Pro Wrestling Post Podcast Presents Shane Taylor

Photo / Shane Taylor

Ring of Honor’s notorious one has emerged from a tough life in Cleveland, Ohio to become one of the most valuable commodities in the company. As one half of a tag team with current WWE NXT star Keith Lee. Once on his own, Taylor knew that he had a great deal of work to do to prove that he is just as much as a tag team partner as he is as a singles competitor. Shane Taylor has a deceptively agile nature that several fans may overlook. During this edition of the podcast, Taylor discusses life, wrestling and how his exchanges have led to some incredible opportunities for both himself and his fellow Ring of Honor colleagues. What does Taylor think about Cleveland, native LeBron James? Taylor gives an honest opinion on the NBA star that listens will respect after hearing it. To listen to this edition please click the link below. Taylor also shares his intentions on his career moving forward. Listeners could also click on any of the available platforms listed below as well.

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