The IMPACT Assessment for 11/03/20 (Who Shot John E. Bravo?)

Last week’s episode of IMPACT! Wrestling ended in tragedy, as a mystery assailant shot John E. Bravo at his wedding. The attack on John E. Bravo casts a dark shadow over the company tonight, but the show must go on. The show opens with a compilation of all the times John E. Bravo berated his wedding party, followed by a recap of the wedding itself. After the video package, IMPACT! Wrestling executive Scott D’Amore informs Tommy Dreamer that Bravo is in a coma, but his condition has stabilized. Dreamer then takes charge of the investigation, claiming everyone is a suspect. Josh Matthews then welcomes us to IMPACT! Wrestling and throws to the first match. This is the IMPACT Assessment for 11/03/20.


The IMPACT Assessment for 11/03/20
Deonna Purrazzo vs Su Yung (c)
Knockouts Championship

Last week, Deonna Purrazzo threatened legal action against IMPACT! Wrestling unless Scott D’Amore stripped Su Yung of her championship. D’Amore offered an alternative that she could face Su Yung in a rematch. As Su Yung puts on her Mandible Claw glove in the corner, Purrazzo comes charging out with a big boot. They wrestle for a bit before Su Yung attempts the Panic Switch, but Purrazzo rolls out into a mat sequence. Purrazzo continues to go after Su Yung’s arm. Su Yung gains control with a hurricanrana into the corner before they exchange irish whips and strikes. After a double down, Kimber Lee tries to slide The Virtuosa a chair, but Su Yung catches it, unloading on Purrazzo and Lee. The bell rings as Su Yung loses by disqualification, but she keeps swinging at Purrazzo and Lee.

Heath’s Contract Signing

Rhino helps his injured buddy into a seat as Scott D’Amore comes in with a contract. D’Amore congratulates them personally before revealing the contract papers. He gives them a little speech about how they’ve earned a contract but notes that Heath seems unwell. Heath says he’ll be ready, but D’Amore says he can’t in good conscience offer him a contract while he’s unwell. He says that IMPACT! Wrestling will gladly help him rehab, and the contract will be there when he returns. Heath gets up to leave but promises he’ll be back.

As Heath and Rhino leave, Deonna Purrazzo’s lawyer, RD Evans, enters. He raises the issue of the DQ finish moments earlier. This was not the championship rematch Ms.Purrazzo requested. D’Amore concurs and offers Deonna Purrazzo another match for the Knockouts Championship at Turning Point. However, to ensure there will be a proper finish, they will compete in a No-DQ match.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann hype each other up for their match against Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan in the main event. Eddie reassures Swann that he has his back, as Shamrock and Callihan are no friends of his. The two sing together as we cut to the ring for the next match.

The IMPACT Assessment for 11/03/20
Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel

Chris Bey and Trey Miguel start with a lockup before trading armlocks. They then trade arm drags and dropkicks. These two showing off their phenomenal athleticism, trading sunset flips, and leapfrogs and dropkicks. Everything one can do, the other has an answer. Trey Miguel sends Bey into the corner and tries to follow up with a clothesline, but Bey gets the boot-up and rakes the eyes to gain control.

Trey fights back with flips and kicks, hitting the reverse 619 and a neckbreaker, before going up to the top rope. Chris Bey crotches him on the top turnbuckle, but Miguel slides underneath him. Miguel goes for a powerbomb out of the corner, but Bey shoves him aside and hits his diving cutter to secure the victory. This was a fast-paced match but perhaps too fast-paced, as, by the time one man gained traction, the other had a reversal up his sleeve.

