WrestleMania III | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On March 29th, 1987 the WWF presented WrestleMania III from the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, Michigan. It was certainly a night of firsts. The company set an attendance record (the amount of people has often been up for dispute but they did still set a record on this date.) With Vince McMahon standing in the centre of the ring he would welcome all those in attendance including the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin singing America The Beautiful.

We then see Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura introduce celebrity guests to the event, Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight and broadcaster, Bob Uecker. All involved shared their pleasure and excitement being a part of the event. This would lead to the first match of the evening with all the participants standing in the ring.

WrestleMania III
Can-Am Connection (Tom Zenk and Rick Martel) vs. Magnificent Muraco & Cowboy Bob Orton with Mr. Fuji.

Muraco and Rick Martel start off the match against one another for their respective teams. Martel locks in a side headlock and then takes Muraco down with a shoulder tackle. Muraco gains a momentary advantage but Rick Martel recovers. Zenk tags in and both men hit a double monkey flip and a double hiptoss on their opponents. Bob Orton is tagged in and gets slammed and caught in an armdrag take over by Tom Zenk. Tom then throws in another armdrag takeover. But after a reversal by Bob Orton, Muraco accidently strikes the Ace rather than Zenk. This leads to a tag in by Rick Martel.

Martel then works on the arm of Bob Orton. Orton makea a tag to Muraco but he gets slammed by Tom Zenk. Zenk then gets caught with a knee to the back by Bob Orton. Muraco is hit with a neckbreaker leading to a tag by Bob Orton who maintains the advantage. The two men hit heads but make a tag to their respective corners. Then all four men make their way in the ring with both Muraco and Orton taken out. An accidental trip up by Martel leads to a crossbody by Zenk on Muraco leading to a three count and the win.

Winners: The Can-Am Connection.

The history between Billy Jack Hayes and Hercules shared what has happened before them. The sneak attack by Heenan and subsequent attack by Hercules on Billy Jack. We then get a backstage interview with Bobby Heenan, Hercules and Mean Gene Okerlund sharing what is in store for his upcoming match with Billy Jack Hayes. Hercules says that Billy Jack will feel the consequences of facing one another.

Billy Jack Hayes vs. Hercules with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan

Hayes makes his way to the ring first followed by his opposition, Hercules and his manager Bobby Heenan. The two men go nose to nose with one another as soon as the bell rings. They then go to their respective corners and then lockup. Hayes had Hercules in the corner but the referee separated them but Hercules got a cheapshot in on him. Then Hayes gains the advantage and hits a press slam on Hercules. He then attempts his full nelson finisher but he broke free. We then see Hayes throw a series of strikes on Hercules but gets caught with a clothesline coming out of the corner.

Hercules gets to his feet first and proceeds to stalk Billy Jack who is unable to get to his feet without help. A big back body drop on Hayes follows as Hercules maintains the advantage. Hercules throws a right hand in and continues to whip Billy Jack into the corner turnbuckle. Hercules then hits a suplex and makes a pinning attempt but pulls his oppositions head up at two.

At this point, Hayes attempts a suplex but Hercules blocks it and Hercules attempts to work over his back. This is followed up by a backbreaker on Hayes. With Hayes resting against the ropes Hercules continues to throw right hands and then a modified press slam on Hayes. He approaches Hayes from behind and locks in a Full Nelson on Billy Jack. But he doesn’t have his hands locked up behind the head of Hayes. The referee lifts his hand but it doesn’t drop a third time on Hayes. Hayes eventually breaks free but only momentarily on Hercules. The two men then knock each other down with a double clothesline.

Hayes recovers and hits a reverse atomic drop on Hercules. He follows up with a clothesline on Hercules. A boot to the midsection is followed by a knife edge chop, another clothesline and an elbow drop on Hercules. Hayes then and locks in his Full Nelson on Hercules but both men fall to the outside of the ring. Hayes has the Full Nelson applied again but the referee was counting them out. Neither man walked out victorious.

