ECW December To Dismember 2006 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On December 3rd, 2006, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired their one & only PPV under the WWE Banner, ECW December To Dismember 2006. On this night, we had seven matches in total.

These included one dark match and six on the pay-per-view. We had a tag team match between The Hardys & MNM. We also got the ECW World Title on the line inside the Elimination Chamber with weapons. We also got a Striker’s Rules Match.

ECW December To Dismember 2006
[Photo: WorldElitePod / WWE]
Steve Richards defeated Rene Dupree (Dark Match)

ECW December To Dismember 2006
The Hardys (Jeff & Matt) vs. MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)

The Hardys with a double team wheelbarrow to send Joey Mercury out of the ring before Johnny Nitro hits a knee lift on Jeff Hardy to isolate him. Then Nitro missed a standing Shooting Star Press, so Jeff tags in Matt Hardy & took control for his team.

With Nitro on the turnbuckle Matt Hardy puts him on his shoulders and hits Nitro with a sitout powerbomb. Melina trips up Matt when he was running the ropes so Mercury nails a clothesline to knock down Matt & that led to MNM working together to isolate Matt.

Melina randomly yells a few times before Matt counters a double suplex into a double neckbreaker of his own then tries to tag out to Jeff because MNM knocks him off the apron.

MNM hits Poetry In Motion on Matt when Mercury wanted to hit a Twist Of Fate. Matt shoved Mercury into the turnbuckle then Jeff got the hot tag from Matt.

Jeff was on fire against Mercury with clotheslines and a double foot attack to the lower body then a front suplex by Jeff connected on Nitro then Matt hits a clothesline over the top rope to send Mercury to the floor and then hit a slingshot dive.

Nitro hit a no-hands plancha over the top to take out The Hardys before Jeff went to the top and jumped on Matt & MNM on the floor. The Hardys were in control in the ring with Matt hitting Twist Of Fate on Mercury, but Nitro yanks Mercury out of the ring when Jeff went for the Swanton Bomb which led to Jeff hitting the mat.

Nitro nails a springboard dropkick on Jeff as MNM isolated him, then some double team offense by MNM as they continued to work over Jeff before Nitro tossed Jeff out of the ring so she kicked Jeff and yells crack whore at the fans, then motioned with her hands in a FU kind of way.

During a roll-up attempt, Jeff pushed Mercury out of the ring before Mercury attacks Matt to prevent a tag from Jeff. MNM did a double-team slingshot, but Jeff climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and hit Whisper In The Wind.

Matt Hardy with the hot tag for his team as he hit clotheslines and a clotheslines/bulldog spot before a Side Effect by Matt on Mercury connects, then on Nitro for a two count, then a leg drop by Matt on Nitro gets a two-count.

Nitro with a hurricanrana on Jeff off the top thanks to Mercury helping him out before there was a double superplex by The Hardys on opposite sides of the ring. Melina jumps on the apron, so the ref didn’t count Jeff trying to pin Nitro.

Jeff went after Melina then Jeff moved, and Nitro accidentally hit a dropkick on Melina to knock her down. Jeff got a roll-up for two. Mercury sent Matt into the steps then MNM tried to hit Snapshot, but Matt made the save.

Matt saves Jeff from a double-team move, and Matt hits a double Twist Of Fate on both guys before Matt stacks MNM on top of each other & Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb on MNM to get the win.

Winners: The Hardys (22:33)

ECW December To Dismember 2006
Striker’s Rules Match

Matt Striker vs. Balls Mahoney

Balls Mahoney did a leapfrog & Matt Striker was surprised before Mahoney locked an arm breaker, but Striker got to the ropes before Mahoney missed a corner charge.

Striker applied an armbar and did a hair whip even though he said no hair pulling before the match before Striker hit a neckbreaker for a two count.

Mahoney counters out of an armbar before a side slam by Mahoney gets a two count, then a  rolling armbar by Striker, but Mahoney got out.

Mahoney with a back body drop and then his punching routine before Striker came back with a kick, then Mahoney hits a Spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Balls Mahoney (7:12)

ECW December To Dismember 2006
FBI (Tony Mamaluke & Little Guido) vs. Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay

Sylvester Terkay was pounding on Tony Mamaluke but then he missed a corner charge. Terkay caught Little Guido on a dive then kicks Mamaluke down then tossed Guido onto Mamaluke outside the ring.

Elijah Burke nails a double knee attack in the corner and then a legsweep takedown but Mamaluke broke up the pin. Mamaluke got the hot tag & hit a couple of dropkicks then a forearm smash and the FBI double dropkicks Terkay to knock him down.

