WrestleMania V – WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On April 2nd, 1989, the WWF presented WrestleMania V from the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Gorilla Monsoon shares that they will immediately go down to ringside to sing America the Beautiful, sung by WWF Women’s Champion, Rockin Robin. Monsoon and Jesse, ‘The Body’ Ventura, were on commentary.

WrestleMania V
King Haku with Bobby the Brain Heenan vs. Hercules

Haku made his way to the ring, first carried on a throne and led by Bobby Heenan. Heenan asks that everyone in attendance get up and show their respect to Haku, bowing to him.

We then hear the trumpets lead Hercules to the ring. This is a battle of current Heenan Family member against former Heenan Family member.

Once in the ring, Hercules clears the ring, forcing Haku out. But Haku comes back in and jumps Hercules from behind.

King Haku is then caught with a hip toss and a body slam. He then hoists him up to hint at a back body drop but just drops him. He follows this up with clotheslining the King over the top rope to the floor.

Hercules then suplex Haku back in the ring. He then a pair of elbow drops on Hercules. But Hercules goes outside the ring and proceeds to go after Heenan. But in doing so, he leaves it open for Haku to surprise him with a clothesline.

While on the floor, Haku then works over Hercules by driving him back first into the ring apron. Now back in the ring, Haku hits a side backbreaker not once but twice.

He then goes for a pinfall, but he kicks out at one. Then Haku locks in a bear hug on Hercules, forcing the injury to his lower back to be the target.

The referee is checking on Hercules to see if he will pass out. But Hercules gets his hands in and begins to break out of the bear hug. But Haku uses thrust chops on Hercules to regain the advantage.

Hercules hits a cross body on Haku and gets a count of two. Then Haku misses a crossbody of his own. Hercules then hits a series of lefts and finishes with a right hand on Haku.

After a whip to the ropes, he hits a pair of clotheslines and then a powerslam on the King. Hercules then climbs to the top rope but gets caught with a kick to the face. Haku then tries a diving headbutt but misses.

Hercules then hits a back suplex and gets a pinfall on Haku. Both men’s shoulders are down, so it was a little confusing initially.

Winner: Hercules

Mean Gene Okerlund is speaking with The Rockers backstage in preparation of their match against The Twin Towers. Both Michaels and Jannetty shared their intentions as they face Slick’s duo.

Howard Finkel then announces The Big Boss Man and Akeem with Slick in their corner.

WrestleMania V
The Rockers vs. The Twin Towers with Slick.

With Slick’s duo in the ring, the Rockers are announced as they make their way to the ring. With all four men in the ring, The Twin Towers attempt to go after the much quicker Rockers.

Once things settle down, Michaels and the Big Boss Man start off the match with one another.

As Jannetty distracts the Boss Man, Michaels hits a dropkick.  Michaels forces the Boss Man to reassess what he is going to do next, and this leads to him tagging in Akeem.

Akeem comes in, and he can’t keep up with the quicker Rockers. Michaels begins to wrench on Akeem’s arm. Akeem is being worn down as Michaels tags in Jannetty.

Akeem then makes the tag to the Boss Man, and they double-team the smaller Jannetty. The Boss Man then uses his size and then tags in Akeem, who does the same thing.

Frequent tags by the much bigger duo are wearing out Jannetty. But Jannetty tries to fight back until the Bossman stops him.

The Towers have cut the ring in half, leading to them getting the advantage on Jannetty. But Akeem misses a splash on Jannetty, taking out the Big Boss Man. Jannetty then makes the tag to Michaels.

The two men wear down Akeem. Akeem then decks Michaels with a clothesline! He tags in the Big Boss Man, who misses a splash on Michaels and goes for a pinfall attempt.

Jannetty helps Michaels tag the Boss Man down, and both hit a tandem dropkick on the Bossman. The Boss Man catches Michaels in mid-air, who then hits a splash on Michaels and makes a pinfall and the win.