Winner: Double Countout.

After the match, Bobby Heenan kicks Billy Jack in the back leading to Hayes turning around and stalking The Brain. At this point he makes his way on the ring apron. But Hercules grabs his chain and the referee attempts to pull Billy Jack away. But Hercules hit Hayes in the head repeatedly. Hayes is then busted open with the chain in the head. A bloodied and battered Hayes is then locked in a full nelson after the match. Hercules takes the chain and leaves the ring with Heenan heading to the back.

Back in the ring, Hayes attempts to regain his senses as they review what happened back in the ring. They share the initial chain strike to the head of Hayes that led to him being bloodied.

We are then shown the interview center with Mean Gene Okerlund talking to King Kong Bundy who threatens to do damage to the little people teaming with Hillbilly Jim on this night. Bob Uecker then joins the broadcast both for the next match. Bundy and his teammates, Little Tokyo and Lord Littlebrook make their way to the ring first.

We are then shown Mean Gene Okerlund speaking with Hillbilly Jim and his tag team partners, Little Beaver and the Haiti Kid. Jim shares that he is worried about his partners rather than himself because of what Bundy had threatened to do.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
King Kong Bundy, Little Tokyo, & Lord Littlebrook vs. Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver and the Haiti Kid.

Bundy and his teammates make their way into the ring first followed by Hillbilly Jim and his teammates as well. The rules as explained by Gorilla is that the little people will face the little people and Jim will face Bundy. Little Tokyo and Haiti Kid and Littlebrook and Beaver all are in the ring at the same time. Little Beaver and Little Tokyo battle in the ring. The two lock up.

But then a tag is made to Lord Littlebrook who hasa  side headlock on Little Beaver. Little Beaver threw a couple of elbows including one on King Kong Bundy. Haiti Kid is encouraging Little Beaver to go after King Kong Bundy to which he does. He throws a dropkick but it has no affect. Eventually, Beaver tags in Hillbilly Jim.

Hillbilly Jim and King Kong Bundy battle in the middle of the ring but Jim gets the early advantage. All three men tried to pin Bundy but it wasn’t enough. Bundy regains the advantage and continues to work over Jim. Little Beaver came in and helped to force a broken attack on Hillbilly Jim. It is short lived as King Kong Bundy picks up Little Beaver who and slams him but the referee doesn’t see it take place. He drops and elbow on him and the referee disqualifies him.

Winners via disqualification: Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver and Haiti Kid

After the match, Bundy appears to be sizing up Little Beaver but even Bundy’s teammates Little Tokyo and Lord Littlebrook attempt to pull Little Beaver to safety. The referee pulls Bundy off of him and we see how Hillbilly Jim tried to care for Little Beaver after the match.

We then see a backstage interview with Mary Hart speaking with Miss Elizabeth and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage. Hart begins to ask her questions and it as at this point when Savage interrupts. Each time Mary Hart tries to get a question in to Elizabeth, Savage interrupts with the ‘our phone number is at the back of our license plate’ line as they walk off.

We see the history between King Harley Race and the Junk Yard Dog. JYD shared how he was never told to bow down to anyone. They showed how JYD was being held and how Harley Race was trying to force the head of the Junk Yard Dog down so he can bow to Harley Race.

Gorilla then sends viewers back to a interview taking place backstage involving the Fabulous Moolah, Harley Race, Bobby Heenan and Mean Gene Okerlund. The Fabulous Moolah is called the Queen and how he will once again dub Harley Race as the King.

Kneel and Bow (Loser must kneel and bow to the winner)
King Harley Race with Bobby Heenan and The Fabulous Moolah vs. The Junk Yard Dog

After Race, Heenan and Moolah make their way to the ring we see a snippet of the JYD saying how he will be crowned the new King. JYD then makes his way to the ring next. The Junk Yard Dog hands over his chain as Race eventually makes his way in the ring. JYD attempts to get his hands on Heenan but Race cuts him off. A headbutt by JYD on Race knocks the King down.

