Tyrus becomes New NWA World Television Champion | #AndNEW

It has been a long, strange 5 years for the man born George Murdoch. Following his departure from IMPACT Wrestling in 2017, Tyrus has been working hard to rebuild his image in the indie scene. Now, in 2020 it all seems to be working out for the former Funkasaurus. Debuting at NWA Back For The Attack in April, Tyrus quickly set his sights on the NWA World Television Championship. Unfortunately, that was a problem for reigning champion “Da Pope’ Elijah Burke. On April 27th, their match went to a time limit draw; NWA scheduled their rematch for “When Our Shadows Fall.” At the event, Tyrus defeated Da Pope decisively, leading to their championship match this week on Extra Powerrr.

Prior to the match, Da Pope gave a promo about how he’s the longest reigning NWA World Television Champion. He added that Tyrus has been a thorn in his side for almost as long as he’s held the title. Da Pope also mentioned that the NWA has given them a special no-time limit stipulation to ensure that there will be a winner. Following Da Pope’s promo, Tyrus entered the ringside area, followed by his manager Austin Idol. As Tyrus made his way to the ring, Idol promised that not only would Tyrus emerge victorious, but he would go on to challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

The Following Contest is Scheduled For 1 Fall

Da Pope started with the obvious tactic against a big man and went straight to work on Tyrus’ left leg. Tyrus spends the first few minutes on the mat, with Da Pope laying into that leg with everything he’s got. In fact, Tyrus sells the assault so well; I wondered if we were about to see a double turn. After beating on the big man’s leg for what felt like ages, Da Pope finally goes for a hold. He seems to be going for some kind of Sharpshooter or Figure Four, but Tyrus gets his boot up and kicks Da Pope over the ropes.

Utilizing the distance, Tyrus finally gets back to his feet. However, when he turns around, he sees the Pope on the top rope. Pope hits Tyrus with a flying clothesline, sending him back onto the mat. With his opponent back on the mat, Pope goes back into beatdown mode before sinking in a Figure Four leglock. As he held Tyrus in the lock, Pope pointed at  Austin Idol, who used the hold as his finisher in the 70s and 80s. With a little help from his manager, Tyrus reaches the ropes to break the hold.

Tyrus’ break was the calm before the storm.

Now back on his feet, Tyrus takes a breather in the corner, but it doesn’t last long before Pope hits him with a Stinger Splash. Then Pope heads back to the opposite corner to charge up for another Stinger Splash. With some theatrics, Pope goes for a third, but Tyrus catches him with a shoulder block. Having knocked the wind out of Da Pope, Tyrus then threw Pope out of the ring, giving himself some needed time to breathe. As the referee started the 10 count, Tyrus got up in his face, keeping him distracted while Idol beat up Pope on the outside. After Pope rolls back into the ring, Tyrus brawls with him before setting up a 2nd rope banzai drop. However, his knee gives way before he can land it.

Pope takes advantage of his opponent’s prone state and lays into his face with his right hand. Then he hits an enziguri and goes for a pin, but it’s only a two-count. With the separation, Tyrus gets back to his feet, but Pope latches onto him with a sleeper hold. Tyrus starts to fade but stumbles back into the corner, causing Pope to let go. Tyrus then goes for an Irish whip back into the same corner, but the referee is now occupying that corner. Pope stops short of hitting the ref, Tyrus tries to do something, but Pope slips away. With Tyrus now face-to-face with the ref, Pope hits the Elijah Express onto both Tyrus and the referee. With no official to count the pin, Pope does it himself. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for a championship win.

Tyrus becomes New NWA World Television Champion.

While Pope pleads with the ref, Austin Idol steps into the ring to break the pin. Idol tries for another attack on Pope, but the babyface gets some payback on the legend. However, this was all a distraction for Tyrus to get to his feet. The big man hits Pope with the heart punch, and Idol drags the referee over to count the pin. Your new NWA World Television Champion: Tyrus.

After the match, Tyrus The Terrible said he was a natural fit for the NWA World Television Championship. He said he’s great on TV and that he’s wrestled on just about every network in his career. But he’s not done now that he’s World Television Champion. He’s got his eyes on Nick Aldis and his 10 Pounds of Gold.