NXT UK American Assessment for (5/22/19)

This has the makings of the most important episode of NXT UK to date. In the main event, Pete Dunne challenges Walter for the WWE United Kingdom Championship he lost at NXT TakeOver: New York earlier this year. For fans that are looking for a reason to tune in for this show, look no further than Walter/Dunne 2. This, as well as more, will be detailed in this week’s edition of NXT UK American Assessment!

Travis Banks vs. Joseph Connors (Fatal Four-Way Qualifying Match)

The match begins with Banks bringing Connors down to the mat. Banks cinches in an armbar on Connors before bringing him back down to the mat. Connors returns fire with a slap across the face. Banks runs the ropes and hits a low running dropkick. Banks starts to go after the legs of Connors with low kicks. Banks then hits a swift kick to the chest of Connors, who rolls out of the ring. Banks goes for a running kick across the apron, but Connors catches and drops him onto the steel steps.

Back in the ring, Connors starts to go at Banks with a flurry of lefts and rights. Connors hits Banks with a knee to the gut and goes for the cover, but Banks kicks out at two. Banks chops Connors across the chest, but Connors quickly takes advantage once more. Connors goes for another cover, but Banks kicks out once again. Connors executes a suplex and goes for another cover, but Banks powers out. Connors hooks in a chinlock. Banks starts to fight out of the hold, hitting a jawbreaker. Connors resumes control, however, by planting Banks to the mat with both feet. Banks fights back with a series of strikes, backing Connors into the corner with mudhole stomps. Banks hits a running dropkick on Connors, who rolls out to the ring. Banks follows and successfully hits a running kick across the apron. Banks follows up with a suicide dive! As he lands, however, Banks seems to be favoring the knee.

Banks rolls Connors back into the ring. Connors hits a slingshot bulldog followed by a modified powerbomb in the corner! 1… 2… Banks kicks out! Connors goes for a suplex, but Banks reverses with an inside cradle! 1… 2… Connors kicks out! The two exchange pin attempts. Connors catches Banks with a clothesline, going for the pin, only for the latter to kick out. Connors unleashes a series of punches on the fallen Banks before taunting him. Banks hits the Slice of Heaven, followed by the Kiwi Crusher, for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Travis Banks

With this victory, Banks advances to the fatal four-way match to determine a new number one contender for the WWE United Kingdom Championship. He will join Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, and Dave Mastiff at a later date. Following the match, Banks is interviewed in the ring regarding the match in question. Banks mentioned that Coffey injured him, Devlin took him out of NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool and that he likes Mastiff. As far as his chances are concerned, Banks declares that he will become the new number contender.

The show cuts to a segment with Nina Samuels, who says that while Toni Storm is a worthy contender, she is an easy puppet to manipulate for a title opportunity. Samuels exploited Storm’s family life to get what she wanted. Samuels declares herself a solid director, always in control, while Storm has lost hers. Samuels motions to the various fan mail in front of her, saying that her admirers know she will become the next NXT UK Women’s Champion. Next week, Samuels challenges Storm for the championship in question.

Two months ago, Mark Andrews and Noam Dar squared off in singles action. The match itself ended less than ideally, though, resulting in both competitors being carried out on stretchers. Up next, they meet up to determine who is truly the better man.

Mark Andrews vs. Noam Dar

Both men shake hands in a show of sportsmanship to start. They lock up, with Dar cornering Andrews. They separate before locking up once more. Andrews whips Dar into the ropes. They begin to exchange techniques, reversing and evading each attempt with sheer quickness. Andrews takes Dar with a headlock. Dar whips Andrews into the ropes, but Andrews comes back with a hurricanrana. Andrews hits a standing moonsault before attempting a pin, only for Dar to kick out. Andrews goes for a running crossbody, but Dar avoids it. Dar goes for a windmill backslide for the 1.. 2… Andrews kicks out!

Dar takes Andrews in an armbar. Andrews goes to the top rope and goes for a 450 splash, but Dar evades. Dar catches Andrews’ leg in an ankle lock, but Andrews rolls through. Dar hits a pump kick! 1… 2… Andrews kicks out! Andrews rolls up Dar. 1.. 2… Dar kicks out! Dar executes a series of strikes and follows up with a suplex attempt, only for Andrews to reverse with the Stundog Millionaire! Andrews hits Dar, on the outside, with a running dive over the top rope! Dar rolls back into the ring, seemingly favoring his ankle. The referee backs Andrews away as he checks on Dar. They resume the match, but Dar collapses under the weight of his ankle. Andrews joins the referee in checking on Dar.