Winners: The Twin Towers

We then see Tony Schiavone backstage, speaking with Ted DiBiase, who was addressing his upcoming match with Brutus Beefcake. Gorilla Monsoon then goes back to the ring as we see the Million Dollar Man with Virgil being announced by Howard Finkel.

WrestleMania V
The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase with Virgil vs. Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake

With DiBiase in the ring, we then see Beefcake make his way to the ring. We then see the sheers of Beefcake and the Million Dollar Title of DiBiase.

With both in the center of the ring, DiBiase shares how that title is too good for Beefcake. As soon as Virgil leaves the ring, Beefcake gains the advantage.

DiBiase regroups outside the ring and then makes his way back in. When he does, he gains the advantage on Beefcake. Beefcake regains control and hits a series of scoop slams, taking out DiBiase in the process. He is hit with a clothesline over the top rope to the floor.

DiBiase wants to recover while he’s on the floor. The referee begins to count him out until he makes his way back into the ring. We then see both men exchange rights between them with neither going down.

Virgil then holds Beefcake, but the referee doesn’t see it as he grabs his leg between DiBiase’s. DiBiase is firmly in control now.

He works over a battered Beefcake who was on the mat. This led to DiBiase encouraging Beefcake to get up and following up with a double-ax handle.

DiBiase goes for a pinfall attempt but only gets a count of two. As he lowers his head, Beefcake went for a small package but only gets a count of two.

Beefcake then hits a suplex on DiBiase. As DiBiase is back up, both men hit each other with a clothesline. DiBiase then hits a vertical suplex on Beefcake to a series of boos. The Million Dollar Man then goes for the Million Dollar Dream, but Beefcake gets to the ropes.

Beefcake then blocks having his head driven into the turnbuckle, and DiBiase has his head driven in.

Beefcake then comes back with a series of rights and drives. DiBiase’s head in the turnbuckle repeatedly. Beefcake then slaps on the sleeper, but DiBiase hits Beefcake from behind.

This leads to Virgil working him over on the floor until it wakes up The Barber. And at this point, DiBiase and Beefcake battle on the floor, and the referee calls for the ring.

Winner: Double Count Out – No Winners.

Beefcake then chases Virgil, who gets caught with an atomic drop and then a clothesline. He then puts a sleeper on DiBiase. But as Beefcake gets his sheers, both DiBiase and Virgil make their way out of the ring.

Lord Alfred Hayes is shown with The Bushwhackers as they are “preparing” for their match.

WrestleMania V
Fabulous Rougeau Brothers with Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers

Jimmy Hart leads Ray and Jacques to the ring first, followed by Luke and Butch. After taking out the Rougeaus,’ the Bushwhackers then took out Jimmy Hart. Once all back in the ring, Ray and Luke began to exchange blows.

Luke missed a right hand, and Ray doesn’t see the battering ram to take him out! The Rougeau’s are regrouping on the floor.

We then see double teaming on the hands of the Rougeau’s. Frequent tags by the brothers work out Luke. But a tag to Jacques has him come in and focus on Luke. The brothers then hit Luke down with a double clothesline.

Ray is tagged in and hits a crescent kick to the midsection. He is then hit with a. double stomach breaker. Butch goes for a pinfall and gets the win.

Winners: The Bushwhackers.

Sean Mooney is then on the arena floor in the aisleway, and he is getting licked by Butch and Luke in the process. We then get a replay of what took place back during the match.

WrestleMania V
Mr. Perfect vs. Blue Blazer

Howard Finkle then announces Mr. Perfect to the ring next. He awaits his opponent, The Blue Blazer, making his way to the ring next. Once in the ring, The Blazer hits a standing backflip off the top rope.

Perfect gets the advantage early on with a hip toss. Mr. Perfect gets the early advantage but then tries to slap the Blue Blazer, who won’t stand for that.

