Smackdown Synopsis for 7/17/20 (Tuning Up For The Horror Show)

If you listen closely enough, yeah, like that, you will hear the band tuning up for Sunday night’s Horror Show: Extreme Rules PPV. This weekend, we will be going ga-ga at the go-go for promising events from rival Feds on Saturday and Sunday night, respectively. This is the Smackdown Synopsis for 7/17/20. Tonight, Smackdown presents its go-home show just 48 hours before Extreme Rules. The Performance Center remains the epicenter of the WWE Universe. Highlighting tonight’s lineup will be A.J. Styles’s second defense of his newly won Inter-Continental title. In his first defense, Styles made an example of Drew Gulak, showing that he must be respected and feared.

His adversary mind, you must have ice running through his veins. Matt Riddle fears no man and can hurt people in numerous and impressive fashions. Will Smackdown still refer to Styles as “The Face Who Runs The Place” or will Riddle shock the world to become “The Bro Who Runs The Show.”A thrilling match will surely ensue. We don’t expect A.J. to lose his title so early in his reign. Nor do we expect the Original Bro to be dominated. A lucky win by the champion can lead to some interesting storylines for Summerslam. The time has come to feel the heat.

We can also expect further fallout from Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro pummeling and humiliating The New Day last week. The eight-time tag team champions have quite the task at hand. Things should be buzzing at The Firefly Funhouse. It will be lit in many ways.
Tonight’s show begins as last week’s closed.

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/17/20

Cesaro vs Big E

Cesaro will challenge Big E. to a one on one confrontation. At stake, the chance to choose the stipulation for Sunday’s tag team championship encounter. The choices are either a tables match or a steel cage match. Either scenario will show that all roads lead to pain.

The early advantage is going to Big E. He hit a pair of Belly to Belly Suplexes and a Splash on the ring apron. A subtle power burst before the commercial timeout. Cesaro would then get his licks in. He administered the famous Cesaro Swing and went for a Sharpshooter. Nakamura then made his ringside presence felt and interfered with the official’s attention turned elsewhere. It was met with swift kick allowed Cesaro to hit the Neutralizer on his foe and procure the victory.

Winner: Cesaro

The victor attempted to repeat last week’s carnage and bring out a table again, but Kofi Kingston scuttled those plans at the very last second. Later on, their challengers stated their preference for a Tables Match. Oh, my brother, testify!

A returning Kayla Braxton interviewed backstage King Corbin. He manifested his support for AJ Styles stating that the Bro is nothing more than a little boy.

A Moment of Bliss with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

A Moment of Bliss followed, and we were promised a very special guest. Those who might have hoped for EC3 or Eric Young while being perhaps a tad disappointed can take solace because they have other more “impactful” plans for the weekend. Alexa and Nikki were pointing out that this week marked the fifth anniversary of the Women’s Evolution.
Bayley and Sasha Banks would crash the party and take credit for shaping the events of half a decade ago. Asuka then arrived as the surprise guest, and a five-woman melee took place in this very ring. Alexa Bliss left the hostilities but called for a referee. A tag-team encounter would follow after a commercial break.

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/17/20

Nikki Cross and Asuka vs Sasha Banks and Bayley

In the match’s early phase, Nikki Cross was tossed around like a Bash At The Beach volleyball. It took Cross ages to tag out, but doing so was worth the wait. Osuka took out both Bayley and The Boss. Adding to her woes, Banks swung and missed on a Baseball Slide only to be hit by a Cross Body Drop outside the ring. Both sides had their chances as the match went on. The tandem of Osuka and Nikki Cross would garner three counts of two while the champions would counter with a pair of their own.

Bayley and Sasha were to emerge victorious but by dubious means. Nikki Cross attempted a Tornado D.D.T., which Bayley blocked before hitting a Double-Leg Takedown. Nikki Cross was rolled over, and Bayley put her leg on the ropes for leverage. The three-count ensued, and this hook-up was in the books.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

While A Moment of Bliss brought the 18-49 demographic to the yard, the Firefly Funhouse kept it there! Bray showed us the peaceful and scenic yet stagnant swamp stating that there”Darkness comes to light, the devil comes to dance, and all of the horrors of the world feel at home.”

