ECW Massacre On 34th Street | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On December 3rd, 2000, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW Massacre On 34th Street. On this night, we had 10 matches on tap. Two were dark matches and eight were on the pay-per-view.

Of those ten matches, three were title matches, and one was for Dawn Marie’s managerial services being on the line in a Tag Team Match.

New Jack defeated Angel (Dark Match)

HC Loc defeated Danny Daniels (Dark Match)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
The Bad Street Boys (Joey Matthews & Christian York) vs. Simon & Swinger

Winners gets the managerial services of Dawn Marie.

Simon & Swinger hit a double gorilla press before The Bad Street Boys hit their own double team move until Swinger hits Christian York with an enziguri on the apron.

Simon & Swinger nails Swing Thing, then a double STO, followed by rolling suplexes by Simon. before Swinger’s flying clothesline takes down Simon by mistake & this allows York to land a sit-out flapjack and tag Joey Matthews.

He cleans house and clears the ring before The Bad Street Boys do dives to the outside, then back in the ring, Simon & Swinger crotch York on the top rope. Simon also hits Matthews with Simonizer.

York is still on the turnbuckles, so they go for more. When Simon & Swinger climb to meet him, Matthews stops them with a low blow, and York does a sunset bomb.

Matthews follows with a Frankensteiner on Swinger & York hits Rebel Yell to get the win.

Winners: AND gets the managerial services of Dawn Marie: The Bad Street Boys (5:38)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
EZ Money vs. Balls Mahoney

EZ Money & Balls Mahoney trade taunts, takedowns & knockdowns until Mahoney tumbles outside on a missed wheel kick before EZ Money lands a plancha and Hot Commodity attacks Mahoney, then they roll him inside for more but Mahoney clotheslines Money to the floor.

Mahoney does a plancha on Hot Commodity & after fighting on the apron, Mahoney looks for New Jersey Jam, but it misses. This allows Money to take over with Money Clip and a jawbreaker.

Mahoney answers with a superplex, but EZ fires back with Money in the Bank & it gets a two count so Money argues with the ref. While this happens, Mahoney hits a superkick and gets his chair.

He fires up and goes to swing, but Chris Hamrick grabs the weapon as Hot Commodity swarms Mahoney & Julio Dinero gives him a neckbreaker & Hamrick hits Confederate Crunch, and Money hits a moonsault for the win.

Winner: EZ Money (7:52)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
Nova vs. Julio Dinero

Balls Mahoney chases Hot Commodity with a chair while Nova hits Sledge O Matic, but he doesn’t stop Hamrick from doing a springboard dropkick & this opens the door for Julio Dinero to hit a Vertebreaker.

Dinero also hits a moonsault and an STO before Nova dares Julio to bring it on. When he does, Nova nails an enziguri, then shoves Dinero into Hamrick’s chair shot and hits Spin Doctor.

Now Elektra gets in the ring and slaps Nova so he drops her with Kryptonite Crunch.

Hot Commodity attacks Nova behind the ref’s back and hits Nova with a double team powerbomb but Mahoney takes them out with chair shots & this allows Nova to land a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nova (5:57)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
ECW World Tag Team Titles Match

FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) (c) vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill

Little Guido & Danny Doring trade holds and takedowns until they have a stand off then Tony Mamaluke scores arm drags on Roadkill, but Roadkill answers with a press slam and a springboard elbow drop, then Doring & Roadkill also hits Lancaster Lariat.

Mamaluke sends Roadkill outside and turns a plancha into a DDT on the floor & this opens the door for double teaming by the FBI. Then they subdue Doring with a flapjack and the Sicilian Slice. Guido hits an Italian leg sweep, but Doring fires back with G Spot Sweep and tags Roadkill.

He cleans house and lands Barn Burner and an Amish Bomb before Big Sal interferes while Roadkill fights with Sal Doring hits a super gutbuster on Mamaluke & once Mamaluke recovers, the FBI puts Roadkill in a double armbar, but he escapes.

Doring kicks Mamaluke off the apron and into the stand & with Mamaluke down, Guido returns and looks for Kiss Of Death, but Roadkill counters it and then moves Guido into position for Buggy Bang to get the win.

Winners: AND NEW ECW Tag Team Champions: Danny Doring & Roadkill (9:01)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
CW Anderson vs. Tommy Dreamer

CW Anderson & Tommy Dreamer exchange strikes until Dreamer makes Anderson beg off as Anderson tries to lure him in, but it doesn’t work as Dreamer takes him to the mat and they trade holds.