The Blazer reverses a hip toss attempt and then hits a baseball slide into Perfect on the floor. Once both men were back in the ring, the Blue Blazer locked in an arm bar.

Blazer is backed into the corner, and Perfect recovers, but the Blue Blazer has answers each time out. Owen then scoops and slams Perfect and then tries for a headbutt off the top rope.

But he misses giving Perfect the advantage once again. Perfect, then maintains control with a rear chinlock/camel clutch-like hold. Mr. Perfect is then whipped into the corner turnbuckle, and the Blue Blazer hits a belly-to-belly suplex.

As the Blazer questions the count, he is caught with an axe and hit with a Perfect Plex on the Blue Blazer. He is covered to get the three-count and the win.

Winner: Mr. Perfect

Jesse Ventura announces a surprise, which leads to Howard Finkle making an announcement to those in attendance. Finkle announces a major television star and then proceeds to announce Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.

Lord Alfred Hayes is shown the previous day with a 5KM run set to take place. Mr. Fuji enters at the last minute. He said he will win and gets the head start, with everyone passing him by right at the start.

We then see later in the race with Mr. Fuji slowing down. He shared how he finished the 5KM race. Fuji says that his Powers of Pain are in great shape as well.

Run DMC then comes in with a WrestleMania Rap and a special performance. The crowd is relatively quiet at this point.

We then see the 3-on-2 match for the WWF Tag Team Championships. They flashback to Survivor Series and how Ax was livid at what happened and how he pulled the rope and Smash fell through the ropes.

Then, we see Fuji attack him from behind. The response is Smash scoops up Fuji and slams him.

Moments later, the Powers of Pain help him to his feet. We then see a match that took place a month earlier between Demolition and the Powers of Pain, which led to a disqualification because Mr. Fuji interfered.

Mean Gene Okerlund then spoke to the champions, Ax and Smash, to get their thoughts on this upcoming match. They spoke about how they are basically going to get the better of ‘Fugee the Stooge’ and the Powers of Pain.

WrestleMania V
WWF Tag Team Championship
Handi-Cap Rules
Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji vs. Demolition ©

The trio came into the ring first, followed by the champions, who entered the ring second. This match is certainly a battle of Power against Power, which is rarely seen.

Fuji tosses salt to demonstrate the traditional bowing prior to the match. Ax and Warlord began the match against one another.

Smash is tagged in, and he continues to work over Warlord. He then has a front facelock on the Warlord and then tags in Ax, as wrenches on Warlord’s neck.

Smash then comes in, but he is backed into the Powers of Pain and Fuji’s corner. Smash manages to fight off The Barbarian and then tags in Ax.

Ax clotheslines the Barbarian and then slams. He then tags Smash back in, who comes in and hits the Barbarian with a back elbow. Then Smash comes in but is stopped by the Barbarian.

But Warlord has been tagged in, and Smash stops him and gets him over to his corner. But Ax is distracted, and he steps on the throat of Ax while the referee is distracted.

Mr. Fuji is now in the ring and chops Ax and continues to work over the lower midsection of Ax. He then tags in the Barbarian. The Barbarian then works over Ax and has cut off the ring for Ax.

Another tag is made to Warlord. After another beating, he tags in Barbarian, who hits a slam. He then tags in Mr. Fuji, who missed a dive off the top turnbuckle.

Fuji tags in the Warlord, who comes in and stops Ax from proceeding. As recovers and tags in Smash. Smash then comes in on fire takes on either the Barbarian and Warlord. Smash then hoists up the Warlord, but the Barbarian comes in and makes the save.

But Fuji has salt, and he throws it in the face of the Warlord. Smash takes Fuji, and Ax drops the elbow and makes a pin on their former manager.

Winners: AND STILL WWF Tag Team Champions, Demolition.

Tony Schiavone tries to speak to Randy Savage, but he continues to refuse to speak to anyone and pushes the cameraman down.

Howard Finkle then announces the next match.