With JYD down on the floor, Race attempts a diving headbutt to the floor by the Dog avoids it. He then knocks Race in the ring and then back out of the ring. The Junk Yard Dog then suplexs Harley Race in the ring. Another headbutt attempt by Race is a failed attempt as it has no affect on JYD. With JYD having the advantage, he is distracted by Bobby Heenan. As soon as JYD turns around, Race hits a belly to belly suplex for a pinfall and a three count.

Winner: King Harley Race

Race is crowned once again and as the match stipulation JYD is supposed to bow to the King. After an initial curtesy, JYD bows to the King. He then proceeds to pick up the chair Harley Race is sitting on and hits him with it. Race is knocked down as Moolah attempts to console him. It is at this point where JYD picks up the robe as the King’s music plays. He then leaves the ring to an ovation by those in attendance.

Back in the ring, Race and Heenan are upset as JYD left the ring with the robe of Harley Race.

Monsoon then sends it back to the backstage area as Vince McMahon interviews Hulk Hogan. Hogan shares about how he has been training and preparing for his match with Andre. He shared that the neigh sayers are saying this is his last match. He said that for Andre he has to battle a Giant. Hogan said that to beat him that Andre has to beat every Hulk-a-maniac out there. He said that he can’t wait for him to go down to the feet of Hulk Hogan.

WrestleMania III
The Rougeau Brothers vs. The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake & Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine) with Luscious Johnny Valiant & Dino Bravo

The Rougeau Brothers await their opposition the Dream Team. We hear from them in the backstage area as Beefcake, and Valentine are joined by Dino Bravo and their manager Luscious Johnny Valiant. Valiant, Beefcake, Valentine and Bravo all make their way to the ring as their opposition are in the ring. Ray Rougeau and Brutus Beefcake lock up first in the middle of the ring. Rougeau floats over top of Beefcake and tags in Jacques. Jacques and Ray hit a double dropkick on Brutus leading to a tag to Greg Valentine.

Valentine and Jacques lock up and a misque by Jacques leads to Greg with the advantage. A tag is then made to Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake tries to make the pinfall but only for a count of two. Valentine then locks in the figure four leglock on Jacques. But Rougeau gets to the ropes. While it causes a minor stoppage leads to a tag to Ray. Ray hits a mule kick on Valentine. He then hits a big body drop on Greg. A sleeper on Valentine leads to a mistake by Brutus who then gets a caught up with Jacques. However, with the referee distracted Dino Bravo comes in and takes out Ray Rougeau leading to Greg Valentine getting the pinfall and the win.

Winners: The Dream Team

After the match, Brutus tries to celebrate with Greg Valentine but Dino Bravo pulls him out leaving Brutus in the ring all alone. Valiant, Valentine and Bravo celebrate on the outside without Brutus. They then leave the ring with Brutus as though he means so little. At this point it is safe to presume, Brutus Beefcake is no longer a part of the Dream Team.

A buildup to the history between Adrian Adonis and Roddy Pipper is shown next. We see how he is beaten down by the likes of his former bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton and Magnificent Muraco. Then we see Pipper attempt to beat down Jimmy Hart only for Adrian Adonis to attack him in the process. We then see Roddy Pipper sprayed with an aerosol spray at the hands of the Adorable one.

Roddy Piper then shares his thoughts on his upcoming match. He said he will not be humiliated by someone wearing a dress. We then see a shot of the crowd in attendance as Jimmy Hart and Adrian Adonis are next to make their way to the ring.

WrestleMania III
Haircut Match
‘Adorable’ Adrian Adonis with Jimmy ‘The Mouth of the South’ Hart vs. ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper.

After Hart and Adonis make their way to the ring, we hear from the two men in a backstage interview conducted earlier in the evening. Adonis shared how he will give Piper a particular style on this night. It was then up to Roddy Piper who would make his way to the ring but running at this time. Jesse Ventura shared that this is would be Piper’s retirement match after the match. Once in the ring, Piper takes in the adulation of those in attendance.

