#AndNEW Shane Taylor becomes ROH Television Champion

At Ring of Honor War of the World’s second showing in Toronto, on May 9th, Shane Taylor pinned Brody King to capture the Ring of Honor ( ROH ) Television Championship from Jeff Cobb in a Four Corners Survival Match which also included New Japan Pro Wrestling’s, Hirooki Goto.  It was all-out warfare between these four juggernauts, but in the end, Taylor was the victor, despite the ending circumstances. Shane Taylor was the winner #AndNEW Ring of Honor Champion.

Jeff Cobb appeared to be very bitter about the ending but ultimately handed the title over respectfully to Taylor, who greedily snatched it away with much disgrace in return.  

Cobb’s disappointment is understandable. It is a given since he was never pinned. It was Cobb who arguably put Brody King out cold. Taylor merely stepped in at the last moment to add his own finishing touch to King. In doing so, he took the pinfall for himself.

Secondly, this was originally going to be a non-title matchup. However, it became a championship match at the last minute. Following Shane Taylor whose public communications on social media, egging Ring of Honor’s management to put the title on the line.  This has been a long time coming for Taylor. He has been fixated on the Television Championship for months. He simply could not get over his loss against Cobb in a championship singles rematch at ROH’s 17th Anniversary show in Las Vegas.

#AndNEW Shane Taylor ROH Champion

The two originally went head to head last year in October in a non-title match. A match which saw Taylor take Cobb to his limits. Though it was close in the end, Cobb consolidated the win. But it was more than worthy for Taylor to earn a second shot at Cobb at Ring of Honor’s 17th Anniversary show. He did this with the title on the line. Furthermore, in the meantime, Taylor has collected some impressive victories. These included wins over Mike Law, Luchasaurus, and Hukileo.

Taylor also gained an impressive win in a Six-Man Mayhem matchup against Flip Gordon, Kenny King, Luchasaurus and Rhett Titus.  Throughout 2018, his singles track record was very impressive. He picked up wins against Eli Isom, Scorpio Sky, and two times against Josh Woods.

In the meantime, Taylor’s grudge and inability to move on from his two singles losses against Cobb was on full display.

He had been striking out at Cobb numerous times following their first match-up last year.  For example, in January, Taylor walked out of his competition involving Cobb, Jonathan Gresham and Rhett Titus at Honor Reigns Supreme. This was not only to return at the end and attack Cobb.  Similar attacks have played out as well. These included plenty of verbal aggression on social media. One resembling a man who has a major chip on his shoulder.

There is no doubt that Shane Taylor has paid his dues and is clearly the type of high caliber competitor the Television Championship represents. However, Taylor is going to have much more to prove if he is going to cement himself as a memorable champion. He has faced two defeats in singles competition against Jeff Cobb recently. There is certainly an aura of controversy hovering above Taylor’s current status as the champ.

It would only make sense that another singles rematch is in order between Cobb and Taylor.

It would probably be better for it to take place sooner than later, for the sake of maintaining maximum integrity of the Television title and the symbolism and history it represents.  Otherwise, doubts will certainly persist as to who is currently a superior force in the squared circle, Cobb or Taylor, despite who the gold belongs to.

In a backstage interview following Taylor’s Television title win, he stated that ROH officials have dreaded him winning this championship because he can not be controlled or told what to do.  He also claimed that he did it all by himself. For some, it may find to be an overstatement. Finally, he boasted that he is ready to take on anyone. He would face anyone from any promotion or any country. 

Especially if one considers Cobb’s superior track record in singles competition against Taylor recently.

While it is unclear when or if Cobb will obtain a rematch for the title, he may be looking to dish out some payback on May 11th at the third War of the Worlds show.  He will be facing Taylor to some capacity in the form of Ten Man Tag Team warfare.  Cobb and Jay Lethal will be teaming up with New Japan’s Hirooki Goto, Satoshi Kojima, and Yuji Nagata. They will take on the team of the Briscoes, Silas Young, Bully Ray and of course Shane Taylor.  

The winner and #AndNEW Ring of Honor Television Champion, Shane Taylor.

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Micah Shapiro, a native of Seattle, a father, and a husband, holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, and is a war and history junkie with a fascination for the dramatization and narration of human conflicts (obviously, pro wrestling fits that spectrum very well). He avidly watches independent pro wrestling as an escape from the daily anxieties of life in general, and his logistics day job. Though a typical hermit, sometimes he'll actually leave his house to go to DEFY's shows. Besides pro wrestling and global conflicts, he enjoys BBQ'ing (his specialty is Turkish Aleppo-pepper chicken kabobs), playing adventure and RPG video games, board games, painting war game miniatures, and reading science fiction, horror and fantasy novels.