WrestleMania V
Dino Bravo with Frenchy Martin vs. ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin

Finkle then introduces Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka while Garvin and Bravo are in the ring. Snuka then leaves the ring after coming in momentarily.

Then Bravo attacks Garvin from behind and begins to work him over. His focuses on his lower back then throws a right hand to take him down.

Garvin is then stomped on, and then Bravo makes a pinfall on him nonchalantly. Bravo takes Garvin lightly, who recovers and throws fists and drives Bravo’s head into the turnbuckle.

We then see a rolling cradle attempt on Bravo. Garvin then slaps on a sleeper on Bravo, who makes his way to the turnbuckle.

Ronnie Garvin then tries to go for a piledriver, but Bravo reverses it. Garvin then battles on Bravo, but the Canadian recovers. Bravo then hits a side suplex and makes the pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winner: Dino Bravo

After the match, Garvin recovers and tosses Bravo and beats down Frenchy Martin. We then see a replay of what took place and how the match result all came about.

Back at ringside, we hear Howard Finkle announce the next matchup.

WrestleMania V
The Brain Busters with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan vs. Strike Force

Blanchard and Martel lock up first. But Anderson catches Martel from behind. But Martel is trying to fight them both off. Strike Force manages to come and clear the ring of their opposition.

We then have Martel try to pin Arn Anderson. Anderson then manages a body scissors on Martel. But Martel begins to turn it into a Boston Crab on Anderson.

Tully Blanchard comes in and breaks it up. Then Santana locks in a figure four on Blanchard and on one Anderson. Santana reverses a clutch into a pinning predicament, but the referee stops Anderson.

A tag was made, and he hit Martel, knocking him out of the ring. Arn Anderson is working over Tito Santana as Rick Martel is trying to recover on the floor.

Santana tries to get to Martel, but Arn Anderson stops him in the process. Arn Anderson makes the tag to Tully Blanchard, who comes in and works over Tito Santana.

Santana still tries to recover, but Rick Martel is still favoring his eye as Arn Anderson works over Tito Santana. Anderson stops Santana.

But as Anderson climbs to the top, Santana tosses him off the top rope. Santana crawls over to his corner, but Martel is still trying to recover and walks away from the tag attempt.

Martel then jumps off the apron and then walks back up the aisleway, leaving Tito Santana to find for himself.

Tito undergoes a beating at the hands of Arn Anderson in what was their corner. Anderson hits his spinebuster on Santana. A tag is then made to Tully Blanchard, who comes in and continues to work over Blanchard.

Santana misses a monkey flip. He then tags in Arn Anderson, who went for a piledriver, and Blanchard helps to spike him. At this point, Anderson makes the pinfall to get the three-count and the win.

Winners: The Brain Busters

Immediately after the match, Mean Gene Okerlund speaks with Rick Martel backstage. He said that Santana got exactly what he deserved. Martel said he was fed up with Santana and that he was riding his coattails.

Monsoon and Ventura discussed what happened between Martel and Santana in their match that just took place.

WrestleMania V
Piper’s Pit with Brother Love and Morton Downey Jr.

A returning Rowdy Roddy Piper, brings back his Piper’s Pit. It begins with Brother Love coming out in a kilt and the bagpipes signaling Hot Rod’s music.

Once in the ring, Brother Love has a microphone in hand and begins to address those in attendance. He then welcomes everyone to the ‘Brother Love Show’.

He welcomes his special guest ‘Rodney Piper’. Love swaps seats and pretends to be both himself and Roddy Piper. Fans were growing tiresome of what was happening as they were calling for Hot Rod.

Love stands up and takes a bow, and it was at this time when music plays, bringing out Talk show host Morton Downey Jr.

Fans in attendance applaud his entrance. He comes to the ring with a cigarette in hand. Once in the ring, Morton Downey is being questioned by Brother Love and is immediately stopped.