Piper removes his kilt and t-shirt awaiting Adonis in the ring. We hear how there are specific barber equipment at ringside. Roddy begins to strap Adonis with his belt. Adonis then gets the belt and begins to whip Piper with it. Adrian continues to work over Piper in the corner. Piper then reverses whip into the corner who goes out of the ring and takes Jimmy Hart in the ring too.

Roddy whips them into each other leading to Jimmy Hart and Adrian Adonis to the floor. Adonis is brought back in the ring and Roddy picks up Jimmy and throws him into Adonis in the middle of the ring. Hart tripes up Roddy at ringside. Adonis then begins to rake the chest and back of Piper. Adrian Adonis then hits a clothesline with his left arm. Piper then pokes Adonis in the eyes but it did little as he maintains the advantage over the Rowdy one.

Once back in the ring, Adrian Adonis continues to throw fists at Piper who calls for more. After being sprayed in the eyes, Adrian Adonis puts Piper in a sleeper and brings him down to the mat. But Piper tries to make Adonis break the hold but to no avail. Roddy is down but the referee tries to lift his arm three times but Adonis releases the hold prematurely.

He walks away celebrating before Roddy’s arm falls a third time and Jimmy Hart comes in the ring jumping for joy celebrating. But the referee is trying to tell Adonis and Hart that Piper’s arm didn’t drop. At this point, Brutus Beefcake slides into the ring and tries to wake Piper up in the corner as Adonis and Hart are on the other side of the ring.

Piper wakes up and takes out Jimmy Hart and then locks in the sleeper hold on Adrian Adonis who comes down. The referee lifts his arm and it falls three times.

Winner: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

After the match, Beefcake hands the clippers to Piper and proceeds to help him shave the head of Adrian Adonis. Beefcake shaves Adonis’ head as Piper has his foot on the back of Hart as he is being held down. Brutus is shaving the hair of Adonis off. He’s shaving and chopping all parts of the head of Adonis in the process. Piper holds a mirror showing him how he looks. Hart and Adonis leave the ringside area as Piper stands alone in the ring celebrating the win in his farewell match.

After the match, Gorilla Monsoon is with Mary Hart and Bob Uecker say that Jesse Ventura wants to be introduced properly. Howard Finkel is in the ring and introduces The Body Jesse Ventura. With Jesse in the ring, Howard Finkel announces that the following match is a six-man tag team match.

Six-Man Tag Team Match
The Hart Foundation © & Dangerous Danny Davis with Jimmy Hart vs. The British Bulldogs and Tito Santana

With the Hart Foundation and Danny Davis in t he ring, we hear a previous interview with Dangerous Danny Davis and the Hart Foundation. Jimmy shared that there will be nothing left of the Bulldogs when they finish with them. At this point, we see The British Bulldogs coming to the ring along with their partner Tito Santana.

Once they get to the ring, Matilda the Bulldog goes right after Jimmy Hart chasing him from the ring. The ring is then cleared of the Hart’s and Davis. Eventually, Bret Hart and Tito Santana start off the ring. Matilda and Jesse Ventura then leave the ring. Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart battle in the middle of the ring. Smith tags in The Dynamite Kid as he drives a headbutt into Jim Neidhart’s head. Then Tito is tagged in but he is backed into the Hart’s corner.

Tito eventually makes the tag to Davey Boy Smith who hits a big back bodydrop on Jim Niedhart. However, Neidhart gains control and then tags in Bret. But Dynamite makes his way in the ring and battles Bret in the middle of the ring. Dynamite hits a diving headbutt on Bret. But it isn’t enough as Bret maintains control on the Dynamite Kid in the corner.

