NXT UK American Assessment for (5/15/19)

This week’s episode of NXT UK comes from Glasgow, Scotland, as the search for the next number one contender for the WWE United Kingdom Championship continues. Tonight, in a fatal four-way qualifying match, the high-flying Ligero takes on the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin. Another qualifying match will take place in the main event as the seemingly unstoppable Dave Mastiff takes on the bearded bruiser representing Gallus, Wolfgang. All this, and more, on tonight’s episode!

Piper Niven vs. Jamie Hayter

The match begins with a pro-Niven crowd chanting the Scotland native’s name. The two lock up, with Hayter taking control of her opponent’s arm, wrenching on the jaw as well. Niven powers out, though, and applies a standing chokehold on her. Hayter breaks away and slaps Niven across the face, to which Niven responds with a headbutt followed by a running crossbody. Niven executes a cannonball into the corner and finishes her opponent off with a Michinoku Driver for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Piper Niven

The show cuts to an interview conducted with Toni Storm earlier in the day. In regard to Nina Samuels, Storm declares she won’t get away with talking about her family. Storm says that she will get out of control and that she wants this match with Samuels more than she does. Storm offers to put the NXT UK Women’s Championship on the line before walking off.

After the commercial, Sid Scala is interviewed regarding the future Pete Dunne vs. Walter rematch for the UK Championship. Scala says that the match will be the biggest in NXT UK history, but he’s focused on tonight’s show. Kassius Ohno comes up behind Scala, saying that fans like NXT UK because of pure British history. He asks why he was left out of the qualifying matches. Scala says that he will speak to NXT General Manager Johnny Saint and will have an answer for Ohno next week. Ohno says he looks forward to it and leaves the frame.

Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin (Fatal Four-Way Qualifying Match)

The match begins with Devlin assuming control, manipulating the wrist of Ligero. The masked Superstar rolls through and corners Devlin, the official having to keep them apart. Ligero and Devlin lock up in a test of strength, but Devlin takes control once again with strikes to the midsection. Devlin wrestles Ligero to the mat, attempting several pins, Ligero getting the shoulders up in different ways. Ligero attempts a pin of his own, but Devlin kicks out as well. Devlin hits a running shoulder, but Ligero comes back with a monkey flip, followed by a dropkick, sending Devlin out of the ring.

Ligero comes down on Devlin with a flying cross body before rolling Devlin back into the ring. Ligero goes for the pin, but Devlin kicks out at two. Ligero hits a low running dropkick. Devlin counters with an Irish whip attempt and drags Ligero out of the ring, sending him into the barricade and the ring apron. In the ring, Devlin hits a backbreaker on Ligero and follows up with stomps. Devlin hits a running clothesline, maintaining control of the match. Ligero attempts to fight back with a set of strikes, but Devlin plants him with an ura nage followed by a standing moonsault! 1… 2… Ligero kicks out! Devlin applies a kneeling armbar, wrenching back on the hold. Ligero starts to fight back and hits a back elbow on Devlin. Ligero hits a dropkick off the middle rope, but it becomes apparent that his midsection has been impacted, as he’s slower than usual.

Ligero makes his way to the top rope. Devlin runs toward Ligero, who evades. Ligero goes for a surprise pin attempt, but Devlin kicks out at two! Ligero hits a superkick and follows up with a flying splash from the top rope. Devlin gets the knees up and rolls up the injured Ligero! 1… 2… Ligero kicks out! Devlin hits a big scoop slam and executes a moonsault, but Ligero gets the legs up! The Irish Ace rolls out of the ring, but Ligero rolls him back in. Ligero goes for a move off the top rope, but Devlin catches him. Ligero hits a sit-out powerbomb for the 1… 2… Devlin kicks out! Ligero hits a splash off the top rope, from the apron, for the 1… 2… Devlin kicks out again!

Devlin hits an enzuigiri to the back of Ligero before following up with the Devlin Side! 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Following the match, Devlin is interviewed in the ring. Devlin takes the mic and says that the match he just wrestled shouldn’t have happened. He claims he doesn’t need a qualifying or a number one contender’s match. He says that he doesn’t care who he has to wrestle; they will fall to The Ace.

