ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On May 14th, 2000 Extreme Championship Wrestling aired their ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000 PPV. There are two title matches on this show, two 3-Way Dances and a singles match as Jerry Lynn & Rob Van Dam face off against each other again.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney

Match starts off with Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney doing some technical sequence until Balls Mahoney starts swinging to takeover. Tanaka crossbodies him down for a two count and puts on an armbar. Mahoney sends him to the floor and hits a nice dive before nailing Masato with a beer. Both guys are whipped into the barricade and Tanaka drags him onto the ramp. The running chair to the head staggers Mahoney and a tornado DDT puts him down.

They head back inside and have a chair duel before 3 straight chair shots to the head put Tanaka down. Back up and a superkick into the chair into Masato’s face puts him down but the fans want tables. Instead, they get more chairs and Tanaka hits the tornado DDT onto said chairs for two.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
[Photo: Twitter/Rasslin History 101]

The Roaring Elbow misses and Mahoney connects with Nutcracker Suite then goes for a cover but it only got a two. Diamond Dust gets the same and Tanaka is stunned that someone kicked out of his big move. Tanaka tries to jump over him but gets caught in another Nutcracker Suite onto the chairs for an even closer two.

Mahoney hits a middle rope leg drop but he only hits the chair but he kicks out of the Roaring Elbow. A top rope chair to the head doesn’t put Mahoney down but the Roaring Elbow does & it gets Tanaka the win.

Winner: Masato Tanaka (9:15)

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
3 Way Dance

Little Guido vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Simon Diamond

Match starts off with all 3 men tries to hit their finishers but no one makes any significant contact until Mikey Whipwreck superkicks Simon Diamond down for two.

Whipwreck charges into Little Guido’s elbow in the corner and Guido headscissors Diamond out of the corner. A powerbomb out of the corner gets two on Diamond but Whipwreck’s missile dropkick gets a two count on Guido. Diamond hits rolling suplexes into a gordbuster on Whipwreck for two as Guido makes a save. Diamond & Whipwreck head to the floor and most of the lights go out. Whipwreck hits Guido with a camera and the entourages go after Big Sal.

Diamond’s dive is caught in mid air by the big man but Whipwreck dives on all of them to put everybody down. Sal crushes the entourage as Guido hits a flying armbar for two on Whipwreck back inside. Guido fights out of the Whippersnapper but Diamond can’t escape and gets pinned.

Down to Whipwreck & Guido with Whipwreck hits Guido in a Pedigree but putting Guido onto his shoulders and spinning him around before putting him down in the sitout Pedigree but it only gets two. Big Sal comes in and Guido climbs onto his shoulders only to miss a huge elbow drop. Whipwreck throws a fireball at Sal to burn him again only to walk into a Tomikaze for the pin.

Winner: Little Guido (7:15)

Backstage ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible is with Francine, says he’s been taking people’s blood for 7 years now. He’s traded his ECW World Tag Team Title for the ECW World Heavyweight Title and that’s all that matters. Storm will see a real champion tonight.

The lights are back on as the Dangerous Alliance comes to the ring. Billy Wiles now has Elvis sideburns. Cyrus is annoyed that Elektra is in a jacket. Lou E. Dangerously tells us how great he is but he has to threaten the fans with Anderson violence if they don’t shut up.

Lou claims that Elektra is all natural. Before the match, Jazz comes out and beats up the Alliance, including stripping Elektra down to a Mike Awesome t shirt and what are basically strings underneath it. Anderson plants Jazz with a spinebuster but Kid Kash runs out for his match.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
Kid Kash vs. CW Anderson

Kid Kash quickly sends CW Anderson to the floor and hits a big dive to take him down before the bell. Anderson nails a big left hand right after we get going but walks into a dropkick to put him on the floor. Kash dives off the apron to take Wiles down with a hurricanrana. Back in and Kash tries a hurricanrana but gets caught in a sitout powerbomb. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen one of those. Anderson hammers away in the corner and knocks Kash to the floor, only to have Wiles drop Kash across the barricade.

Back in and Kash climbs the corner for a crossbody and two, only to walk into a big clothesline. A reverse suplex gets two for Anderson and a powerslam gets the same. Kash avoids a charge in the corner but has to deal with Wiles. Lou E Dangerously misses a phone shot and hits Wiles, only to have Anderson nail Kash with a superkick for another two. Anderson goes up but gets caught in a hurricanrana for the win.