This brings out the bagpipes being played again, with this time Roddy Piper coming down to the ring. Piper comes into the ring with his microphone in hand. He teases Brother Love about his knees and hips and even asks him questions but doesn’t allow him to answer.

With each exchange, Piper continues to antagonize Love. Piper then asks Brother Love how he loves everyone. He says that he isn’t a fighter but a lover. He then points out that the gold he’s wearing and his jewelry are fake.

They argue whether each of them is wearing a kilt or a skirt. Then, Morton Downey makes a comment to get Piper’s attention, but it doesn’t continue.

Piper then manages to rip off Brother Love’s skirt to show him in nothing but underwear. At this point, Brother Love runs out of the ring and back up the aisle! Morton Downey continues to puff away as Roddy approaches him.

He asked Downey Jr. not to blow the smoke in his face anymore. Piper then shares about what he sees when he watches Morton Downey Jr on his show.

Downey Jr then takes a jab at Roddy’s mom. Piper then asks him about warts that were on his face. Morton Downey Jr then blows smoke again in Piper’s face again, to which he is told to stop doing that.

Downey Jr suggests that Piper was a transvestite and told not to blow any more smoke in his face.

But then Piper asks Downey to lit a cigarette for him as he kinda liked the smoke being blown in his face. To which Downey Jr lit one with his back turned to Piper.

It was at this point when Piper unveiled a fire extinguisher behind the unsuspecting Downey’s back. When Piper called for the smoke and turns around,

Piper unleashes the fire extinguisher on Morton Downey Jr. Piper then leaves the ring with Morton Downey Jr stumbling back up the aisle.

At the top of the aisle, Piper soaks in the adulation of those in attendance. We then see a replay of what happened moments earlier in the ring.

Mean Gene Okerlund then shares some news backstage that Hulk Hogan will be starring in a film called No Holds Barred. They then air a sneak preview of the film. They built on the battle between Rip and Zeus.

Okerlund then sends it back to the ring. We see Sean Mooney interviewing Donald Trump at ringside and shares the benefits of the WWF coming to Atlantic City.

Mooney then sends it back to Gorilla Monsoon, and Jesse Ventura sharing about No Holds Barred. This makes Jesse Ventura irate. Ventura blasts Hogan and then storms off, leaving. Monsoon sharing what happened. Ventura returns and tries to move on.

We then see how the Mega Powers first began. We flashback to WrestleMania IV with how Hogan helped Savage capture the WWF Championship.

They showed a series of matches to which Hogan and Savage worked together and captured wins. From Saturday Night’s Main Events to Survivor Series to episodes of Superstars.

It then resulted in Hogan tending to Elizabeth and then Savage slapping him. It ultimately resulted in Savage turning on Hogan, claiming the Hulkster had ‘lust in his eyes’ for Elizabeth.

Hogan then shared that he should have seen this coming and that jealousy was also a part of it. Okerlund then shared that Elizabeth was put between them.

Hogan said that Savage was always jealous of him, but not worrying about his Hulkamaniacs would be fine. But he wants Savage at his best.

Big John Studd is announced as the special guest referee for this upcoming match-up.

WrestleMania V
Andre The Giant with Bobby ‘The Brain” Heenan vs. Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts

Andre and the Brain make their way to the ring first, followed by Jake Roberts. Big John Studd and Andre had a feud years earlier, so there is a history between them. Andre then drives Jake’s head into the turnbuckle that had no pad resting on.

The Giant works over Jake with a standing rear chinlock. But Roberts begins to fight back but momentarily.

Andre maintains control using his size against The Snake. Studd counts Andre each time Andre continues to have Jake pressed up in the corner. He would break at a count of 4 time and time again.

Andre continues to work over Jake, going as far as standing on him. But Jake continues to try and come back and even bumps Andre, who falls back and gets caught in the ropes.

Jake continues to choke Andre, and Studd warns him, leading him to come off of him. But Andre reached up and begins to choke Jake as he gets freed from the ropes.

