West Virginia Man To Open Wrestling Themed Burger Restaurant

Fans of pro wrestling in West Virginia are likely to be in for a treat later this year. It’s likely there will be a new restaurant to cater to fans of that sport. He lost His Job Due To COVID-19 Pandemic, one West Virginia man plans to open a Wrestling Themed Burger Restaurant.

JL Kyle, a former coal miner, and promoter of the International Combat Sports wrestling promotion is planning on living his dream. Amidst all the sad and depressing news in these trying times, Kyle plans on opening a wrestling-themed burger join in West Virginia.

The restaurant, called Squared Circle Burgers, is scheduled to open in Charleston, the largest city in West Virginia. His plan is to open by this summer, provided the circumstances regarding the pandemic change in the United States.

While many people are feeling despondent over job losses and the every-looming possibility of another recession in North American, Kyle is staying upbeat about his prospects.

“It might be a little rough patch from here on out maybe to start but it will eventually work itself out as long as you stay positive,” he says.

West Virginia Man To Open Wrestling Themed Burger Restaurant

The restaurant will feature a pro wrestling theme and the menu will focus on smash-style hamburgers. Kyle’s project has only begun recently. The overall feedback he has gotten from those close to him has been positive.

At this point it’s too early to tell exactly how that ‘pro wrestling theme’ will pan out. Will patrons have the option to eat their burgers RAW? Will there be discounts on people that can do a pitch-perfect ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage impression? And will they host local and televised wrestling events, complete with Steve-Austin-style beer bashes?

Hopefully, all these questions and more will be answered once Squared Circle Burgers opens in the summer of 2020.

You can read the original story here, visit the restaurant’s (tentative) Facebook page here, and you can follow International Combat Sports here.

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