#AndNEW: Anthony Greene captures Limitless Wrestling Championship

On Friday, September 6th from Portland, Maine in what was likely the largest crowd in Limitless history a new champion was crowned, as Anthony Greene captured the championship. In a match that showcased AEW star and then Limitless Wrestling champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman defending his title against longtime Limitless Wrestling fan favorite, Anthony Greene. Greene’s achievement comes on the heels of an outstanding 2019. He captured the Limitless Vacationland Cup earlier this Summer.

Greene has allowed his personality to shine through the result has been a success not only in the United States but in Canada as well. This past year has seen Greene capture championships in WXW, CZW, Chaotic and now Limitless Wrestling. The native of Randolph, Massachusetts, has come along way since his days as a referee. His commitment to his craft and growth in the ring from his days of being ‘All Good’ to now the ever so popular ‘Retrosexual’ certainly suggests that 2019 has been a banner year for him.

As seen above, Limitless Wrestling can now proudly boast to having not only someone that has grown in their ranks as a professional. But someone that has grown with the company and emerged one of the most talked-about stars on the independent circuit. After the promotion has developed over the course of the past four years, so has Greene. The achievement hasn’t fallen on deaf ears as Greene most certainly is grateful for what has long been the quest of most of the Limitless Wrestling roster.


The match with MJF was a hard-fought affair that showcased just what both men were made of throughout the match. By his own admittance, Greene has often referred to himself as being fun-loving and that likely threw MJF off his game throughout the match. Greene is just as effective selling as he is delivering his own offense throughout a match. MJF likely took who he was in the ring with for granted and the result was a new Limitless Wrestling Champion. One thing is for certain despite what  MJF may have claimed to be coming into the match it was Anthony Greene that ultimately can walk away with bragging rights and the Limitless Wrestling Championship. Who will be next to challenge Greene for the Limitless Wrestling Championship on the October 25th event? Only time will tell.

As Greene stated before his match with MJF, ‘he might be Elite, but I AM LIMITLESS’.