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Misawa & Kawada

Misawa & Kawada | One of Wrestling’s Storied Rivalries

Mitsuharu Misawa & Toshiaki Kawada. There’s is one of the most brutal, intense, and personal rivalries in pro wrestling history. It was one that...
Bret Hart & Stone Cold

Bret Hart & Stone Cold | The Rivalry That Started An Era | Rivalries

In the late 1990s, the World Wrestling Federation looked a lot different than it is today.  Wrestling fans were becoming sick of the “good...
Kane & The Undertaker

Kane & The Undertaker & ‘Blood Is Thicker’ | Rivalries

Brothers of Destruction Back to Decimate. The dominance of Kane & The Undertaker continued well into the early 2000s. Both were destroying everything put...
The Undertaker & Kane

The Undertaker & Kane – ‘Blood Runs Deep’ | Rivalries

The Undertaker has a legacy like no other. By 1997 he was already achieving legendary status. He won two WWF Championships. The first was...
The Mega Powers REUNITED

The Mega Powers REUNITED | Rivalries

Macho Man Randy Savage was now a broadcaster and enjoying life outside the ring. Hulk Hogan, on the other hand, was turning back challenges...
The Mega Powers

The Mega Powers Explode (The Madness & The Mania) | Rivalries

In 1985 Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage were two of the most popular pro wrestling superstars globally. Hulk Hogan was a household...
KENTA & Marufuji

KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji | One of NOAH’s Storied Rivalries

For me, the height of Japanese professional wrestling is early to mid-2000's NOAH. You can argue 90's AJPW or even modern-day NJPW, but what...

The Rock & Triple H | Rivalries (Continued)

Yesterday we looked back at the early portion of the rivalry between the Rock and Triple H. Today we finish up the feud between...

The Rock & Triple H | Rivalries

In the blockbuster film The Dark Knight, the Joker famously quips to his archnemesis Batman - “I think you and I are destined to...
DDP and Macho Man Randy Savage

DDP & Macho Man Randy Savage | Rivalries

When the New World Order infamously declared war on World Championship Wrestling in the summer of 1996, a line in the sand was drawn....