The Giant gives Jake another headbutt, leading him to fall to the mat. Andre then clutches Jake’s traps and works them over while Studd watches what is happening.

Jake gets up, but Andre forces him back to the corner. Andre catches a knee from Jake, leading the Snake to regain control. Andre is staggering and drops to the mat but fights back.

He eventually chops Jake causing him to fall through the ring to the floor. But as Jake tries to get up, Andre knocks him off the apron to the floor.

Studd and Andre continue to jar with one another. Big John Studd and Andre are so preoccupied with another that Jake gets the Snake. But Studd is decked from and turns around and pushes Andre right back.

Then, as Jake attempts to open the bag, the Millon Dollar Man and Virgil come down the aisle, attack Jake, and steal the bag with Damian.

They then proceed to head back up the aisle. Jake then proceeds to chase DiBiaser up the aisle. But in the ring, Andre attacked Big John Studd. He then proceeded to choke him. Jake then tosses Damian in the ring, and Big John Studd raises his hand.

Winner: via disqualification Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Sean Mooney is interviewing a fan up top, speaking to a proud Jake Roberts fan. We then see Tony Schivone speaking with Sensational Sherri in the dressing room.

Sherri says she plans on taking the Women’s title back from Rockin Robin and laughs at Miss Elizabeth’s Mega Powers exploding today.

WrestleMania V
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy ‘Mouth of the South’ Hart vs. The Hart Foundation

The Hammer, Honky Tonk, and Jimmy Hart arrive first, followed by Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. Hitman and Honky Tonk lock up first with one another. Hart hits a rolling cradle and gets a count of two.

Honky Tonk then makes a tag to Valentine, and it hit with an atomic drop. Bret then tags out to The Anvil, who hits a leaping shoulder tackle.

Neidhart then tags in Bret Hart, who hits a backbreaker and then tries an elbow off the middle rope but misses. We then get the Hitman double-teamed by Honky Tonk and Valentine.

Valentine chokes the Hitman while the referee is distracted. Honky Tonk hits a fireman’s carryback body drop.

He then makes a tag to Greg Valentine. Valentine then drops an elbow on the Hitman. He then picks him up and hits a reverse atomic drop. Valentine then works over the mid-section and tags in Honky Tonk.

Honky Tonk Man hits Shake Rattle and Roll. But he tags in Valentine, who tries to go for a figure four, but Hart breaks it up. Honky Tonk Man is then tagged in, and Hitman hits a cross-body block.

Valentine works over Hitman. But Hart rolls over Valentine and tags in the Anvil. He hits Valentine and Honky Tonk in a pair of dropkicks. Anvil decks Valentine with a clothesline and make a pinfall attempt.

Honky Tonk is back in there, and Anvil tags in the Hitman. Bret drops an elbow on the top of the head of the Honky Tonk Man.

He then hits a pinfall attempt, but Valentine breaks free. But as the Anvil chases Jimmy Hart outside the ring, the Honky Tonk Man is tagged in.

Valentine distracts the referee, but that leads to the Anvil getting the megaphone and passing it to the Hitman, who decks the Honky Tonk Man with it and makes a pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winners: The Hart Foundation.

After the match, we get a replay of what happened with the megaphone use and the pinfall, and the win. We then see the posedown of the Royal Rumble between Rick Rude and the Ultimate Warrior.

But with the Ultimate Warrior in mid pose, the Brain sprays oil in the eyes of the Warrior, who Rick Rude later decks. We see an irate Ultimate Warrior and his chasing of the Ravishing one in the ring.

WrestleMania V
WWF Intercontinental Championship
Ravishing Rick Rude with Bobby The Brain Heenan vs. The Ultimate Warrior ©

Rude and Heenan come to the ring first and address the crowd in attendance. The Ultimate Warrior then comes parachuting down the aisleway a bundle of energy.