The show cuts to a video package showcasing UK Champion Walter, who says that he doesn’t feel pressure as the new titleholder. He speaks highly of Dunne, saying that he was one of the most versatile opponents he’s ever wrestled. He also says he gave Dunne his rematch because he approached him directly. Walter praises Dunne for training harder, saying that he will be prepared for their rematch as well.

Before the show cuts to commercial, we see the newest addition to NXT UK warming up: Ilja Dragunov!

After the commercial, Moustache Mountain declares that fellow British Strong Style member Dunne will win back the UK Championship in his rematch with Walter. Trent Seven says that he and Tyler Bate should also receive their rematch against Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

Jack Starz vs. Ilja Dragunov

After the bell rings, the two competitors lock up, with Dragunov immediately taking control. He sends Starz into different corners, executing a number of aggressive strikes. Dragunov whips Starz into the corner. Starz attempts to fight back, but a smiling Dragunov easily fights back with clubbing forearms. Dragunov hits a series of running clotheslines on Starz in the corner before hitting another clothesline to send his opponent down. Dragunov executes yet another big clothesline, the noise of the move echoing throughout the arena.

Starz hits Dragunov with a dropkick before cinching in the Gator Hold. However, Dragunov powers out and brings Starz down with a chop followed by a senton. The match ends with Dragunov hitting Torpedo Moscow for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Backstage, Mark Andrews and Noam Dar learn that they will be having their rematch, their last match ending with them being stretchered out. Dar says that the match made him realize how much he wanted to be in NXT UK, working with the best and putting on great performances. Andrews says that they will have a real conclusion, and may the best man win. They shake hands.

Killer Kelly vs. Xia Brookside

The bell rings and both competitors lock up, with Kelly assuming control of the wrist. Brookside rolls through, but Kelly takes her down again. Brookside nips up and escapes the hold, taking down Kelly with a headlock. Kelly cinches in a headscissors, to which Brookside responds with a handstand escape. They lock up again, exchanging holds in yet another mat exchange. They shake hands but are interrupted by the entrance of Jinny.

The fashionista makes her way down the ramp, but stops midway, motioning to the entrance. Outcomes Jazzy Gabert, who marches down to the ring to confront Kelly and Brookside. Kelly makes her way out of the ring, leaving Brookside to fight Gabert on her own. Gabert takes hold of Brookside and plants her with the Dominator! Gabert stands tall over the fallen Brookside, arms crossed, with Jinny motioning to the powerhouse in question.

Winner: No Contest

After the break, it’s announced by Saint, via Twitter, that Storm will defend the NXT UK Women’s Championship against Samuels in two weeks!

Dave Mastiff vs. Wolfgang (Fatal Four-Way Qualifying Match)

Mastiff and Wolfgang lock up, with the Glasgow crowd firmly behind the latter. Mastiff sends Wolfgang down with a shoulder block and catches him with a slam. Mastiff goes for the pin, but Wolfgang kicks out. Mastiff executes several strikes, but Wolfgang backs him into the corner. Wolfgang comes off the middle rope with a tackle of his own. 1… 2… Mastiff kicks out! Wolfgang cinches in a full nelson, the crowd chanting “Let’s Go Wolfgang.” Wolfgang hits a clubbing blow to Mastiff’s back and goes for another full nelson. Mastiff uses his power to flip Wolfgang onto his back and follows up with a giant senton!

Wolfgang sends Mastiff into the corner and hits a running cross body! Wolfgang goes to the top rope and comes off with a double axe handle. Wolfgang follows up by lifting the giant Mastiff on his shoulders and hitting a fireman’s slam. Wolfgang then goes back to the top rope, attempting the Howling Senton. Mastiff evades the move and hits a German suplex in the corner. Mastiff hits his running cannonball into the corner, Into the Void, for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Dave Mastiff

As he’s about to be interviewed in the ring, Mastiff is jumped by Gallus members Joe and Mark Coffey! Mastiff attempts to fight them off but is eventually overwhelmed by all three members of the stable in question. The Coffey Brothers hold down Mastiff while Wolfgang goes to the top rope, hitting the victor of the match with the Howling Senton! Gallus stands tall in the ring to conclude this episode of NXT UK.