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Bobo Brazil

Bobo Brazil | The Man Who Integrated The Squared Circle

Bobo Brazil | The Man Who Integrated The Squared Circle February is deemed African American History Month.  Truth be told, it needs to underscore on...
Wahoo McDaniel

Wahoo McDaniel | Celebrating Wrestling’s ‘Chief’

One of wrestling's legit toughest was Edward "Chief Wahoo" McDaniel. I can't find any evidence he was ever recognized as a Chief. But that...
Chris Tatanka Chavis

Chris Tatanka Chavis | Pro Wrestling’s Unsung Native American Hero

Tatanka, aka Chris Chavis, was an essential part of the WWF in the '90s. He was beloved as a fan favorite and despised as...
Billy Red Cloud

Billy Red Cloud | Creating Indigenous Memories In The Ring

Celebrating Native-North American wrestlers, I'm starting out with a name who wrestled throughout Canada and the Lower 48. He is Billy Red Cloud. Red...
Billy Two Rivers

Billy Two Rivers | War Chief Of The Mat

Billy Two Rivers Growing up in front of our television screens, we witnessed a parade of kayfabe Native characters and paradoxically viewed many Natives who...
Jimmy Jacobs

Jimmy Jacobs | Revenant: The Many Lives of the Zombie Princess

Jimmy Jacobs Revenant: The Many Lives of the Zombie Princess “I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with...
Lance Storm

Lance Storm | Canada’s Unsung Wrestling Machine

Lance Storm is arguably one of the best in-ring performers in Pro Wrestling history. Wrestling should be about telling a story. It is the...

Virtual Basement Announces Upcoming Video Game, The Wrestling Code

Before the pandemic hit the world, we first reported Virtual Basement, a New England-based video game developer, started to sign some top independent wrestling...

AEW Weekly for 7/30/20 (WARHORSE Arrives!) | Review

Welcome again to AEW Weekly! The exclusive location for a collection of news and an in-depth review of AEW Dynamite! Give a share, give...
Social Distancing Watchlist for 5/30/20

Social Distancing Watchlist for 5/30/20

This week's Social Distancing Wrestling Watchlist for 5/30/20 focuses on the excellence of Beyond Wrestling! Season 2 of Uncharted Territory is currently airing on...