When it appears as though Dynamite has the advantage The Anvil comes in and maintains control for his team. Dynamite reaches for his corner but Niedhart maintains control for his team. At this point, Danny Davis is tagged in the ring for his team. With Dynamite in trouble a short live strike on Kid leads to Davis tagging back out of the ring. Bret continues to throw rights at Dynamite. The Hitman then tags in the Anvil who works over the Dynamite Kid.

A battered Dynamite Kid leads to a tag in by Danny Davis who throws in a couple of kicks and then tags out. The Dynamite Kid is weaked and as Davis is whipped into the ring, Dynamite gets his knees up. This leads to a tag in by Tito Santana. Santana hits his flying forearm on Davis. He continues to throw right hands and then attempts a figure four leglock. But The Anvil comes in and breaks it up. Davey Boy Smith then hits a clothesline on a Danny Davis.

Davey hits a tombstone piledriver on Davis who looks out. He then hits a vertical suplex on Davis. Davey Both then hits a running powerslam and attempts a pinfall attempt but Anvil breaks it up. All six men make it in the  ring but Davis hits Davey Boy with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone which the referee didn’t see happen. This leads to a pinfall by Dangerous Danny Davis for a three count and a win for his team.

Winners: The Hart Foundation and Dangerous Danny Davis.

After the match, a chorus of boos can be heard as all members of the Hart Foundation leave the ringside area as the winners. Santana and Dynamite check on Davey Boy who was recovering. We are then shown the closing moments of the match. Smith hits his running powerslam but as all six men come in we see the megaphone come into the match. We then see the Bulldogs and Santana make their way to the ring.

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Bobby Heenan and Andre The Giant in the backstage area. A stoic Andre awaits Bobby Heenan who said his man will become the next Heavyweight champion of the world. He shares that Hulkamania is over and that its dead and that no one can defeat Andre. He said that he knows butterflies are in the stomach of Hogan and that its all over for him.

WrestleMania III
‘The Natural’ Butch Reed with Doctor of Style, Slick vs. ‘The Birdman’ Koko B. Ware

With Slick and Reed in the ring, Koko comes to the ring with his pet bird Frankie. Slick & Reed shares what they think is going to happen to Koko in this match. The Doctor of Style leaves the ring as Reed and Koko both lock up. Koko then leads Reed into the ropes but Reed claims Koko is grabbing his hair. The two once again lock up with Reed getting the upper hand. We then get Koko countering Reed’s attack with a dropkick and then a fist to the midsection on Reed.

The Natural catches Reed again and then drops a forearm on the head of Koko. With the referee unaware of the where he throws a punch he drops Koko in the throat. Koko eventually counters Reed’s attack with a series of rights and lefts. He then covers Butch Reed once again but Reed stops it. A small package by Koko but he only gets a count of two. He then hits hits a crossbody but Reed reveres it into pin and grabs Koko’s tights in the process for the three count and the win.

Winner: ‘The Natural’ Butch Reed.

After the match, Koko tries to complain but Slick hits Koko with a cain. But then Tito Santana comes to the ring and charges at Slick tearing his suit off in the process. Eventually, Slick gets out of the ring but then Koko and Tito double team Butch Reed who also manages to get away as well. Koko and Tito shake hands and celebrate after the match despite losing the contest again Slick.

We then get a replay of Tito Santana’s beat down on Slick and having his suit being ripped off in the middle of the ring.

Gorilla Monsoon then shares about the history between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat. We see the ongoing attack that Randy Savage on Ricky Steamboat and his throat. We witness Ricky Steamboat’s leave of action and then George Steele’s taking Elizabeth away from the ring. Savage threats to tear Savage apart.

A backstage interview with Savage also shares what he threatens to do to Ricky Steamboat and how history is on his side.

WrestleMania III
WWF Intercontinental Champion
‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage © with Miss Elizabeth vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat with George ‘The Animal’ Steele

Savage comes to the ring first accompanied by Miss Elizabeth. He is then introduced by ring announcer Howard Finkel. We then hear a backstage interview with Ricky Steamboat with Mean Gene Okerlund and share what is set to come for Savage and what he will do as he becomes the new Intercontinental Champion. Steamboat then comes to the ring next with George Steele in his corner. The Dragon is then announced as well.

