WWE Announces Additional Draft Picks For RAW and Smackdown

With a night full of obvious choices and upset superstars (see Kevin Owens tweet), night 1 of the 2019 WWE Draft has come and gone. However, the WWE announced additional draft picks for Raw and Smackdown on their official website WWE.com

But not outdo itself, WWE has released additional picks for both Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown as they continue to build both brands uniquely.

As announced on WWE.com, the following stars have been drafted:

RAW – EC3, Eric Young and Sin Cara

Smackdown – Apollo Crews, Drew Gulak, Heath Slater, Tamina & B-Team

While there are so many more stars looking for a permanent home, we can only wait and see who goes where on night 2 of the WWE Draft on Monday’s edition of RAW live from Denver, CO.

Already announced for RAW is a non-title match for the first pick between currently RAW Women’s Champion and RAW’s #1 pick Becky Lynch and Smackdown’s newest drafted superstar, Sasha Banks.


Caul’s Call: 

I’ll try my best not to over-analyze here but I will give my take on each show picks overall.

EC3 staying on RAW was a bad move and honestly needs a new start away from the Red Brand. The same goes for the ring veteran Eric Young, who I still feel has a lot left to give. Sin Cara does nothing for me here.

Apollo staying on Smackdown was a smart move but he needs a rebrand before he gets lost in the shuffle. Heath Slater can still give you something solid as well so this I’m ok with. The same goes for Tamina and the B-Team. The big pick up here is Drew Gulak. Fresh off his reign as NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Gulak to me has been more than ready to shine on the main roster. I fully expect to see growth him from similar to his 205 Live alums Ali and Cedric Alexander.


Enjoying the WWE draft so far, but shocked who went to Smackdown or who went to RAW? Well, check out this video from WWE of who they selected as the 6 greatest final draft picks of all-time.

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.