Winner: Kid Kash (5:57)

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
Tag Team 3 Way Dance

Da Baldies vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill vs. Nova & Chris Chetti

We get a brawl on the ramp with Danny Doring & Roadkill getting the better of Da Baldies. Nova & Chris Chetti hammer away on DeVito in the ring but Angel switches places with him and takes a beating as well. Now we get the big showdown between Doring & Roadkill & Nova & Chetti with Da Baldies down on the floor.

Doring’s jawbreaker puts Nova down but Chetti kicks Roadkill in the face. Chetti & Doring slug it out but Da Baldies clean house. Roadkill takes both of them out with his springboard clothesline and Nova hits a Swanton Bomb on DeVito but Nova takes a Hart Attack from Doring & Roadkill. Da Baldies hit a double spinebuster to put Roadkill through 2 chairs but Nova hits a jawbreaker/DDT combo to put them both down.

Doring hits a top rope elbow on Angel but Vic Grimes runs in for the save. Doring beats him up too but Angel nails Doring with a guitar for the elimination. We’re down to Nova & Chetti & Da Baldies but Roadkill puts Grimes on a table and hits a splash to put both guys out.

Back in the ring and Da Baldies are in full control and Nova is put in the tree of woe. Angel charges at Nova but he does a sit up into a Diamond Cutter to drop Nova before a Amityville Horror & Tidal Wave on DeVito to score the win.

Winners: Nova & Chris Chetti (6:32)

After the match Da Baldies keep fighting until New Jack comes out with his weapons, including a staple gun and a fork.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
New Jack vs. Angel

New Jack sends DeVito into the crowd & they all brawl unit New Jack sets up a table. Jack stands around a lot before finally laying DeVito out and climbing the balcony. The big dive connects and New Jack staggers back to the ring, where Nova & Chetti are beating up Angel. A big guitar shot knocks Angel out but New Jack grabs a chair and blasts him in the head with a top rope chair shot to Angel to score the victory.

Winner: New Jack (9:00)

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
Tajiri vs. Steve Corino

Tajiri misses a big kick to the head and Steve Corino nails him with an enziguri. A hurricanrana is countered into a sitout powerbomb to give Steve Corino a two count but Tajiri comes back with the Tarantula. They head to the ramp where Tajiri nails him with a kick to the ribs and a brainbuster to send Corino to the floor. Corino is already busted so Tajiri bites at the cut. Back in the ring and Corino is put in the tree of woe for the sliding kick to the face. There is a pool of blood under Corino’s head.

Tajiri loads up another baseball slide with a chair over Corino’s face but Jack Victory makes the save. Corino comes back with a superkick for a 1 count. Corino can’t follow up so Tajiri sets up a table but kicks the edge of it driving the other end into Corino’s ribs. Tajiri clotheslines Corino & Victory down but Corino pops back up with a backdrop through the table that gets a two count.

Corino gets two off a fisherman’s suplex and a northern lights gets the same. Steve sets up a table in the corner but gets kicked down to the mat. Tajiri puts on the Octopus Hold and Victory gets the green mist. The distraction lets Steve escape and grab a powerslam for a near fall.

Tajiri with some of the fastest kicks and punches followed by a big kick to the head. Corino is laid out on the table and Tajiri with a double stomp from the top through the table for the victory.

Winner: Tajiri (10:22)

After the match Wing Kanemura comes out to attack Tajiri but Dusty Rhodes makes the save with elbows to the head. Rhino comes out to beat up Rhodes but we’ve got The Sandman that leads us to the Television Title match.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
ECW Television Title Match

Rhino (c) vs. The Sandman

Rhino throws him around with ease but The Sandman comes back with left hands to send it to the floor. We get the first table thrown into the ring but Rhino wants the timekeeper’s table. The Sandman nails him with some more left hands and puts the table on the ramp.

Rhino is sent into the barricade before they both get up on the ramp. The table is set up against the ropes on the ramp but Rhino’s Gore misses Sandman and only hits the wood. They head inside with The Sandman hitting 2 straight piledrivers. Jack Victory tries to interfere but Lori nails him in the back with a Singapore cane.

The Sandman goes after them but Rhino nails him from behind. Lori is drag to the ring and piledriven off the apron through a table at ringside. Corino & Victory set up the table in the corner and drag Lori in front of it. Rhino loads up a Gore but The Sandman canes him in the head. He goes to Lori but takes the Gore through the table to put away The Sandman.