With both champion and challenger in the ring, Steamboat addresses the crowd as Miss Elizabeth leaves the ring. Savage and Steamboat then lock up but the Macho Man then takes Elizabeth and leads her to another side of the ring. In the ring, Steamboat hits a couple of deep arm drags on Savage and then hoists the champion up by the throat and then tosses him to the mat. Once back in the ring, Savage catches Steamboat and once again works over the throat of the challenger. With Steamboat back on his feet, Savage drops an elbow on the head of Steamboat.

However, he misses him in the corner with his next attack. This gives Steamboat the advantage on Savage as he works over the arm and shoulder of the Macho Man. The focus is to try and take away the top rope elbow of the Macho Man. Steamboat is then whipped to the corner and over the top to the floor. George Steele then looks on but doesn’t get involved. As Steamboat tries to come in Savage attacks the throat of Steamboat.

Each time the challenger tries to make it back in the ring, Savage stops him. But the referee and George Steele are preoccupied with one another. Savage tires a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two on Steamboat. The Dragon finally recovers and begins to go after the champion. Savage was tied up in the ropes and then Steamboat tries to come in repeatedly until the champion stops him. Savage then regains control of the match. A reverseal by Savage leads to a counter by Steamboat. T

he two then hit each other with shoulder tackles leading to a knee to the back of the challenger. As Savage tries to throw Steamboat over the top rope he does momentarily but then is thrown out eventually. Steamboat is then clotheslined over the barricade to the floor. But George Steele lifts Savage over the top rope and to the floor. Savage then throws Steamboat over the top rope to the floor. He then climbs the top and hits a double ax handle across the back of the Dragon. Steamboat is then beaten down with an elbow across the top of the head of the Dragon. Savage continues to hit Steamboat with everything.

He hits a suplex and tries to go for a pinfall attempt but Steamboat kicks out. The Dragon is then stopped by Savage and pinned but only for a count of two. Steamboat then goes over the top of Savage and hits a series of chops and then hits a back bodydrop over the top rope. Steamboat is in the ring but then goes back to the floor and brings Savage back in.  He then hits a chop across the head of Savage but a series of two count falls follow.

Steamboat continues to throw chops to the head and chest of Savage. Steamboat then hits a sunset flip on Savage for another pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. The Dragon tries multiple pinfall attempts and Savage continues to kick out. He then hits a slingshot on Savage who hits the post. Steamboat tries another pinfall attempt but Savage kicks out. A rollup from behind by Steamboat leads to Savage reversing it but both men get only a couple of pinfall attempts.

Savage whips Steamboat into t he corner turnbuckle and he hits the post. The Macho Man then whips Steamboat into the referee knocking him out. He follows up with a clothesline off the ropes. Savage then climbs the top rope looking to hit his patented elbow drop. He hits it but the referee is out and can’t make the count. The Macho Man then shakes the referee trying to wake him up.

Savage then goes to the floor and gets the timekeeper bell and once again tries to climb the top rope but Steele tries to stop him. After Savage hits Steele, The Animal recovers and pushes Savage off the top rope to the mat as the referee begins to stir. Savage picks up Steamboat who reveres a bodyslam attempt only to be countered with a pinfall and three count!

Winner: AND NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

George Steele then carries Steamboat out of the ring as the two go back as the new Intercontinental Champion. We then see the last second replay showing the reversal by Steamboat for his pinfall attempt. Savage and Miss Elizabeth are then shown leaving the ring and heading to the back as well.

Backstage, Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Jake Roberts and Alice Cooper discussing his upcoming match against the Honky Tonk Man. He said that he’s still walking and he’ll be sure to get the better of Honky Tonk while Alice Cooper has his eyes on Jimmy Hart.

