The Inaugural Balls Mahoney Memorial Cup – The Ban Will Stand

The Inaugural Balls Mahoney Memorial Cup. – A lot of things happen in life where it takes a while before the importance sets in. Sometimes a major event will occur, and it doesn’t seem like much at the time, but its impact will be felt for generations.

You never want to feel that you’ve had the opportunity to witness history, but you missed it because you didn’t think it was going to be anything special. What Steelers fan doesn’t wish they were there to see the late great Franco Harris’ “Immaculate Reception”?

And who doesn’t wish they had the chance to see the Beatles perform at the Cavern Club before they were famous? Life is too short, and you never want to think that you could have been somewhere when history was made, but you didn’t feel like going out that day.

The Inaugural Balls Mahoney Memorial Cup

There is such an event that will be taking place on Saturday, January 14th, at 8 PM in Tom’s River, New Jersey. The inaugural “Balls” Mahoney Memorial Cup will be taking place at Checkmates Boxing Gym and will feature some amazing star power, and all for a worthy cause.

For the first time in pro-wrestling history, ECW originals Pitbull #1 Gary Wolf with former NWA New England Brass Knuckles Champion Pitbull #3 The Intimidator Chris Annino, the original ECW “Angel” Angel Amoroso, Little Guido of Full Blooded Italians aka F.B.I. and Angel Orsini aka Riptide will be on the same card with each other.

Also appearing will be WWE women’s champion Jazz, ECW legend Mustafa, former WWE superstar Rodney Mack, former NBA cheerleader Candi Capoferri, former modern vaudeville performer Nadia Steele, former WCW superstar Alex “The Pug” Pourteau, and original GLOW Girl Jeanne Basone.

A big reason not to miss out this evening is the return of former ECW Television Champion Jason Knight. It’s been about a decade since he’s been in the ring and will be making his debut with Find Yourself Wrestling. Jason has joined the Pitbull’s Mad Dogs of War and will be managing Angel Orsini in a mixed-gender match vs. Little Guido managed by ECW’s original Angel, Angel Amaroso, which is her first time in a ring in 20 years.

Throughout his career, Jason has shared the ring with famed pro-wrestling luminaries such as Ric Flair, Rick Martel, The Nasty Boys, The Mountie, Skinner, The Beverly Brothers and The Berzerker. He will be in Tom’s River for a pro-wrestling benefit food drive. Be sure to bring as many non-perishable food items as you can. All the food will be donated to the St. Joseph’s Food Pantry.

The Inaugural Balls Mahoney Memorial Cup – The Ban Will Stand

There will be seven matches, including a 20-man Royal Rumble for the first “Balls” Mahoney cup. “Balls” Mahoney, unfortunately, passed away in 2014, but his 15-year-old son, Chris, will be a special guest referee that night. Proceeds of the sales of all “Balls” Mahoney T-shirts will go to Chris’s college fund. Chris Mahoney is also directing his late father’s documentary as well.

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[Pictured from left to right, Gary ‘Pitbull’ Wolf, Christopher Annino, Chris Mahoney, and Angel Orsini – Photo: Christopher Annino]
This remarkable event is being sponsored by the New England Music Hall of Fame, arguably the premier and most respected music organization in the northeast. Not known for doing things halfway, you can be assured that this will be a night to remember for all in attendance. The New England Music Hall of Fames’ mission is to unite, educate, influence, promote and preserve the integrity of New England’s music and the people who represent it. To help not just the music but the musician.

Be sure you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bring some cans of food and buy some T-shirts and know that everything is going to a good cause. This is a chance for you to be part of something historic, and you’ll be as close as you could be to the action as possible without actually being in the ring.

Where: Checkmates Boxing Gym, 1861 Hooper Avenue, Tom’s River, New Jersey 08753

When: Saturday, January 14th, 2023. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Belltime at 8:00 PM.

Price: Tickets start at $20.00 and can be purchased by clicking here.