Randy Myers discusses influences, wrestling camp and more

“At last…  My love has come along
My lonely days are over… and life is like a song…”
– Etta James

When Etta James’ immortal classic blasts into the auditorium at Washington Hall, the entire audience bursts out in cheers! Randy Myer’s emerges from behind the curtains over seven hundred people make enough noise you would think there were seven thousand.

With green hair, fantastic makeup and his signature red flannel, The Ravenous One always knows how to make an entrance. A talent for which he has few peers. He prances around the ring giving bashful glances, waving hello to his fans and sometimes takes the time to stop and bestow a kiss upon a lucky audience member… consensually of course.

It isn’t uncommon for our Weirdo Hero to wear messages on his gear. Things such as “Your Anxiety Lies to You!” It may seem like a trivial thing. However, when you take the time to think about what a simple message really means, it resonates for many. Not dissimilar to his strong message about consent.

His non-conformist presentation, his sexual fluidity and his willingness to share important messages have made him our Weirdo Hero, a title he was not casually branded with. He has shown us it is okay to be who you are, no matter how you look, what you wear, or how you love. Being your genuine self is perhaps one of the greatest messages we can learn and live by. It’s refreshing when we have people like Randy Myers to support these messages.

Randy MyersRandy has been a professional wrestler for over a decade now. He’s faced some of the best wrestlers working today. He has a career to be proud of not only because he’s accomplished so much in the ring, but because he has connected with fans in a way that is unique and not always seen in professional wrestling.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you a talent known mostly here on the West Coast, The Ravenous One, The Weirdo Hero, Randy Myers!

Philip Jones: Let’s go back to the beginning. Where you always a fan?

Randy Myers: As a child I wasn’t into anything that came across as violent other than horror movies, weird I know! It was during my teen years that I fell in love with wrestling. I had a friend who was deep into wrestling, and as soon as he introduced me to wrestling I was hooked.

Philip Jones: Did you grow up in the Vancouver area? What were you a jock? Theater kid? The social chameleon?

Randy Myers: I grew up in Calgary and growing up I was one of those weird kids in school, you know the type who came to school with burritos duct taped to their faces, the kid who held renditions of Cannibal the musical, and had impromptu wrestling matches in the hallways during class. Needless to say, I got kicked out of a fair number of schools.

Philip Jones: Who were your favorites back in the day, and who are your favorites these days?

Randy Myers: Mick Foley then now and forever! I have been fortunate enough to work with him on a couple occasions, and he lives up to the hype. He is a saint! As for new stars the list could go on forever. All I am going to say is it’s amazing to see people/friends like Phantasmo and Artemis Spencer finally starting to get the recognition they have deserved for years!!!

Philip Jones: At what point did you decide to take this beyond fandom and become a professional wrestler?

Randy Myers: There are things I have always felt I have need to do, you can call it a calling, you can call it a mental illness but as soon as I found wrestling, I knew I was going to be wearing spandex. I started training as soon as I found a kids wrestling camp which also happened to be the only one in the world.

Philip Jones: Oh? Tell us about this wrestling camp for kids!

Randy Myers: Oh, it was an incredible experience. One that definitely altered my existence. The camp was for kids 10 and up who were looking to become wrestlers. It was held at BJ’s gym which was a family owned gym ran by Teddy Hart’s father BJ. The trainers for the camp were a young TJ Wilson and an even younger Harry Smith. The training mostly ranged from learning how to fall to some of the most fantastic high spots in the world.

Philip Jones: Is it still running?

Randy Myers: No sadly, it’s not. The whole gym is gone in fact. I was working there as a trainer for the camp up until it closed in 2010. Which is what urged me to move from Calgary to Vancouver.

Philip Jones: What was the reaction of your family and friends when they found out what you were planning to do?

Randy Myers: It wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone, as I was always talking about it, and was always the entertainer type. Mom didn’t love it, still doesn’t, but is beyond supportive because she is the best.

Philip Jones: Tell us about your training. How did you find the place/people you trained with?

Randy Myers: I started my training at 17, in Teddy Hart’s camp at BJ’s gym. There I was lucky enough to meet, make friends with, and be shown the ropes by TJ Wilson, Harry Smith and Nattie Neidhart. From there I moved on to train in the famous Hart family dungeon under Bruce and Ross Hart. Which was an eye opening and life changing experience full of lessons, moments and bruises I will hold on to forever.