WrestleMania III
Jake The Snake Roberts with Alice Cooper vs. Honky Tonk Man with Jimmy ‘The Mouth of the South’ Hart

Roberts makes his way to the ring first with Alice Cooper. We then hear an earlier interview between Honky Tonk Man with Jimmy Hart and they know what the people want. He also shared that no one wants to hear any ‘nightmare song’ by Alice Cooper. Honky Tonk then warns him that he will never put his hands on Jimmy Hart either because he’ll get his hands on Jake Roberts. Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart then make their way to the ring next.

Jake immediately attacks Honky Tonk and doesn’t waste any time. He hits a series of rights and then a knee lift. Roberts then beats on Honk Tonk on the floor as he pulls his entrance attire off. Both men go in and then outside of the ring. Roberts then slams Honky Tonk and measures him and tosses him in the corner.

However, Honk Tonk Man counters the attack and gains the advantage on Jake Roberts. This sets up a counter by Jake who hits a short clothesline and tries to hit the DDT but Honk Tonk avoids it. Now back on the floor both men continue to battle. It leads to Honk Tonk whipping Jake into the barricade. Alice Cooper comes around and helps Jake back to his feet. Honky Tonk continues to prevent Jake from getting in the ring. Roberts eventually does but Honk Tonk still maintains the advantage.

Jake continues to receive a beating at the hands of Honk Tonk. A double ax handle along with a fist shows how he is maintaining control. Jake is then hit with a reverse elbow. Honk Tonk Man attempts his finisher shake, rattle and roll but Roberts hits a back body drop before he hits the roll. Jake then hits a reverse atomic drop on Honk Tonk. Roberts regains control throwing a series of punches on Honky Tonk. This leads to Roberts throwing a series of right hands on Honk Tonk.

The Honky Tonk Man is caught between the ropes and hit a series of fists. As he attempts to go for the DDT, Jimmy Hart grabs the leg of Jake from outside the ring. This leads to Jake getting distracted by Jimmy Hart. Honky Tonk then rolls Jake up and holds the ropes as he makes the pin leading to the three count and the win.

Winner: Honky Tonk Man

After the match, Jake gets ahold of Honky Tonk’s guitar and crushes it across the ringpost. But this leads to Jimmy Hart getting in the ring and Alice Cooper does as well. Roberts then grabs Jimmy Hart as Alice Cooper releases Damian and has him tossed him on Hart. Honky Tonk comes back and helps Jimmy Hart to the back.

Those in attendance show their appreciation for Jake and his effort in this match. We are then shown the replay and how Honky Tonk was able to get the win as Jake and Alice leave the ring.

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura share how WrestleMania III has already exceeded their expectations. This leads to Howard Finkel announcing that Mean Gene Okerlund is there to make a special announcement. Okerlund announces that those there are part of history in the making and that on this day March 29th, 1987 that they have established a new indoor attendance record of 93,173. (That record has been disputed even to this day.)

WrestleMania III
Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik with Slick vs. The Killer Bees

With Slick under their direction, the duo of Volkoff and Sheik come down to the ring. At this point, Volkoff began to then sing the Russian National anthem. It was at this point when Hacksaw Jim Duggan charged the ring stopping Volkoff from singing the national anthem. Duggan says that Volkoff won’t singe because it’s the home of the free and the land of the brace. At this point, Jumping Jim Brunzil and B Brian Blair come to the ring next.

As soon as the bell rings, Sheik and Volkoff attack the Bees from behind. Then Blair and Brunzel get the advantage and take out both of their opponents as Hacksaw Jim Duggan surrounds the ring. Brunzel and Sheik battle and then tag in B Brian Blair. Frequent tags between the Killer Bees ensure the duo have the advantage on the Sheik and Volkoff.  Bunczel hits his dropkick but Volkoff makes the save. But the referee gets Blair out of the ring leaving Volkoff and Sheik to have the advantage.