Double flapjack by FBI on Burke for a two count, then Terkay nails a forearm shot on Mamaluke, and then Burke hit The Elijah Experience for the win.

Winners: Elijah Burke & Sylvester Turkay (6:41)

ECW December To Dismember 2006
Tommy Dreamer vs. Daivari

Tommy Dreamer hits some moves, and Daivari kept leaving the ring before Daivari hits a baseball slide dropkick, but then Dreamer came back by whipping Daivari back first into the barricade when Dreamer ran the ropes The Great Khali held the rope down, and Dreamer went flying to the floor.

The ref sent Khali to the back so Daivari with a chinlock, then Daivari went to a sleeper before Dreamer started his comeback with fists and a reverse DDT for a two count.

Daivari got some momentum and went for a crossbody, but that missed before Dreamer nailed a dropkick with Daivari upside down in the corner in the tree of woe position. Dreamer went for DDT, but Daivari reversed it into a roll-up to get the win at ECW December to Dismember 2006.

Winner: Daivari (7:22)

ECW December To Dismember 2006
Kevin Thorn & Ariel vs. Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly

Mike Knox with a clothesline, then Kevin Thorn took control with some punches and kicks before Knox nails a boot to the face for a two count, then Knox grabs a headlock before Ariel tags in, so Kelly Kelly had to go in.

Ariel kicked her a bit and choked her against the ropes before Ariel missed a corner charge then Kelly kicked her away, then Kelly went for a tag, but Knox walked away, so Ariel hit a STO for the win.

Winners: Kevin Thorn & Ariel (7:43)

ECW December To Dismember 2006
ECW World Title Extreme Elimination Chamber Match

Big Show (c) vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Bobby Lashley vs. CM Punk vs. Test

Rob Van Dam & Hardcore Holly started the match as we went outside the ring RVD went for a leaping attack off the top, but Holly moved & RVD landed on the cage and then missed a diving attack. Holly slams RVD on the steel outside the ring.

Holly missed an attack, so he was out on the steel then RVD hits Rolling Thunder before Holly suplexes RVD back into the ring.

CM Punk is out next & he threw a chair at Holly and nails a springboard clothesline on RVD before RVD threw the chair at Punk’s head to knock him down. Punk hits a leg drop on the back of RVD’s head onto the chair.

Punk whips RVD head-first into the chair wedged against the turnbuckle before Holly slams Punk into the cage. Holly dominated both guys, including a superplex by Holly on Punk then nails a kick on Punk to knock him down.

Test is #4 & he nails Punk in the ribs with the crowbar then Test rams the crowbar against RVD’s head before RVD hits some clotheslines and kicks on Holly, followed by a chair shot to Test’s head.

RVD hits a dropkick into the chair on Punk as Punk was against the turnbuckle before RVD hits 5 Star Frog Splash on Punk to eliminated Punk.

Test set up RVD for a big boot but then hit Holly with it to eliminated Holly.

RVD jumps off the top rope and hits a jumping kick on Test, then he went on top of Big Show’s pod to do an attack, but Show grabs his feet.

Test nails RVD with a chair shot to the rib, then he slams RVD to the mat. Test went to the top of the pod and hit a flying elbow drop onto the chair to end RVD’s night.

#5 is Bobby Lashley & 2 dudes in the riot gear took out the ref that was going to unlock Lashley’s pod, but Lashley used the table to break through the cage on the top of the pod.

Lashley climbs up the top of the pod and hits a clothesline off the top rope on Test then Lashley whips Test into pod doors a couple of times.

Test got the chair, but Lashley nails a boot to the face. Lashley, with a snap suplex, then nailed Test with a crowbar shot to the ribs, followed by a Spear to eliminate him.

The 6th & Final entrant is ECW Champion Big Show & he has a barbwire baseball bat with him, while Lashley had a steel chair. Show attacks with the bat, but Lashley blocks it with the chair.

Lashley was able to avoid an attack as he nailed Show in the ribs with the chair, then Lashley sent Show’s head into the cage before Lashley whipped Show into the pod. Show tossed Lashley back into the ring with, and Heyman yelled finish him off at Show.

Clothesline by Show before Lashley counters a Chokeslam into a DDT, then went for a jumping attack, but Show caught him.

Show wants a power slam, but Lashley slips out of it and hits a Spear for the win at ECW December to Dismember 2006.

Winner: AND NEW ECW Champion: Bobby Lashley (24:42)