NXT Today for 10/18/22 (Jade and Perez pick each other’s POISON!)

In the latest edition of NXT Today for 10/18/22, the night’s theme is mystery. In fact, Motorhead once sang, ‘Evolution is a mystery.’ And if we’re using degrees of separation, that was the faction that involved Triple H, who once ran NXT. So while we aren’t that many degrees separated from the night’s theme, it appears to be a common trend.

Three of the five announced matches set to take place have opponents that are still to be announced. Could it be a coincidence that Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s better to scare your opposition than it is for them to know what they are preparing for? Could this be way overthought on my part? To find out the answer to that question and others, here is NXT Today for 10/18/22.

NXT Today for 10/18/22
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NXT Today for 10/18/22
Schism vs. Cameron Grimes and ???

In the first of the reported ‘mystery opponents,’ the rivalry between Cameron Grimes and Schism appears to be coming to a head. Cameron Grimes has been pursued time and time again by Joey Gacy and the Dyad, only to be rejected. Finally, Grimes has had enough, and it is time he seeks help. But who comes to Grimes’ aid?

Who? wHo? whO? While there are no hints at who it could be, there is only one team that we could decipher would make sense to feud with Schism. If we deduct all their past rivalries in NXT UK, none would make sense, as they all are tied up with their own storylines. So then we thought the only way to battle the darkness that is Schism is with the…light?

Only one former multi-time WWE tag team champions bring the light and the power of positivity time and time again. Who is it? Let’s say if we had to look in any direction, we would look Up, Up, and Down Down to pick them.

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NXT Today for 10/18/22
Channing’ Stacks’ Lorenzo vs. ??

The next in our announced ‘mystery opponents’ involves Tony D’Angelo having to decide who will face Stacks next. D’Angelo was upset at the series of losses that Stacks has had over the past few weeks. So to combat those losses, the ‘Don of NXT’ has set up an opponent for Lorenzo to face. While it could be assumed that he may call upon Wes Less to be the one to face Stacks, that may be too easy.

On WWE.com, they announced that D’Angelo had ‘harkened back to an old story’ to call on his next opponent. If we use the names that could be deduced to face Stacks, it could be Butch (Pete Dunn), Santos Escobar, or Tommasso Ciampa. Of the names mentioned, it could be Ciampa that would be the best fit to teach Lorenzo a lesson. But it ultimately could be anyone!

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NXT Today for 10/18/22
Alba Fyre vs. Sonya Deville

It would be here if ever a time to use the term fighting fire with fyre works. Alba Fyre has had her eyes firmly set on taking out all of Toxic attraction on her way to NXT Halloween Havoc to face Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship. But as they say, ‘a funny little thing happened on the way to the store’.

After beating down Toxic Attraction, it would be a former friend of Mandy Rose that would attack an unsuspecting Alba Fyre. As Fyre was heading back up the aisle, someone dressed in a hoodie would reach over the guardrail and strike Alba driving her head into the guardrail without her being aware. That person turned out to be Rose’s former tag team partner, Sonya Deville.

Deville is coming in with the intent of taking out Alba Fyre. But Deville should also be aware that Liv Morgan has her eyes set on taking her out this coming week on Smackdown. So will Alba Fyre be able to overcome the latest obstacle on her way to NXT Halloween Havoc?

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NXT Today for 10/18/22
Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez Pick Each Other’s Poison. Cora Jade faces Raquel Rodriguez, and Roxanne Perez faces a yet-to-be-determined opponent.

In a lead-up to their upcoming Weapons Match at NXT Halloween Havoc, Perez and Jade will decide each other’s opponent on this week’s NXT. On SmackDown, Perez selected Rodriguez to face Jade in hopes of softening her up. But as of this writing, Jade has yet to choose Perez’s opponent.

One rumor is that she will ask former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler to come in and try and make Perez snap, crack and tap. We will have to tune into Raw on Monday to find out who Cora Jade selects.

What To Expect

  • All three men involved in the NXT Championship match are likely to cross paths one more time.
  • All those involved in the NXT North American Championship are likely to address their match.
  • Mandy Rose addresses facing Alba Fyre at NXT Halloween Havoc.

What do you anticipate will happen this week in what could be a new era in NXT? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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