Combat 1 – Love Hurts Review

Combat 1 is an independent wrestling organization based out of Southeast Michigan. You can follow them on Facebook for all their information. This is a review of their recent show, Love Hurts. After the show, Combat 1 announced on Facebook that Love Hurts was their highest ever gate.

It was definitely a packed house and standing room only. A pretty good turnout on what is, to my knowledge, their third ever event.

All photos/video are from the Combat 1 Facebook page

Combat 1 – Love Hurts
Tommy Vendetta vs. David Ali vs. Nate Bock
(Crash Division Match)

The Crash Division has two very unique rules to it. First, you must hit an offensive maneuver off the top rope in order to qualify for scoring a pinfall. Once qualified for the fall, falls count anywhere. This match was a total car crash for sure. By the mid-point of the match, all three men had qualified to make the pin.

They battled around the ring and back through the crowd. The match ended with Nate Bock diving off of a ladder onto Tommy Vendetta, and through a table. Here is the crazy video Bock would score the fall after that crazy stunt. What a way to open the show.

Winner: Nate Bock

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[Photo: Gilbert Photography]

Ryan Matthias vs. KJ Reynolds

This was a regular one on one bout. Both guys looked good in the ring. The match didn’t go too long because “Chinstrap Jesus” Kyle Barrett interrupted, tossing both Matthias and Reynolds out of the ring.

Winner: No Contest

Chinstrap cuts a promo that his match tonight with Darren McCarty (yes, that Darren McCarty of Detroit Red Wings fame) will be a Motor City Street Fight before leaving.

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Matt Sydal vs. “Top Notch” Jason Hotch

This was the first of our scheduled triple main events. Matt Sydal still looks great in the ring, and can still move like in his Evan Bourne days in WWE. Hotch is really good in the ring, as IMPACT Wrestling fans will know. This was the match of the night, a fantastic back and forth bout.

Hotch has always impressed me, and I’ve seen him at other indy shows having bangers with the likes of Trey Miguel and Tony Deppen. This match was certainly no different. Sydal hasn’t missed a step in the ring either. It looked like Hotch was going to pick up the win but Sydal countered (Hotch’s Move) into (Sydal’s Move) to sneak out with a victory.

Winner: Matt Sydal

After the match, Sydal invited Hotch back into the ring. They shook hands and Sydal raised Hotch’s hand to the crowd. This led us into a brief intermission.

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Back from intermission, we go right back into the ring for our next match (or ‘Combat’ in Combat 1 parlance).

Midwest Scum (Dread King Logan and “Grimy” Zack Thomas) vs. TNT (Terrence and Terrell)

TNT is, in fact, D-Von Dudley’s two sons, and they bring a level of tag team chemistry that rivals that of the Dudleys. Terrence and Terrel are great in-ring performers, and I can see them going places in the future. Logan has a very different presentation in Midwest Scum than what I have seen at other indy shows.

Here, he is rather fun loving guy. In other promotions, he’s presented as a destroyer, so this was a different feel to him. He did well with the character, and the match was really good. TNT busted out the 3D, even getting the crowd chant to go along with it, but Thomas had made a blind tag and wiped out TNT for the win.

Winner: Midwest Scum

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The Combat 1 mascot, Combat Cuddle Cub, was going to give out hugs to the kids in attendance. As the staff was lining the kids up, the Cub takes out one of the executive board members in the ring with a chair.

The Cub is unmasked to be John E. Bravo, who had been previously barred from Combat 1 by the executive board. Bravo gets caught in an ankle lock until security can come to the ring and remove him from the building.

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Nikita vs. Su Yung

This was our second scheduled main event. Nikita has sort of the Austin Theory selfie gimmick going on for her. Yung is from IMPACT Wrestling. Nikita looked good in the match but the match ending was never in doubt. Su Yung misted Nikita and made her tap out.

Winner: Su Yung

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“Chinstrap Jesus” Kyle Barrett vs. Darren McCarty

One thing I noticed at the outset of this match was the different referee than the one who’d been officiating all night. This was more of a fistfight than a wrestling match. They fought around the ring and up the aisleway. McCarty hit Chinstrap with a fan’s sign at one point, and McCarty held Chinstrap so a little kid could deliver a double axehandle shot off a chair.

McCarty got Chinstrap in a pinning predicament, and the ref stopped counting at two. The fix was in. Chinstrap knocked McCarty down and paid his ref in the ring. Some great heel tactics right there. Flex came down, wiped out the crooked ref, and took the money before leaving. McCarty hits a low blow with a hockey stick before his Cold Stoner finisher. With no ref to count, someone in the crowd reveals a referee shirt and jumps in to count the fall.

Winner: Darren McCarty

After the match, Midwest Scum comes out to celebrate with McCarty and Chinstrap finds out that the executive board has suspended him for 90 days.

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[Photo: Gilbert Photography]