I’m trying something new and different here. I’m going to TRY and preview this Saturday’s World of Sport Wrestling Preview for Episode 3. I’ve stressed the word try as it’s becoming more obvious that WoS Wrestling officials don’t like to give us fans too much. They are relying on us all to continue tuning in each week. The fact that at the end of each episode so far, we literally get around three seconds of the preview. So based on those three seconds, I’ve sat down with my laptop, crystal ball, and superb fantasy booking skills..

The Mark Blake World of Sport Wrestling Preview for Episode 3 & Fantasy Booking Experiment….. Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it ?

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Mark Blake WoS Wrestling Preview & Fantasy Booking Experiment

In the brief snippet at the end of last weeks show, it revealed that the 32 stone monster Crater will be returning. WoS Wrestling even tweeted this gif saying so –

There’s been rumor and innuendo (thanks to Conrad ?) that inside the briefcase Gabriel Kidd won on last week’s show, is, in fact, a contract to face Crater. In the words of Han Solo, I have a bad feeling about this…

After being told by WoS Wrestling executive Stu Bennett that the clowns and jokers aren’t welcome (I’m paraphrasing here). Losing the WoS Wrestling Championship, it seems that Grado has, erm, changed his attire and attitude.

World of Sport Episode 3: Preview

Also announced is Joe Hendry getting his hands on the turncoat Martin Kirby. Gotta admit that the “heel turn” of Kirby is a tad bit strange. Leaving Hendry, his tag partner, high and dry during a Tag Tournament Match really is a heel thing to do. But us fans have no idea if Kirby was an outright bastard, to begin with.

I’m sure I’m not the only one scratching their head at this angle, but hey ho, it looks like the pay off is this weekend. I’m hoping it’s not the end of this feud, for the writer’s sake ?‍♂️

Now it’s time where my creative juices run wild brother, where my years of playing Total Extreme Wrestling (seriously I’ve lost days playing that game), it’s time to hold the pencil and..


It’s common knowledge that the show lost a fair portion of its viewership on the second episode, and it may be a trend that continues. So my idea to halt that possible trend is this… You have one of the most recognizable and amazing talents in the world on your roster – Will Ospreay.

If the Stu Bennett character is going down the Uncle Vince route and wants handpicked champions, make Will the underdog peoples champion character. Bennett will make Ospreay jump through hoops to get a title opportunity, handicap matches, three ways, etc. He does everything he can to keep the belt on Rampage or whoever his champion is.

In the last episode of the run (episode 10), make the whole episode about this situation. Ospreay runs the gauntlet, literally in a gauntlet match. He wins to finally get a title shot, only to find that the championship match is next even though he’s wrestled for around 25-30 mins.

He overcomes the odds to defeat the champion and become the WoS Wrestling champion. The show and series close with Will Ospreay celebrating in the ring surrounded by all the other babyface wrestlers on the roster…..

There we go dudes & dudettes, that was my first ever public outing of a piece of my fantasy booking. Hopefully, you’ll tune in to the show to see if it comes true (if it does come true I promise you I’ll be applying for that writer’s job at WWE, don’t you worry), and maybe, just maybe, I’ve piqued your interest……Or maybe I’ve made you giggle at a strange dude with too much time on his hands.

Either way, I hope I’ve entertained you and made you want to catch up right here next week with myself “Smart” Mark Blake ?