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King of Gate Tournament 2020

King of Gate Tournament 2020: Preview

It's that time of year again where Dragon Gate will hold their annual tournament, King of Gate. It'll be a little bit different this...

Preview: Ring of Honor Presents Gateway to Honor

Quite the smorgasbord of PPV wrestling shows this week. Sandwiched between the WWE show on Thursday and AEW Revolution on Saturday from Chicago is...

#AndNEW: Open The Twin Gate Tournament Concludes!

If you all remember from my previous article involving Dragon Gate, BxB Hulk betrayed YAMATO to join R.E.D. In doing so they would vacate...

#WhatToExpect: PAC vs. Ben-K for the Open the Dream Gate Championship (7/21/2019)

To get ready for tomorrow's Dragon Gate's big show, I thought I would talk about the main event taking place on that show and...
Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe – The Samoan Submission Machine

Samoa Joe. The Anoa’i family, which originates from American Samoa, has left their marks in the history books of professional wrestling. Members of the...
Sho Tanaka and Shingo Takagi

Sho Tanaka and Shingo Takagi | One of New Japan Pro Wresling’s Unsung Rivalries

Sho Tanaka and Shingo Takagi. The Junior division in New Japan Pro-Wrestling is probably one of the strongest of its kind in the world....
AR Fox

AR Fox – Hungry Like A Wolf

In a career that spanned over fifteen years, one of independent wrestling’s most deserving talents is part of a major promotion. For Thomas James...
Keiji Mutoh Grand Final Pro Wrestling "Last" Love  

Keiji Mutoh Grand Final Pro Wrestling “Last” Love Hold Out Preview

On Tuesday, February 21st, Pro Wrestling NOAH will air Keiji Mutoh Grand Final Pro-Wrestling Last Love, which will air live on Wrestle Universe &...
Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews – The Heart and Hero of A Nation

In a career that has spanned more than a decade, Sesugh Uhaa has proudly showcased his tremendous skillset from his time on the independent...
Great Voyage In Osaka 2023

Great Voyage In Osaka 2023 Presented by Pro Wrestling NOAH | Preview

On Sunday February 12th, 2023 Pro Wrestling NOAH will air their Great Voyage In Osaka 2023 on Wrestle Universe & ABEMA TV.  We have...