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The Mega Powers REUNITED

The Mega Powers REUNITED | Rivalries

Macho Man Randy Savage was now a broadcaster and enjoying life outside the ring. Hulk Hogan, on the other hand, was turning back challenges...
The Mega Powers

The Mega Powers Explode (The Madness & The Mania) | Rivalries

In 1985 Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage were two of the most popular pro wrestling superstars globally. Hulk Hogan was a household...
Misawa and Kawada

Misawa and Kawada | One of Wrestling’s Most Intense and Storied Rivalries

Mitsuharu Misawa and Toshiaki Kawada. This was one of the most brutal, intense, and personal rivalries in pro wrestling history. It was one that...
KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji

KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji | One of NOAH’s Most Important Rivalries Of All-Time

The height of Japanese professional wrestling is the early to mid-2000s NOAH was special with KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji. One can argue 90's AJPW...
Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe | One of TNA’s Greatest Rivalries

Professional wrestling fans, young and old, let’s take a trip back in time to October 6, 2006, and the onset of a rivalry between...
Bret Hart and Stone Cold

Bret Hart and Stone Cold | The Rivalry That Started An Era | Rivalries

Bret Hart and Stone Cold. In the late 1990s, the World Wrestling Federation looked a lot different than it is today.  Wrestling fans were...
Sho Tanaka and Shingo Takagi

Sho Tanaka and Shingo Takagi | One of New Japan Pro Wresling’s Unsung Rivalries

Sho Tanaka and Shingo Takagi. The Junior division in New Japan Pro-Wrestling is probably one of the strongest of its kind in the world....
SCHAFF & Hammerstone

SCHAFF & Hammerstone | Hatred That Transcends the Show | Rivalries

What started as jabs on social media between Hammerstone and Schaff has escalated into a vendetta. This demonstrated a rare essence of personal hatred...
AEW Dynamite IGNITE with Brandon Lasher

AEW Dynamite IGNITE for 07/24/24 (Blood and Guts!)

It is time for Blood & Guts as we preview AEW Dynamite IGNITE for 07/24/24! Since 2021, the most personal rivalries in AEW have...
History of the IWGP Intercontinental

History of the IWGP Intercontinental Championship (Part 2) – The Rise of the King...

We last left the newly introduced IWGP Intercontinental Championship belt with MVP who won a grueling tournament in America during the New Invasion tour...