WWE NXT for 09/27/22 (Briggs/Jensen vs. Gallus)

On the upcoming WWE NXT for 09/27/22, four matches have been announced. While the show advertises a new logo, it is still a much different product that fans had been accustomed to prior to the era of NXT 2.0. That said, the new look also brings with it new matchups and the intent on creating a whole new series of matches and rivalries throughout.

Of the four matches on tap, one involves former stablemates, another involves former NXT UK Tag team champions battling, one could prove to be advantageous against ‘the Don’, and the final one involves an emerging singles competitor in the NXT Women’s division and the other being one-half of the NXT Women’s tag team championships. Our preview for WWE NXT for 09/27/22 is here!

WWE NXT for 09/27/22
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WWE NXT for 09/27/22
Brutus Creed vs. Damon Kemp

Former Diamond Mine teammates are now officially on opposite sides! Kemp turned his back on the Creed Brothers and, in the process, appears to have ended Diamond Mine in the process. However, while Julius sits this one out, Brutus insisted on wanting to get his hands on their former teammate.

With the same mindset to tear apart their competition and leave them in the dust as their primary objective, Creed and Kemp look to apply that same mindset towards one another. Kemp has shown he will do whatever it takes to win and whatever it takes to get the upper hand.

Will he manage to show a new trick up his sleeve, or will the Creed’s manage to get a modicum of retribution for what they received at the hands of Damon Kemp?


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WWE NXT for 09/27/22
Kayden Carter vs. Nikita Lyons

Lyons has become a favorite of those in NXT, and this match will be essential for her. While she and Zoey Stark had intended on contending for the then vacant WWE Women’s tag team championships, she needs to refocus on what’s in front of her. In front of her is one-half of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

While Lyons may have found a following in singles competition, it appears as though she may be set to contend as part of a tandem with Zoey Stark. Will a win her over one-half of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions make a statement?

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WWE NXT for 09/27/22
Wes Lee vs. Tony D’Angelo

Wes Lee was taken out ahead of his match for the NXT North American Championship. While that disappointment could be enough to take out most, Lee has far too much heart to allow it to stop him. ‘The Don of NXT,’ on the other hand, is as determined as anyone to capture gold in NXT.

With the upcoming NXT North American Ladder Match set to take place, where will these men fall in the pecking order of the title’s future?

WWE NXT for 09/27/22
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WWE NXT for 09/27/22
Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Gallus

Former NXT UK tag team champions collide as the newest arrivals from NXT UK come to plant their flags in the NXT sand. Whether or not Wolfgang and Mark Coffey get the chance to lay claim to the tag team division in NXT is still up for debate.

Briggs and Jensen were two American’s that went into NXT UK and shocked the brand by once capturing the championships there. Is this just the beginning for Gallus? Will they come in with the intent of making a name for themselves in the new NXT at the expense of the former champions?

If Briggs and Jensen have anything to say about it, Gallus won’t be walking over them anytime soon. While Fallon Henley may be there to offer aid to Briggs and Jensen, the slightly larger Joe Coffey may be the one to be concerned with on the outside for Gallus in this match.

What To Expect

  • A continuation of challengers to qualify for the NXT North American Ladder Match
  • Pretty Deadly looks to move ahead as the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions
  • Mandy Rose looks to address any challengers for the NXT Women’s Championship

What do you anticipate will happen this week in what could be a new era in NXT? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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