He targets Anderson’s arm for a while, but Anderson answers with an armbreaker and a superkick, then crotches Dreamer on the rail and grabs a chair. Anderson puts the weapon against the post and attempts to break Dreamer’s arm.

Afterward, he busts Dreamer open with the chair before they do some crowd brawling when they return, the armwork continues before Anderson uses the chair again, but it backfires.

Dreamer crotches him on it, then Dreamer does a rope rake around the ring then CW drags him into the fight. Anderson whips the towel boy into Dreamer, but Dreamer lifts him for a kick to Anderson’s chest & this draws out Lou E. Dangerously.

He breaks a cell phone over Dreamer’s head, so Paul Heyman appears and does the same to Lou & now Dreamer hits Spicolli Driver, but he only gets a two count. When Anderson recovers, he lands Ferris Wheel for a two count.

Dreamer puts Anderson in a tree of woe and dropkicks a chair into his face, then also grabs a table, which winds up flat on the mat so Dreamer gives Anderson a superplex onto it, which still isn’t enough.

Dreamer rebounds with Tommyhawk before turning the table upside down with the legs sticking up before Anderson counters a Spicolli Driver into a spinebuster on the leg of the table for the win.

Winner: CW Anderson (16:47)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
ECW TV Title Match
Rhino (c) vs. Spike Dudley

Spike Dudley rushes to the ring and attempts an Acid Drop, but Rhino blocks it but. Spike hits the Gore and then also trips Rhino, so Rhino sends him outside and gets some chairs.

Rhino busts Spike open with them and drops him face-first onto the weapon. Then Rhino targets Spike’s bad leg, but Spike counters by throwing the chair at Rhino’s head before Spike uses flying chair shots before they head into the crowd.

This leads to a balcony dive by Spike & when they return, they do a series of counters, which end with Spike going through a table. Once Rhino collects Spike, he hits the Gore, but Spike rolls outside to avoid the pin.

This allows Spike to grab a chair and target Rhino’s knee. Then Spike tapes him to the ropes and looks to break Rhino’s leg, but Rhino escapes & uses the tape to choke Spike unconscious & the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: AND STILL Television Champion: Rhino (9:51)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck) vs. Super Crazy & Kid Kash

Mikey Whipwreck & Kid Kash trade takedowns and counters until they have a stand off then Super Crazy & Tajiri do the same before performing stereo kip-ups then Tajiri attacks Crazy’s legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter in the ropes.

Sinister Minister helps them sandwich Kash’s head between 2 chairs & this causes a brawl, and everybody dives to the outside and then back inside. The Unholy Alliance double-teams Kash until Kash drops Whipwreck with a Falcon Arrow on a chair.

Whipwreck rallies with 2 Whippersnappers on a chair and a table before Super Crazy lands moonsaults onto Tajiri before everyone fights with chairs again.

Tajiri gets Super Crazy in the Tarantula, but Kash breaks it & this leads to Kash and Mikey brawling outside.

While this happens, Tajiri covers Crazy in chairs, puts a table over him, and does a flying stomp onto it for the win.

Winners: The Unholy Alliance (18:24)

ECW Massacre On 34th Street
ECW World Heavyweight Title
3-Way Dance Match

Steve Corino (c) vs. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn

Justin Credible tries to attack Jerry Lynn & Steve Corino with a Singapore Cane but fails, so all 3 exchange strikes and takedowns & this leads to brawling outside. Credible appears to injure his knee on the guardrail but he recovers and joins the fight.

ECW Massacre on 34th Street
[Photo: Twitter/X: @CarryTheGary]

Back inside, Credible grabs a mic and insults his opponents while attacking them. Then he even uses the mic as a weapon before they head back to the floor for a bit & when they return, Credible powerbombs Lynn.

Lynn reverses That’s Incredible and does the move to Credible, so Francine interferes then she grabs Lynn from behind in a suggestive way, but Lynn knows what is coming.

He avoids the low blow, which hits Credible instead then Credible also clocks Francine in the face by mistake before Credible kicks Lynn and eliminates him with That’s Incredible.

This leaves Corino & Credible & they brawl in the aisle, but the cameraman focuses on Francine instead before we see Corino has a ladder, but it backfires on Corino & Credible takes him into the stands.

They head to the balcony, where Credible chokes Corino and tries to throw him over the edge. Steve Corino hangs on, but Credible knocks him to the floor. When they go back to the ring, we get a chop fest until Credible nails That’s Incredible, but it only gets a two count.

Credible uses the ladder & this time, Corino evades a charge & Credible crashes into the ladder, and Corino hits Expulsion to get the win.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Steve Corino (22:51)