by the likes of Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, and Kurt Angle, it’s easy to see their influence in his in-ring work.

His hard work inside the squared circle is an extension of where he trained. Earning his stripes at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy in Davenport, Iowa.

‘The Frontman’ Jah C

A 2016 graduate, Jah was part of just the fifth class to graduate the academy.

“My time at Black and Brave was fantastic, it was a grueling day in and day out, but man it was fantastic. We trained three days a week in the ring, but you were required three additional days of CrossFit training.

There wasn’t a day that he left the Black and Brave gym not tired, beaten up, sore and calloused with any gas left in the tank.

Part of a competitive class that not only worked together but competed against each other, helped make each of them better.

Guys like JT Energy, the One Called Manders and so many others were in that class. Frankly as long as you rock that badge of honor that you graduated from Black and Brave, you got my respect, because I know what it means.”
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Since 2016 Jah C has wrestled all over the United States. Working on the east coast for Capitol Wrestling. Down south with companies like Pro Wrestling Bushido out of Georgia and a branch of the NWA in Tennessee. In the midwest, he’s wrestled for Central Empire Wrestling in Iowa along with IWA Mid-South out of Indiana. Out west, Jah C wrestled for UGWA in San Jose, California.

These opportunities working across the country have turned Jah C into a total package pro wrestler.

“I’ve been everywhere, I’m all over the place and I’ve been busy and hope to stay busy as possible. You grow with every performance, if you’re not learning something from each of these performances then you should pack it up and call it a day.”

This weekend, Jah C returns to the midwest for a monumental event. The Black Wrestlers Matter super show takes place this Saturday, August 22nd. It’s set to take place from Franklin Jr High School in Des Moines, Iowa. It will showcase some of the top black professional wrestlers from across the country. Proceeds from the event go to Knowledge is Power: Fund DSM Leaders of Tomorrow. Having the opportunity to be part of such a unique show and fundraiser was something Jah C jumped at.

“Obviously with the current state of our society and our country. It just seemed like the perfect time to uplift black talent that sometimes doesn’t get showcased as often. It can be a controversial topic, but the reality of the situation is there is a lot of black talent out there that isn’t spotlighted on a regular basis.”
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His opponent Saturday night is the high flying, Air Wolf. Both men have been wrestling for a similar amount of time on the independent scene. Plus, this will not be their first time clashing inside the squared circle. The two wrestled in March with Air Wolf emerging victorious. Then of course the Coronavirus pandemic hit causing most independent wrestling to halt. Making this Jah C’s first match back and he is chomping at the bit to return.

“Air Wolf and his brother the Top Flight tag team guys, they flip, flop, fly and do all the lucha stuff, while a real star like me has to put in the man-hours and the manpower to redefine what it is this business is about.”

On a card stacked with talent, these two have the potential to steal the show. A challenge ‘The Frontman’ Jah C is ready to meet head-on.

“ACH and JDX are the main event and they’re both going to kill it, but Air Wolf taking on the Frontman is the star-making performance of the night. High pressure, bright lights, and the Frontman wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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