Philip Jones: How did the Weirdo Hero, Ravenous Randy Myers come about? Is this a character you had from the beginning? Did he evolve? If we were to get a peak behind the proverbial curtain how much do you have in common with the Randy Myers in the ring?

Randy MyersRandy Myers:  Ravenous Randy Myers was the name I picked out when I was 16, I got the name Randy from Jamie Kennedy’s character in Scream, I got Myers from Halloween and chose Ravenous from a lesser known David Arquette film about cannibals. The Weirdo Hero part has come more recently. The character has evolved immensely over the years but truly becoming more me I, and less character with every incarnation.

Philip Jones: One of the messages you have worn in the ring recently was a statement “Your anxiety lies to you.” What inspired you to bring that message into the spotlight?

Randy Myers: Just like I believe we all have a purpose, I believe we all have a cause, something that affects us directly something, that needs attention, something we can bring attention to. And if we are given the stage to express ourselves, we should tell those who are listening, what that something is. One of my causes is mental illness, something I suffer with every day, but also something I beat every day, its like an iron man match.

Philip Jones: You are a regular at ECCW and DEFY. What are some other promotions you’ve worked for and where would you like to work in the future?

Randy Myers: I have worked for many Canadian promotions over the years, some to note are PWA, CWE, and Stampede Wrestling, I also currently work for Allstar wrestling, Glam Slam, and Rickshaw wrestling, ECCW, and have recently enjoyed a couple trips down to Hoodslam in Oakland.

Philip Jones: You are definitely a favorite at DEFY! Every time you emerge from behind the curtain you get one of the best reactions from the audience. What is that like for you? Does your ability to connect with fans come naturally or did that take a lot of work and development?

Randy Myers: I believe that if you love what you do and are genuinely having fun doing it people will come along for the ride. That and DEFY has the best fans! It’s not news, but their enthusiasm makes for a better show every time.

Philip Jones: What have been some of your great career highlights thus far?

Randy Myers: I have had the opportunity to not only meet but learn from some incredible people, and amazing wrestling minds. From the likes of Mick Foley, and Roddy Piper, to Dusty Rhodes, and Paul Heyman.

Philip Jones: Tell us about your three favorite matches and what you really liked about them.

Randy Myers: I like to have new experiences, while in the ring, people like Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela gave me unique encounters, and Tommy Dreamers made 13-year-old me swoon to the moon.

Philip Jones: As someone on the inside, who are some of the talents you are familiar with in the area who are maybe not getting the attention they should.

Randy Myers: ANYONE in Canada, I mean not everyone but every Provence up here, has talent that needs to be seen on an international level. 94.65% of the ECCW roster is stacked and deserves attention! People to keep an eye on are MRB out of Edmonton and Judas Icarus, Beef Boi, and Travis Williams from Vancouver!

Philip Jones: When Randy Myers isn’t training, in the gym or in the ring, what would we typically find him doing with his free time?

Randy Myers: I normally have some sort of art project on the go. Right now, I’m making a rubber mask out of a pair of rubber boots. I also like taking classes and performing improv and sketch comedy, writing, drawing and painting. It’s always something with this one.

Philip Jones: Are you at a point where wrestling is paying the bills, or do you have a day job lie the rest of us? If so, what do you do?

Randy Myers: I’m a personal trainer, and I work at an after-school care program with kids.

Philip Jones: You have been doing this for a while. Where would you like to see your professional wrestling career go?

Randy Myers: I honestly don’t know wrestling is so vast, I am not focusing on the end, I’m focusing on the journey. I would love to continue to perform for new audiences and travel the world doing this, so that’s my goal.

Philip Jones: Speaking of doing this for a while, have you been able to avoid major injuries thus far?

Randy Myers: I have broken my leg, as well as some ribs, and bumps and bruises. Of course, last year I got my first concussion, that sucked! Hurting my body is one thing hurting my brain is scary.

Philip Jones: You recently took a very long trip by bus. Is that your preferred form of transportation? What kinds of things do you listen to, or read, on those long road trips?

Randy Myers: 58 hours on the Grey Hound is a trip, in more than one way. I honestly didn’t mind it that much; seats were comfy, and I was entertained. I listened to one dude explain how his ex fell off a mountain while they were climbing it, and another guy politely described how to cook meth! And I watched Spiderman.