The match gets started with Rude getting stopped immediately by the Warrior. We see the strength of the Warrior early on. Rude is being tossed from corner to corner.

The Ultimate Warrior then clutches in a bearhug on Ravishing Rick Rude. Rude is being clutched tightly but eventually breaks free.

He then manages to hit a dropkick off the top rope on the Warrior and goes for the pin. But the Warrior shoots him up, only getting a count of one.

The Ultimate Warrior once again puts on a bear hug, but Joey Marella stops Ravishing Rick Rude from trying to poke the Ultimate Warrior. He then hits a big backdrop on Ravishing Rick Rude.

WrestleMania V
[Photo: iMDb]
The Warrior then lunges to give Rude a splash, and Rude stops him. Rude then hits a piledriver on the Warrior and can’t seem to get a pinfall immediately on the champion.

Ravishing Rick Rude then poses after a chinbreaker on the champion. Rude then makes a pinfall after a clothesline on the Warrior but only gets a count of two.

He goes for another pinfall attempt but once again gets a count of two. The Warrior begins to fight off the challenger and eventually gets to the ropes, forcing a break.

He then hits a lunging tackle on the challenger. Warrior then drives Rude face-first to the mat. The Warrior then hits a backbreaker on Ravishing Rick Rude, followed by a clothesline. Rude then gets hit with a clothesline.

But the Warrior misses a splash on the challenger. Rude tries to go for the Rude Awakening, but the Ultimate Warrior powers out of it.

This leads to a clothesline on the challenger. Rude is then tossed back into the ring, and he goes for a clothesline on the challenger, causing him to fall over the top rope.

With Rude on the apron and the Warrior inside the ring, he suplexes Rude inside the ring, but Bobby Heenan pulls the champion’s leg and holds it down. This causes Ravishing Rick Rude to land on him and make a pinfall, leading to a pinfall and a three-count.

Winner: AND NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ravishing Rick Rude.

Right after the match, the Ultimate Warrior is in pursuit of Bobby Heenan. But Heenan is cornered in the ring and gets Gorilla Press slammed as the Ultimate Warrior is in pursuit of the new champion.

After the match, we get a replay of what happened, with Heenan grabbing the leg and holding it down as the pin is made.

WrestleMania V
Bad News Brown vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Brown makes his way to the ring first, followed by Jim Duggan. Bad News gets the jump on Duggan right away.

Duggan begins throwing lefts and rights at Brown, causing him to fall to the floor and up the aisleway. Bad News then makes his way back to the ring and is whipped into the ring by Hacksaw. Duggan puts his head down and is caught by Bad News.

He gets his head thrown into the turnbuckle, and it doesn’t do any damage. The two continue to battle, and it leads to Brown to stick a thumb in the eyes of Duggan.

Duggan then continues to come back with boots of his own. Both continue to battle now outside the ring. Duggan is the whipped into a corner ring post.

He is then whipped back in the ring. Brown went for the ghetto blaster, but Duggan moved. He is then hit with the 3-point stance and is hit and thrown outside the ring to the floor.

Both Duggan and Brown battle with the 2×4 and a steel chair, leading to the referee calling for the bell.

Winner: No Contest (double disqualification)

After the match, Duggan sits on a chair as he uses the 2×4 and swats at it in the ring. Then backstage, we get the Red Rooster being interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund on what he plans to do to Bobby Heenan when they battle in their upcoming match.

WrestleMania V
Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan with The Brooklyn Brawler vs. Red Rooster

Heenan clutches his side after being tossed around by the Ultimate Warrior but is accompanied by the Brawler. The Red Rooster makes his way to the ring with Heenan ahead of him.

Rooster begins to drive Heenan’s head into the corner turnbuckle repeatedly. Heenan is then rammed into the corner turnbuckle. Once he comes down, the Rooster covers for the three count and a win.

