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2020 has brought us a late revival, two potential match-of-the-year candidates, and break out performances among many superstars across the entire brand. But regardless of the pandemic, 2021 may be an even bigger year for the NXT UK brand. In this special edition of Coming Up NXT UK, we break down what we may expect (or hope to expect) in the coming year. This is Coming Up NXT UK, 5 Things In NXT UK In 2021 We Need To Have Happen!



Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster def. The Grizzled Young Veterans and Gallus to capture the NXT UK Tag Team Titles | WWE
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1. Another Epic NXT UK Tag Team Triple Threat


NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff was probably one of the most underrated events of 2019, but one particular match seemingly stole the show and highlighted the deep tag team division of NXT UK than the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match. The 20-minute spectacle between then champions Grizzled Young Veterans, Gallus, and the eventual winners, Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews tore the house down and stuck claim that NXT UK is a legitimate brand to watch for the rest of 2019.


In 2021, why not run it back? Similar to The Dudleys, Hardyz and Edge and Christian of old, why not give these three teams another crack at topping this amazing match up? Even with it seems that GYV is now NXT’s newest acquisition, the new life injected into The Hunt can still make this a viable replacement for the Gallus boys and make some history in the BT Sport Studios. Or let’s not forget impressive teams like Pretty Deadly and Imperium still waiting in the wings for a title shot; either way, the possibility to do something epic is there. However, it may not be as epic as…


Jordan Devlin on Being the WWE's 'Irish Ace' in the Hole - TV Insider
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5 Things In NXT UK In 2021 We Need To Have Happen
2. Officially Recognizing Devlin as the NXT UK Cruiserweight Champion


World’s Collide 2019 will forever go down in history as the night Jordan Devlin left his stamp in WWE and made his claim as the NXT UK division’s Ace, becoming the NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Fast forward to 2020, and we still have an Irish Ace as champion, but now him and Santos Escobar are recognized as champions of the same Cruiserweight title. And while he is ending 2020 on the crusade to prove why he deserves the title on his shoulder, I think NXT UK and WWE, in general, should as well.


All it takes is a new belt, a ceremony fit for a champion, and an episode of NXT UK for Jordan Devlin to be officially recognized as the first-ever NXT UK Cruiserweight Champion. It’s a win-win-win situation. One, you add a secondary tier title to the brand (first tier to Devlin, but you get the gist) and give superstars such as Amir Jordan, Kenny Williams, and even former 205 Live superstar Noam Dar something to fight for. Two, you turn Jordan Devlin from a seemingly toy titleholder into a legitimate champion alongside the rest of the brand’s titleholders. And three, you’re fixing a glaring error from NXT, which saw the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament go from an interim to a permanent situation. To me, this is a no-brainer situation, just like the next…


#BreakOut: Top 5 UK 2020 Stars
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3. NXT UK Reads Mark Blake’s Breakout UK 2020 List And Signs One


On December 30, 2019, our esteem editor Mark Blake wrote an impressive column: Top 5 UK 2020 Stars. The list included a true who’s who of wrestlers who should break out in the UK wrestling this past year. A list included Dan Moloney, Scotty Davis, Kyle Fletcher, Millie McKenzie, and More Than Hype; we will only hope NXT UK considers signing this tapped in talent.



And while yes, Dan Moloney was let go by NXT UK, he’s honed his craft, winning the FCP Tag Team Championships back in March and running through the RevPro roster throughout the Fall. Millie McKenzie had an impressive super-fight brawl with Impact Wrestling’s newest star Killer Kelly earlier this year. Even More Than Hype, who’s been quiet since the pandemic, would certainly add to NXT UK’s tag team depth. While COVID has affected many companies across Europe, it has not and should not stop WWE from adding talent to their company. As for their current talent, it may be time for a change of guard…

Kay Lee Ray | WWE
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5 Things In NXT UK In 2021 We Need To Have Happen
4. Kay Lee Ray Drops The NXT UK Women’s Championship


Kay Lee Ray has had a historic run as NXT UK Women’s Champion. But history aside, it’s time she drops the title. Listen, like most of us, the pandemic has ruined the lives of many superstars and wrestling fans alike. Like their sister brand NXT, there have been title changes amongst the brand from top to bottom… it’s time NXT UK management finds a credible opponent to defeat the queen.


Between Piper Niven, Valkyrie, and even the new aggressive Jinny, there is plenty of talented women on the roster to carry on the title. My choice? It’s time for the Fashionista to get her crown.

But KLR isn’t the only one who deserves a much-needed break from carrying a whole division…

WALTER's WWE signing: one year later, in retrospect
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5. WALTER Drops The NXT UK Championship


WALTER came on the scene in January 2019 and immediately shook the room and the entire men’s NXT UK division. Three months later, he became the NXT UK Champion. Since then, the Austrian powerhouse and ran through damn near the entire division as head of the Imperium regime. But with defenses between Tyler Bate (a classic), Joe Coffey (another classic), and Ilja Dragunov (seriously?), there is few and far between of challengers for the champion.



However, even with that, it’s still time to further the division and have the hard-hitting champion drop the belt and take a much-needed rest from the division. But who could be next up? I’m liking Rampage Brown, whose debut already impressed many people amongst WWE. Imagine this clash of heavyweights for an upcoming NXT UK Takeover… either way, it’s time for WALTER to ride off in the sunset, at least until he comes back and takes the championship again.

The pandemic may have hit NXT UK harder than other brands, but 2021 may be primed for bigger things. Let’s hope these 5 Things can convince Johnny Saint, Sid Scala, and the WWE brass how they can make NXT UK great again!

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.