Black Taurus - El Poder del Stallion

“Black Taurus has risen in this business that we love so much. As well as some of his best moments.

el poder del stallion 


Black Taurus was born in Torreon in 1987. He has been trained by  different masters like Diabolico, Tony Rodriguez, Araña del Futuro, and  Satanico.

It’s important for all luchadors to have different masters because each master has his own style and other skills.y.

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The stallion 

black taurus

At 18 years old, he started his way to the most sacred and especially  the most important in his life: Lucha Libre. He made his debut in  Durango as Semental in 2006.

With  his abilities, his first opportunity came with CMLL. He worked with  this promotion for around 4 years, but he never had great opportunities.  


Taurus was always booked in the first matches of the events. In 2012 he followed his instincts and joined AAA.


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