#NEWS: Shawn Michaels In Charge Of NXT UK

This week’s guests on Corey Grave’s After The Bell podcast were D-Generation X originals, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. During their chat, a few nuggets of information were dropped. These bits of info were about NXT and NXT UK. And as seen below, it’s pretty huge news –

Triple H on NXT UK:

“The one thing that Shawn isn’t even mentioning on his end, everybody has so much going on, but as NXT was evolving to USA (Network) and picking up that pace it made me have to back out of some things. Shawn picked up the ball on the UK and basically that got pushed his way. He was such an integral part of it anyway that he just kind of latched on more to it. He’s been heading over there, what is it? Every five or six weeks we do television. He’s kind of heading over there and spearheading that. Sort of taking on the ownership of that brand totally in and of himself.”

Triple H on (soon to be former) PROGRESS Wrestling’s Jim Smallman working with Shawn:

“We still have other people that are involved in it and a team over there, Jim Smallman and everybody else. But Shawn’s really been the one that’s spearheaded that project. So on top of NXT becoming this weekly thing and everything else he has also been going over there and guiding that ship so to speak. So he’s been double busy and it’s been awesome because that brand is taking off as well.”

Blake’s Take – A few nuggets of how NXT and it’s sister brand NXT UK is working behind the scenes. I have been reviewing NXT UK each and every week for the past three (ish) months, and the show has picked up a notch. It has become must-see viewing. The storylines, the booking, the matches…Have all been fantastic!

The true test will be Takeover: Blackpool II in just a few short weeks on January 12. That event will have Shawn’s fingerprints all over it. If that is as good as any of the last NXT UK Takeover’s, then Shawn’s tenure as THE man is nothing but great news for us fans!