John Morrison and Mc M.I.Z. were preparing for the former’s match against Braun Strowman. Do keep in mind that the champion put away the pair very easily at Backlash.
From Backlash to whiplash, notwithstanding being motivated by The Miz and being told that heroes beat monsters, Morrison was decimated by Strowman. Taken out via the Powerslam, The Guru of Greatness, who had to be helped from the ring, certainly hopes to find a good chiropractor upon returning to Slamtown. Squash matches liven up any show.
Before the encounter, Strowman said in no uncertain terms that “I am willing to walk through the gates of hell and slap the devil in his face,” as well as “I have to stop him from becoming the Fiend, I have to end him before he ends me.”

Braun seemingly pushed to new heights or depths in anticipation of his Wyatt Swamp Match. The Monster Among Men demonstrating a level of aggression, the likes of which we haven’t seen before. He made the snapping Ken Shamrock look like Mr.Dressup. No one should be surprised to see a Summerslam match between Strowman and The Fiend as opposed to a mere mortal like Bray Wyatt.

What a lovely surprise he wrote with a dash of sarcasm. Next up was a follow-up to last week’s Karaoke calamity. Lacey Evans was out for a measure of revenge against the contest winner Naomi.

Lacey Evans vs. Naomi

Naomi was a step ahead on her opponent throughout the brief encounter and, at one point, administered a pristine Split for a two count. Chicanery would rule the day, though. Evans knotted Naomi’s hair into the ropes and subsequently laid out the Glow Queen with a vicious Women’s Right. Evans’ heel turn as complete as a summa cum laude Doctoral thesis.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Kayla Broxton was with Jeff Hardy, who boldly stated he was more than willing to face Sheamus in the forthcoming Bar Room Brawl. Sheamus attacked Hardy and uttered the following threat” You can’t run; you can’t hide from your demons. ” The aforementioned foray will take place next week.

Seconds later, Bayley and Sasha are back on the scene and quip that ” Nikki should go back to being a chimney sweeper.”

Alexa Bliss is in a huddle with Nikki Cross. Nikki, while expressing self-doubt, is boosted by Bliss and subsequently attacked Bayley from behind. Expect the hostilities to rage at The Horror Show.

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/17/20

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle

At long last, the much anticipated main event. Great theme to this match. Notwithstanding Styles’exemplary level of bravado, his “A” game was nowhere to be found. So much for his “No shoes, no surprise, no shot ” promo. A.J. was peppered with a series of elbows and a pair of Gut Wrench Suplexes as we got underway. As the old saying goes, style make fights. A.J. was thrown way off his game and lost his composure in no time. Riddle came close to putting this affair away with a Fisherman’s Suplex, this though for only a two count.

A.J. would get back in the thick of things by dropping the challenger on his face and following up with a Dragonscrew Sweep, which led to him working over Riddle’s left leg. The champion is working on that body part in anticipation of locking in his Calf Crusher submission hold. While Styles had his dominant moments relying on a sound ground game, Riddle countered with a Bro To Sleep and a Running Knee, once again for but a count of two.

A.J. took to his power game and laid Riddle out with a forearm as stiff as three-week-old roadkill. The Original Bro had the savvy to drop to one knee, avoiding the Styles Clash.A.J., then hit a Brain Buster and a knee to the back of the neck, both for counts of two.
Things looked even bleaker for Riddle as Styles slapped on a Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring. This move was countered by a Bro-Mission, which Styles countered with a Roll-Up to eke out a victory.

Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles

The victor then revisited his Code of Honor days and congratulated Riddle for an excellent match. A petty, vindictive King Corbin ruined the feel-good moment. His excellency ambushed Riddle and made him feel the wrath of The End of Days. The King still holding a grudge and resenting the neophyte moving up the ranks too quickly.

The night ended with a fallen Riddle and the makings of a Summerslam encounter we will highly anticipate. This was the Smackdown Synopsis for 7/17/20.