Philip Jones: As someone who has been a professional wrestler for over a decade, what would you advise someone do if they were interested in becoming a professional wrestler themselves?

Randy Myers: There are so many different ways to come up in wrestling. I have seen amazing schools plop out bad students, and great talent come from the back yard. I say put in the work, do it the way that feels right, to be safe and enjoy the ride.

Philip Jones: Now we’re going to play a game, something new. The name game! I’ll give you a person’s name and I want you to say the first word that comes to mind.

Randy MyersArtemis Spencer – Randy’s response “Ready”
Beefboi Tyler Elliot- Randy’s response “future”
Jimmy Havoc- Randy’s response “English muffin”
Nicole Matthews- Randy’s response “Friend”
Shane Strickland- Randy’s response “superstar”
MJF – Randy’s response”Hubba”
The Voros Twins- Randy’s Response “Aliens”

Philip Jones: Tell us something about yourself that most of your fans might not know.

Randy Myers: I had a short-lived YouTube talk show. That I hosted in front of a dumpster in my back alley. It was called the talking trash talk show.

Philip Jones: Who has played the biggest roles in your being where you are today?

Randy Myers: I have an amazing support team of friend’s mentors and family. My mom has always remained by biggest supporter, her, as well as Lindsay Hart who has been there for me through some of my best, and worst moments. But I couldn’t do what I do without the inspiration and collaboration of like minded artists like West Smith, Tank Standing Buffalo (who does the art for my T-shirts), Cryptic Chic (who makes my gear and helps with my flannels, and of course the lovely Miss Kiss (who has sung me to the ring as well as just always being awesome).

Philip Jones: Lastly a question for which I already know the answer. When you come out into the auditorium you bestow a coveted kiss on at least one lucky member of the audience. Who has been the best kisser thus far? There is only one correct answer… (Tapping foot, with folded arms giving Randy the stink eye.)

Randy Myers: Why you of course silly! But honestly, I love the connections I have been able to make with my marvelous fans. It’s those moments of true connection that fuel me to continue to be Yer Weirdo Hero, Smooches!

* * * *

In case you didn’t notice Randy is a quick wit and has an incredibly creative mind. He has found what he loves, and it is there where he finds comfort and happiness. In my quest to find people willing to give me a quote about Randy, the enthusiasm I found proved he is beloved by his peers every bit as much as his fans. In fact, I have come to learn many of his peers are also his fans.

What he has packaged as Randy Myers, professional wrestler, is unique and genuine. While there are likely differences between the man and his character in the ring, there is little doubt he has brought much of himself to the table. One doesn’t have a passion for spreading positive messages if he himself hasn’t struggled in his own way with challenges that inspire these messages.

If you haven’t seen Randy Myers in the ring, you should. He isn’t like any other talent in the business. He stands out not because of his bright green hair or his creative ring gear, but because he can connect with YOU. He reminds us that normal is nothing more than a setting on your washing machine, and being weird in your own way, makes the world extra special to have you in it.

I have the incredible honor to make a special announcement, an exclusive if you will. Starting shortly, Randy Myers will be a contributing writer to the ProWrestling Post! He will be writing a bi-weekly column sharing with us his thoughts about the business, his experiences and anything else that pops into his brilliant mind.

Ravenous Regards
Photo / Robbie Sutter


“Randy Meyers is pure charisma…incredible in the ring…and most importantly a positive influence on the wrestling world.” – Steve Migs, Radio Personality, Professional Wrestler and Verified Champion of the World

@Ravenousrandy is a great guy! Extraordinary talent!” –Tyson Kidd, Professional Wrestler former WWE talent

“Randy is a guy that I used to run into at the wrestling school when he was finishing up and I was warming up, he would never hesitate to answer any dumb question 16 year old me had to ask. Randy is someone I am thankful to have met so early in this business. A true star wherever he goes!” – Beefboi Tyler Elliot, Professional Wrestler

“From training us and being a mentor to being tag team partners and a friend. He’s been big part of our wrestling career for the last 5 years. So if you ever see some random colorful hair guy singing and dancing at the gym and it ends up being your Weirdo Hero Ravenous Randy, go talk to him because getting to know him was one of the best decisions we made!” – Chris Voros, Professional Wrestler


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