World of Sport Wrestling Preview: (Episode #6)

We’re over halfway through this run of ten shows folks, which means that these stories that have been told over the last five weeks will slowly be coming to a conclusion. Will some narrative carry on into season two? I hope so, nothing better than leaving viewers on a cliffhanger between seasons…..if WoS does indeed get a second season, which I’m very hopeful that it will. Here is the World of Sport Wrestling Preview: (Episode #6).
So let’s get on and get this preview started huh?! And don’t forget that at the end of this preview I’ll head straight into my fantasy booking section. Right, let’s do this!
First Ever Tag Team Champions To Be Crowned
After last week’s semi-finals, we now know that it will be AlphaBad versus The Bromance to battle it out to stake a place in history as the FIRST ever WoS Wrestling Tag Team Champions.
Kip Sabian & Iestyn Rees aka AlphaBad got past BT Gunn & Stevie Boy to take their place in the final, but in this interview video with WoS interviewer Rachel Stringer, did Kip injure his lower back in that match, and is the friendship still alive in the AlphaBad camp?

With all looking well with Sabian & Rees, things across the ring look a bit different for The Bromance. With Nathan Cruz looking vicious and yelling/barking orders at Adam Maxted in their victory over Grado & Davey Boy Smith Jr, could there be signs of dissension In The Bromance?

Is the end for Nathan & Adam? Or is the possible babyface turn of Maxted just a ruse to make AlphaBad overconfident in the upcoming match?
Hendry And Kirby To Fight Forever?
It was announced at the end of last week’s show that Martin Kirby and Joe Hendry would face off one more time. WoS Wrestling officials, not content with just a normal singles match, have made them square off this time in a submission match.
It’s nice to see World of Sport Wrestling make a feud out of these two as it’s plainly obvious that they have great chemistry together and needed more than one match to showcase their talents.
Is there going to be shenanigans from Martin again in this match? Will Hendry’s superior amateur and Commonwealth Games experience be too much for Kirby? I’m expecting a great match from two mainstays of the British wrestling scene.
Bulldog v Rampage For The Title
Whilst coming up short against The Bromance last week with Grado, Davey Boy Smith Jr has been granted a shot at the World of Sport Wrestling Championship which is currently held by Rampage (Brown).
Rampage, along with his cohorts CJ Banks & Sha Samuels by his side, has kept a tight grip on the title ever since episode one. Could Bulldog Jr be the one that takes away the championship, and the power, from Rampage? Or will Rampage and Co keep the title in their camp with nefarious ways?
One thing’s for sure, a battle of the heavyweights is guaranteed! Let the big strong boi’s go at I say!
With the official preview over, it’s time for the part that many of you come here for. Yup! It’s time for some…..
Blake’s World of Sport Wrestling Fantasy Booking
This week I’m going to quickly talk about the women’ division. What is going right, and in my opinion (and I stress that it’s my opinion) what they could do to elevate the division even higher?
Things That Are Right –
By putting on women’s matches as main events, you’re showing the world that yes, we are treating the women as equals.
With such a small roster it’s adamant that you showcase the women in the right way. Five woman roster = multi-woman matches but putting each talent over strong (see below), which is how they’ve been shown.
Each and every woman has been booked strong. No Diva era booking here. All of them have been strong in their own particular ways. Viper and Ayesha are the strongest women and have been booked as such. Kasey Owens and Kay Lee Ray are the plucky underdog babyfaces. Bea Priestley is the snidey, sneaky heel. Not one looks weak at all.
Things That Could Be Better –
Slightly contradicting myself here, but one on one, uninterrupted matches needs to happen. The division has been established, the viewers know the roster now, so enough of the multi-woman matches, let’s solidify the position you’ve given the women and have some solid singles matches.
To really separate yourself from the mainstream WWE, how about some intergender tag matches? It will probably have to wait until the second season (fingers crossed folks!) but can you imagine Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley v Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray? Or Crater & Viper v Grado & Kasey Owens? Intergender matches are a staple on the main indie shows, and WWE trialed it with their Mixed Match Challenge but nothing along those lines has been seen since. So c’mon ITV/WoS Wrestling, take the plunge and do something different to get yourselves noticed even more!
A short but sweet condensed version of fantasy booking today, but I still think my points are valid. What about you dudes and dudettes? Do you think along the lines I’ve suggested or do you have different opinions? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on the TWITTAH (hey there Bully Ray) @Smart_Mark_B
Until next time folks….