#NEWS: NJPW Announce MSG Wrestle Dynasty Show

Earlier today at the New Beginning in Osaka event, NJPW announce that they will be heading back to MSG over SummerSlam weekend. The event will be called Wrestle Dynasty and will be held on Saturday, August 22. Below is the hype video that was shown –


The last NJPW show held at Madison Square Garden was the G1 Supercard in April 2019. Held over WrestleMania weekend, it was a co-promoted event between Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It’s mainly remembered for the “invasion” of nZo and CaZXL.

As I said above, this event will be held at the day before SummerSlam in Boston. This leaves wrestling fans with a bit of a dilemma. What show to watch. Either in person or through streaming services. But to be honest, it’s a good dilemma to be in.

Blake’s Take – With NJPW announce that they’re back at MSG is, in fact, a great piece of marketing. They’re not exactly piggybacking SummerSlam, but they’re using the weekend as many other companies do over WrestleMania weekend. Could this be a hint that others could be doing the same? Making SummerSlam weekend as big as an event as Mania? I hope so. As in my eyes, there’s no such thing as too much wrestling!