Dashing Chris Bey – The Rise of Ultimate Finesser

Dashing Chris Bey may hail from Alexandria, Virginia, but he has taken the world of independent wrestling by storm. At 23 years old, the Ultimate Finesser has established quite the following in wrestling fans with his dashing persona and acrobatic abilities. Now based out of Las Vegas, Bey’s talent impressed not only regional fans, but several big-name promotions as well.

The young star has wrestled for Game Changer Wrestling, IMPACT, Ring of Honor, and WWE’s 205 Live all in the span of a single month. His versatility in the ring has led to impressive matches with other high-flyers such as Alex Zayne and Blake Christian. Even hard-hitters the likes of AJ Gray and Alexander Hammerstone. With all these impressive accolades, it is not surprising Bey made Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 list in 2019.

If 2019 was not impressive enough, Bey’s 2020 is shaping up to blow wrestling fans away even further. At GCW’s “Take a Picture”, Bey paired against the independent phenomenon “The Sauce” Alex Zayne in Austin, Texas. These two in the ring together is pure magic. Alex Zayne has recently returned from a tour of Japan, training with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment’s CIMA and the Stronghearts.

This highly anticipated match saw Zayne putting those talents to good use, providing Bey with a struggle of the ages. The two talents demanded the best of each other in a very evenly paired matchup. This competition saw Bey deliver a devastating tope suicida onto a concrete floor and a Canadian Destroyer for a near-fall. Coursing with adrenaline, Bey shouts “What’s My Name” and those in attendance (and millions watching at home), responded with a resounding “Bey! Bey! Bey!”

Dashing Chris Bey

After a nasty Crunchwrap followed by a Taco Driver, Zayne narrowly escapes with a victory. Though the match ended in a losing effort, the fans were solidly behind Bey. Chanting and screaming his name at every near-fall. After the match, Zayne lifts Bey’s arm in a showing of solidarity and respect. Those in attendance chanted “both these guys” in a showing of respect after such an exhilarating battle.

A couple days later, Bey wrestled a highly entertaining match against Blake Christian at Bar Wrestling 52. After dueling chants of “all heart” and “Chris Bey,” the starting bell could scarcely be heard over chants of “Chris F****ing Bey.” The crowd could not be more firmly behind Bey. Some other memorable chants included “oh, Bey” in a parody of the “olé” chant popular at many wrestling events, as well as “Big Dick Bey.” The latter chant arose perhaps in anticipation of his upcoming match in Faye Jackson’s Gray Sweatpants Battle Royale.

Top Performer

As the match began, commentator Louden Noxious stated that Bey has become one of the top performers, not only in Bar Wrestling but in all over the independent circuit. Furthering this observation, Louden Noxious also stated Bey has “practically become his own institution at this point.” Commentator Kevin Gill follows-up this assessment, saying that Bey “has been pegged as a future star of wrestling from day one.” Judging by the reactions of those in attendance, fans are definitely in agreeance.

The past several months have seen Blake Christian develop a more antagonistic persona, as he’s been provoking NJPW’s Will Ospreay on Twitter. Christian is speculated to wrestle Will Ospreay at the highly anticipated Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 during Wrestlemania weekend this year.

This newly found aggression bled over into his battle with Bey at Bar Wrestling 52, putting Bey on the defensive for much of this contest. Whenever Bey was knocked down, however, the surge of support from fans motivated Bey to his feet. Instilling within him the will to continue fighting. Through sheer determination, Bey conquered his opponent in a hard-fought and hard-won victory.

Dashing Chris Bey
For the Culture

Also, in January 2020, Bey paired off with former GCW Champion, AJ Gray. AJ defeated Nick Gage for the GCW title in December of last year. Though Bey gave a valiant attempt, he was defeated after a hard-hitting brawl, Though he won the crowd’s heart and garnered their respect. This year will also see Bey compete at the For The Culture event. A showcase of Black talent on the independent wrestling scene. It will be hosted by GCW’s The Collective, where Chris is sure to finesse and impress.

Chris Bey is a shining example of the thriving independent wrestling scene in 2020. The path he has paved in such a short expanse of time has been a spectacle to behold. One thing is for certain, wrestling fans will want to keep their eyes on the Ultimate Finesser. There is no limits to what he can achieve.