#AndNEW: DEFY Champion Crowned At Kings Of Crash

We are utterly ecstatic to announce that DEFY has a new champion at Kings of Crash. I would like to congratulate Randy Myers on his win over Schaff at DEFY’s Clash of Kings.

Your New Champion!

The first face we saw at DEFY in 2020 was Mr. Myers. He came out to wish us a Happy New Year, and he had said he had forgotten to ask Santa for a few things. Things like a new hat, some new shoes, and of course…a BELT. When he made that announcement you could feel the buzz in the crowd. It was actually really cool.  He wanted it, and we (the crowd), really wanted it for him! He said he would try to be worth of the belt and what it meant and it left a lot of us feeling like he already was.

The match was brutal. Usually when we see Randy in the ring it is very light-hearted.  While Randy is wrestling, he typically also seems at play. Tonight, there were very minimal games.  Randy was focused and ready for the challenge. SCHAFF is a very big man compared to Randy, and not having seen them fight before, I wasn’t sure what would happen. Schaff and Randy had a serious back and forth battle. We saw Schaff hit his finisher…twice. When he went to cover and Randy wouldn’t be beaten, at that moment we knew something special was happening.

The Fight is On!

Before we knew it, Randy was on top of Schaff and the ref counted 3. As many times before, DEFY’s crowd is used to kick-outs at the last moment, and thinking a 3 count has occurred what it hadn’t. It was odd, there was a cheer and almost gut pause where we all looked to the ref who pointed at Randy and signaled the winner and then…The Washington Hall EXPLODED in audible emotion.

Crowd and crew screaming, some even crying to see our Weirdo Hero declared victorious and now draped in gold.

Randy celebrated in the crowd before inviting the crowd into the ring, which turned out to be slightly disastrous as the ring could not support the weight of bouncing and joyous crowd and began to dip like tarp with too much rainwater. Security rushed everyone out of the ring, but the celebration continued onto the floor.  I am certain you can find videos of this event.  It was pretty crazy!

In 2015 Randy starred in The Weirdo Hero, a Canadian independent short film about a professional wrestler with depression. As a fan of DEFY, I have come to know Randy as a warm, inviting person who truly cares for all of his fans. He uses social media to remind his fan base that he is there, that their feelings are valid, and their anxiety is lying to them. Randy is a wonderful example of the inclusive, tolerant and safe energy DEFY strives to provide its fan base.

Congratulations, to former Pro Wrestling Post Blogger Randy Myers. You truly deserve it at the new DEFY Champion crowned at Kings of Crash!

All photos and video provided by @PandaGirlPNW
Originally written by Kelley Jacobi