WRESTLE-1 To Cease Operations As of April

In a press conference today, Japanese wrestling promotion WRESTLE-1 has announced that they will cease operations as of this Spring. Please see below a Google Translated transcription of the announcement by Muto and Hayashi announcement.

On Saturday, February 29, W-1 held a press conference at the GSP Media Center in Tokyo. Chairman Keiji Muto and President Kaz Hayashi attended and announced the organization’s indefinite suspension at the end of the Korakuen Hall tournament on April 1. It was also announced that all players will be leaving the team on March 31. Muto will be absent due to a match in the United States where the Korakuen Hall tournament has already been decided on April 1.

The last ring to go up in W-1 will be the Ota Ward General Gymnasium Tournament on March 15.

“W-1, it’s been less than seven years since the launch? The staff members worked hard together, but after the launch, it was difficult to get out of the deficit and how could we continue? I had an owner and came to the owner to make up for it, but I decided to suspend my activities as I could not cause any further inconvenience. When I got it, I said that Korakuen Hall on April 1 was the last, but in my case, I had already decided to work in the United States from last year and I had a contract, I went to Korakuen Hall on April 1 Therefore, my last job is to fight in Ota Ward Gym on the 15th.Thanks to the staff, officials, and fans who have supported W-1 so far, less than 7 years I did It is over. “

During the question and answer period, President Kaz Hayashi did say he hoped that someday hopes the organization can resume operations. No timeline of such aspiration was given. Hayashi did say they were trying to work without having to suspend operation. This was a difficult decision to make. With Wrestle-1 deciding to cease operations raises some questions. Wrestle-1 has been in operations since 2013. In 2018 WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s promotion ROW was a working partner with Wrestle-1.