Winner: AND STILL Television Champion: Rhino (6:15)

After the match Rhino yells at Lori telling her Happy Mother’s Day.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam

Match starts off with a feeling out process to start then both guys speed things up but neither can hit anything with Rob Van Dam’s flip leg drop missing, giving us a standoff.

RVD’s spin kick misses but the 2nd connects, setting up a cartwheel into a moonsault for two. They head outside with Lynn getting crotched on the barricade and kicked in the face to knock him into the crowd. The spinning kick to the back drives a chair into Lynn’s spine but RVD is slow getting up. RVD misses a moonsault press off the barricade and Lynn takes over back inside.

Lynn jumps to the middle rope but his tornado DDT is countered and both guys nail kicks at the same time. Alfonso puts in a chair but Lynn counters 2 straight Van Daminators. Instead Rob drops the chair and tries a legsweep but Jerry Lynn hits a Fameasser onto the chair for two. A stepover kick to the face and Rolling Thunder get two for RVD and he skateboards the chair into Lynn’s face in the corner for two more.

[Photo: Twitter/Rasslin History 101]

The monkey flip onto the chair is countered and Lynn hits a powerbomb out of the corner onto the chair for his first near fall in awhile. A superplex drops RVD for yet another two count. Lynn sends him into the buckle and sets up a table on the floor. RVD counters a tornado DDT through the table and heads back inside only to get crotched on the top rope.

A bulldog from Jerry drives Van Dam through the table and both guys are down. Jerry gets back up and tries a running dive off the apron but he misses Rob and hits Anton. Back in and Lynn’s back is bleeding from the bulldog. Rob crotches him on the top rope and hits a Van Daminator with Alfonso’s help. The chair is laid over Lynn and the 5 Star connects as Cyrus leaves commentary.

Corino & Victory come in but Lynn fights them off before Rhino comes in and Gores Lynn before powerbombing RVD. Van Dam fights back but Cyrus comes in and takes a Van Daminator. Lynn dropkicks a chair into Alfonso’s face but gets kicked down again. RVD goes up for the 5 Star but Anton turns on him & Lynn didn’t see what Scotty did. RVD’s head slams into the ramp but the cradle piledriver only gets two before a 2nd one onto a chair puts away RVD.

Winner: Jerry Lynn (19:54)

Before the match Justin Credible says this is going to be one on one with him vs. Lance. If anyone comes out to face him besides Storm & Storm alone, he’ll throw the ECW World Heavyweight Title in the garbage this brings out Tommy Dreamer but Paul Heyman cuts him off, saying Justin has them by the balls right now and promising Dreamer another shot at Heatwave. Dreamer shakes Storm’s hand flips Heyman off and leaves.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000
ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Justin Credible (c) vs. Lance Storm

Lance Storm goes right after Justin Credible to get this match started and Credible bails to the floor to stall. Back in and Storm nails some right hands before dropkicking Credible back to the floor. Storm’s dive hits Singapore cane though and he got busted open. Both guys are sent into the barricade and Credible sets up a table on the ramp. Back in and they trade chops with Lance getting the better of it, only to charge into a boot in the corner.

Credible puts on a chinlock. Back up and a clothesline drops Storm and they trade loud chops. A thumb to the eye puts Lance Storm back down and we hit the chinlock again. Storm fights up again and grabs a hurricanrana to get a breather before hammering away in the corner.

Storm jumps from the mat to the top rope for a back elbow to the jaw. Storm gets another two off a dropkick and they fight over a tombstone until Storm suplexes him down for another two count. Credible nails a superkick for two of his own but Storm rolls through a cross body to get a breather. Credible’s abdominal stretch is countered into a hiptoss over the top rope and through the table for two back inside.

Back up and Storm hooks the half crab in the middle of the ring but Francine nails him with her high heeled shoe. Dawn Marie comes in for a catfight, earning her That’s Incredible from Credible. Storm nails Credible with the Singapore cane and gets two off a piledriver. That’s Incredible is only good for two and a DDT gets the same. Storm comes back with a catapult into the post and a dropkick to the side of the head but gets crotched on the top rope then a another That’s Incredible puts Storm away.

Winner: AND STILL ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Justin Credible (12:28)

After the match Dreamer comes out and destroys both Credible & Francine to close out Hardcore Haven 2000.