Volkoff continues to work over Brunzel and then makes a tag to Sheik. The Iron Sheik then maintains the advantage on Jim Brunzel. Volkoff is then tagged in and catches Brunzel in a bearhug. As Jim Brunzel attempts to break free, Volkoff tags in to The Iron Sheik. Sheik comes back in and hits a suplex on Brunzel along with a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. The Iron Sheik miscalculates an punch and Brunzel makes a tag to B Brian Blair but the referee doesn’t see it.

As Blair is forced out of the ring, Brunzel is recovering and then makes his way in the ring. But as soon as Hacksaw chases Volkoff around and then in the ring he then hits The Iron Sheik with his 2×4 leading to a disqualification.

Winners via disqualification The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

After the match, Duggan and The Killer Bees appear to celebrate. Its odd why, because Duggan cost them the match. We then are shown the events that caused the match for the Killer Bees.

Mean Gene Okerlund then speaks with Andre The Giant and Bobby Heenan and what he has in store for Hulk Hogan and that he will become the new world champion. The history between Hogan and Andre are shown including Andre pouring champagne on Hogan. From multiple wins as a tag team but how Andre came out to challenge Hogan for a world championship match. Hogan is then interviewed backstage with how he plans to take out Andre The Giant in the main event.

Back in the announce booth, Gorilla Monsoon throws it back to Howard Finkel who introduces the guest ring announcer Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker who introduces & guest timekeeper Mary Hart.

WrestleMania III
Andre The Giant (shown on the left) battles the World Champion, Hulk Hogan (shown on the right) [Photo: Twitter]

WrestleMania III
WWF World Heavyweight Championship
Andre The Giant with Bobby Heenan vs. Hulk Hogan ©

Andre and Bobby Heenan then make their way to the ring first. Once the challenger is in the ring, the champion, Hulk Hogan would proceed to come to the ring next. Fans in attendance are wild for this match. Andre stares at Hogan who stands in the corner and then slowly approaches the middle of the ring. Hogan continues to speak to Andre as the Giant shoves the champion. The champion then shoves back and attempts to slam him but falls back. It is when controversy strikes as the referee’s hand goes down twice but believed to be three times as Hogan’s shoulder was slow to raise.

Andre and the referee continue to share how it is a close count. Hogan appears to be injured as Andre works on the back of the champion. The Giant rakes and clobbers the back of the champion. A forearm smash followed by a knee lift by Andre led to a bodyslam by the Giant on Hogan. The challenger appears to stalk the champion and then picks him up again and slams him. Andre then stands on the back of the champion. He continues to tell Hogan to get up.

Hogan is struggling to get up but is then lifted by Andre. He whips Hogan into the turnbuckle and slowly moves in and proceeds  to whip him again into the opposing turnbuckle. A shoulderblock followed by backs into Hogan. He then hits a headbutt on Hogan who rattles him. Andre then tries to choke him and then slips out of his grasp. The Giant is staggering as Hogan has regained control.

The champion drives the challengers head into the top turnbuckle and then catches Hogan with a big boot whipping out the champion. Andre then locks in a bearhug on Hogan as he wrenches in. Eventually, Hogan is able to break free of the bearhug by Andre. Hogan hits a couple of shoulder tackles on Andre who then hits a reverse chop on the champion. Andre then goes after Hogan on the outside. He then misses Hogan and headbutts the ring post.

Hogan pulls the mat to expose the concrete area but Andre turns it into a big back body drop onto the floor. The champion is then thrown back in. Andre then misses a big boot and Hogan knocks Andre off his feet with a clothesline. The champion then gest to his feet and slams Andre. He then proceeds to hit the leg drop on Andre. He makes the pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winner: AND STILL WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan.

The fans in attendance are clearly behind the champion as Bob Uecker announces that Hogan is still the champion. After the match, Hogan calls for Andre to come back in the ring but The Giant and Bobby Heenan proceed to leave the ring and head to the backstage area. In the ring, Hogan celebrates his win.