Dar shakes Andrews’ hand. However, as Andrews’ back is turned, Dar pops up and attacks Andrews from behind, his “injury” fabricated! Dar hits the Nova Roller for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Noam Dar

Backstage, Grizzled Young Veterans are interviewed as they enter the venue. Zack Gibson says that he is certain all NXT UK tag teams, like Moustache Mountain, want NXT UK Tag Team Championship matches. However, they aren’t the ones that make the matches. They are the champions and they decide when they wrestle.

After the show returns from commercial, Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring. In the ring, Ripley takes a mic and tells the fans she will not be in action tonight. She then sets her sights on Piper Niven, who’s a “big deal” in Scotland. Ripley tells the fans to shut up, which elicits “you shut up” chants. Ripley says that Niven reeks of fear and that she desperately wants to be the dominant one in NXT UK, yet all she does is talk about Ripley. Ripley says that when Niven steps into the ring with her, nightmares become reality.

The show cuts to a backstage segment featuring Kassius Ohno, who has been trying to get in contact with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala. Ohno enters their office and speaks to Scala, who tells him that, next week, he will face “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher. Ohno shakes Scala’s hand before leaving the office.

Pete Dunne vs. Walter (c) (WWE United Kingdom Championship Match)

This match, which is hyped as “the biggest TV match in NXT UK history,” begins with dueling chants from the crowd. Dunne and Walter lock up, with the latter forcing the former into the corner. Dunne takes control of Walter’s fingers, manipulating them. Walter whips Dunne into the ropes and brings back down to the mat. Both men rise and size up one another. Dunne takes control of Walter’s arm and starts to bend it backward. Dunne then targets the fingers before attempting to stomp on Walter’s hand. Walter evades and goes for his signature chop, but Dunne avoids the move.

Dunne takes Walter into a headlock, but the champion counters with a headlock takeover of his own. Dunne whips Walter into the ropes. Walter goes for a sleeper hold, but Dunne escapes the technique. Dunne executes a dragon screw on Walter, who rolls out of the ring. On the outside, Walter executes a strong chop, which sends Dunne to the mat. Walter chops Dunne across the chest again and goes for one more, but Dunne avoids it. Walter inadvertently chops the ring post, which Dunne exploits by targeting the hand. Walter hits a big boot on Dunne, sending him back down. Walter follows up with a running dropkick, sending Dunne into the barricade! Walter drops Dunne across the steps and chokes him with the bottom of his boot.

Back in the ring, Walter hits Dunne with a big boot once he’s on the apron. Dunne targets the fingers again, wrenching them back, but Walter escapes with another chop. Walter executes a few kicks on Dunne as he lays on the mat. The champion follows up with a knee to the back and goes for the cover. 1… 2… Dunne kicks out! Walter continues to unleash different strikes, but Dunne fires back with a strong forearm, sending Walter back down to the mat. Dunne hits Walter with a running enziguri in the corner and follows up with a missile dropkick to the knees. Dunne cinches in a kneebar. Dunne locks in a modified abdominal stretch and removes the tape from Walter’s fingers, bending back on the pinky. Dunne transitions into a crucifix bomb! 1.. 2… Walter kicks out!

Walter regains control of the match with a huge clothesline. He runs the ropes, but Dunne hits another forearm. However, Walter quickly returns fire with an overhead suplex! 1… 2… Dunne kicks out! Walter executes a Boston crab, continuing to focus on Dunne’s lower back. Dunne escapes, though, and stomps away on the champion’s head! Dunne goes back to the wrist, extending it backward as he locks in another submission. Walter shifts and uses his legs to reach the rope, breaking the hold.

Walter rolls out onto the apron. Dunne catches his hand and traps it in the top turnbuckle. Walter hits Dunne with a massive clothesline before going to the top rope. Dunne catches him with a dropkick to the hand! Dunne locks in a triangle hold on the top turnbuckle before transitioning into a hurricanrana! 1… 2… Walter kicks out! Both combatants, clearly exhausted, exchange strikes. Walter attempts a German suplex, but Dunne reverses to hit one of his own. Walter follows up with a clothesline! 1… 2… Dunne kicks out! Walter makes his way to the top rope and goes for a splash, only to be caught by a forearm by Dunne! Dunne hits the Bitter End and transitions into a triangle hold before snapping his fingers!

As this occurs, Fabian Aichner makes his way to ringside, assisting Walter in getting his foot on the rope. As the referee confronts Aichner, Marcel Barthel sneaks into the ring and attacks Dunne from behind with the championship! Walter takes advantage and hits the powerbomb for the 1… 2…3!

Winner: Walter

Following the match, Aichner and Barthel confront Walter in the ring. Walter steps forward before the tag team does the same, aligning themselves with the reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion. The show ends with these three men standing dominant.

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