Winner: The Red Rooster

Immediately after the match, the Brooklyn Brawler jumps in and attacks the Rooster. He gets battered and then tosses the Rooster to the floor. But once the Rooster recovers, the Brawler and Heenan got away unscathed.

We then get a replay of what happened with the closing moments of the match and the post-match attack by the Brooklyn Brawler.

Backstage, Miss Elizabeth is interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund and shares how she will be in a neutral corner on the side of neither champion nor challenger.

From there, she said she would support both men. Tony Schiavone then shares that no one wants to miss the Mega-Powers exploding as they have all left the dressing room.

We then see Sean Mooney polling fans in the audience to determine who will walk away the winner. Fans clearly say Hulk Hogan, but he says it’s a split decision.

WrestleMania V
WWE Heavyweight Championship
‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage (c) vs. Hulk Hogan

Savage makes his way to the ring first, which is typically an omen. But after she arrives, Miss Elizabeth will go to a neutral corner led to the ring by security. Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura banter back and forth about Miss Elizabeth.

We then get Real American played, ushering in the arrival of the challenger, Hulk Hogan. Ventura brings up the ‘why did the champion come out first’ comment, which again brings attention to what could ultimately be the match result?

Hulk Hogan comes out, whom Ventura refers to as ‘lust.’ Hogan refers to Savage sharing that he has ‘lust in his eyes.’ Hogan chases Savage briefly, who then comes back in. Macho then gets out of the ring as Hogan was quick to pursue him to the floor.

Upon a lockup, Hogan shows his strength against Savage, knocking him to the mat. Then a side headlock by Savage is then taken down by a shoulder tackle.

Savage points to Elizabeth and then gets in the ring and locks in another side headlock getting Hogan frustrated.

After chasing Savage out on the floor he pulls Elizabeth in front of him Hogan doesn’t pursue it. Once back in the ring, Hogan takes down Savage with a drop toehold.

Hogan then locks in a front facelock and transitions into a side headlock. Savage turns it around into a belly-to-back suplex. He tries to drop an elbow, but Hogan misses.

Hogan then works on Savage’s arm but Savage goes to the top rope and drops an axe handle to the back of the Hulkster’s head. He goes for a cover but only gets a count of two! Hogan tries to recover but Savage pulls him by the hair where the referee can’t see it.

WrestleMania V
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Hogan then pulls Savage by the trunks and tosses him to the floor. Hulk is driving Savage head-first turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Savage recovers and hits a short clothesline on Hogan.

We see him bleeding above the left eye. Macho Man then locks in a rear chinlock wearing down the Hulkster.

Hogan fights his way back and begins to fight off Savage’s pursuit. Hogan then hits a reverse atomic drop and then drives Hogan from behind into the turnbuckle.

Hogan holds onto Savage’s leg, who then begins to work over the injured eye of the Hulkster. Savage whips him into the turnbuckle, and he slaps Hogan from behind. Hogan then works over Savage and follows up with a clothesline in the corner turnbuckle.

Hogan then slams Savage over the top rope to the floor. Elizabeth is quick to go over and help him up. But Savage pushes her off of him and pulls Hogan to the floor.

Hulk wanted to drive Hogan into the post, but Savage reversed it. She then goes to help Hogan. As Savage pursues Elizabeth Hebner gets involved and tells her to leave the areana.

Savage hits a double ax handle to the back of Hogan causing him to land throat first across the steel barricade. This was followed by his leaping over the top rope dropping Hogan across the top rope.

Macho Man continues to work on the throat of Hogan. But Hogan gets back to his feet only for Savage to work him over bringing him down to the mat. Savage goes then to the top rope to hit his elbow drop.

He hits Hogan with it, and the Hulkster no sells it! He begins to absorb all of Macho’s offense. As Hogan begins to come back, he hits the big boot, followed by the leg drop and pin.

Winner: AND NEW WWF Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan.

After the match, Savage can’t believe he lost the title as he leaves the ring. Hogan celebrates in the ring as the champion once again.