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Prince Iaukea

Prince Iaukea – The New Power Generation Superstar

Art is the most subjective thing there is. Whether it appeals to you or repulses you, true art should illicit an emotion. What constitutes...
Jumbo Tsuruta

Jumbo Tsuruta – The First True Ace of Puroresu

When Jumbo Tsuruta passed away in May of 2000, my first response was, “Oh yeah… That’s the guy who unified the Triple Crown Championship...
AEW Dynamite Review

AEW Dynamite IGNITE for 01/4/23 (Starks vs. Jericho FIRST TIME EVER)

On the same day that some of AEW's biggest names are competing on the other side of the world in Japan, 12 hours later,...
WCW Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView with Clint Dye

WCW Fall Brawl 1997 | WCW Sunday Night RetroView

WCW RetroView fans, we’ve reached one of my favorite WCW pay-per-view. Today we look back at WCW Fall Brawl 1997. The war between WCW...
WCW Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView with Clint Dye

WCW Slamboree 1997 | WCW Sunday Night RetroView

Once again it's time for the next WCW RetroView. The choice to cover WCW’s prime years of pay-per-views came with the good, the bad, and...
Undertaker: The Last Ride Chapter 5

Undertaker: The Last Ride Chapter 5: Revelation

In Chapter 1, we recounted The Undertaker’s greatest fear. With Chapter 2, it was about how The Undertaker remerged. Chapter 3 recounted his tag...
WWE Smackdown Synopsis with Ian Agubov

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/17/20 (Tuning Up For The Horror Show)

If you listen closely enough, yeah, like that, you will hear the band tuning up for Sunday night's Horror Show: Extreme Rules PPV. This...

Preview: Ring of Honor Presents 18TH Anniversary Show.

Credit is given where credit is due. Despite being owned by a multi-billion dollar entity, Sinclair Broadcasting, Ring of Honor is run in a...

PROGRESS’ Matt Richards Interview Part 1 – Storytelling, Women’s Division & More

Welcome to part one of a two-part interview with PROGRESS ring announcer/booker Matt Richards. Matt is somebody who has worn many hats in the...

#AndNEW: RUSH Regains ROH World Championship

This past Friday, Ring of Honor held its Gateway to Honor event. The event involved a series of matches but one, in particular, was...