The IMPACT Assessment for 11/03/20
Locker Room Talk

Back from commercial, Madison Rayne and cohost Johnny Swinger are talking about the upcoming Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament. Madison then introduces Jordynne Grace, followed by Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With A K. Johnny Swinger takes umbrage to Kaleb showing up. Madison asks Grace about finding a partner, and Grace responds that Alisha and her didn’t really click last week. Madison then suggests Grace and Dashwood team-up. Grace says that Tenille and her have a history that might prevent them from teaming up, but she’s interested in the possibility. Tenille says that a winning tag team is present in the room before suggesting that Madison Rayne should team up with her. Jordynne Grace, feeling ignored, storms out of the room.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer (in a Sherlock Holmes outfit) is grilling a referee. He says the referee has motive, as Bravo had insulted him to his face. The referee says he has somewhere more important to be, and Tommy sends him away, telling him to send in whoever’s next. Johnny Swinger enters, followed by Cody Deaner. Swinger and Deaner insist they each have to be next as they each have a match coming up. Realizing the match is between them, Tommy sends them to the ring but reminds them they’re both still suspects.

Beat Rohit Challenge

Back from commercial and X-Division Champion, Rohit Raju is in the ring, prepared for a Beat Rohit Challenge. He toots his own horn about beating 6 other wrestlers at Bound For Glory before opening up the challenge. TJP answers; however, he’s wearing a hoodie and jeans, clearly unready for a match. Rohit asserts that TJP lost at Bound For Glory, and as such, is disqualified from the Beat Rohit Challenge. TJP insists he deserves a one-on-one match, but Rohit rebuffs him. TJP then runs down his credentials, 22 years in the business, his time in WWE as Cruiserweight Champion, his time in New Japan, and a run with the X-Division Championship. Rohit says that’s all in the past and that TJP is a pathetic has-been.

TJP drops the mic and exits the ring, but Rohit keeps running his mouth. TJP comes back in, slaps the mic out of Rohit’s hands, and lays into him, sending the X-Division Champion out of the ring to close the segment.

Backstage, Chris Sabin is being interviewed about XXXL’s attack on the Motor City Machine Guns last week. Sabin says it seems like everyone’s trying to take his tag team partner Alex Shelley out of action. He adds that it seems like everyone’s out to isolate Chris Sabin. If they want to fight him so badly, he’ll issue an open challenge next week.

Back from commercial, Rohit Raju confronts Scott D’Amore about TJP’s actions in the ring. TJP approaches to complain about Rohit Raju. D’Amore understands the problem here, telling TJP to stop throwing tea and Rohit to stop running his mouth. Then, he offers a solution: Rohit hasn’t pinned or submitted TJP yet. He’ll face TJP for the X-Division championship next week.

The IMPACT Assessment for 11/03/20
Ethan Page (w/Josh Alexander) vs. Doc Gallows (w/Karl Anderson)

The North and The Good Brothers appear to exchange fighting words before the bell rings. Doc Gallows opens strong, shoving Ethan Page out of the ring. This happens several times, every time Page gets in the ring, Gallows pummels him back out. Josh Alexander hops onto the ring apron to allow Page to get some control. He lays into Gallows with jabs and kicks before hitting a big DDT for a 1-count.

After another one-count, Page sends Gallows into the corner but Gallows fights back. He maintains control with some clotheslines and a big boot. He sets up a big kick in the corner, but Josh Alexander grabs his leg. Anderson runs over to break them up, and Gallows hits a kick on Ethan Page for the 3 count. The North storms the ring to beat down The Big LG, but Anderson comes in to even the odds and they brawl for a bit before The North scamper up the ramp.

Back from the commercial, Swoggle talks about his new book and his re-debut in IMPACT! Wrestling. He’s interrupted by Brian Myers, who calls him a sideshow freak who has no business sharing the ring with “The Most Professional Wrestler.” Myers teases Swoggle about his book before leaving.

Johnny Swinger vs. Cody Deaner

The match opens with Swinger and Deaner exchanging arm-wringers and hip tosses. Deaner then takes control with a clothesline, following with stomps in the corner. Johnny Swinger fights back after Deaner takes a swig of beer from Cousin Jake. Swinger lays into Cody in the corner, but Cody fights back with an atomic drop. He tries to follow up with the Deaner DDT, but Swinger rakes the eyes to escape. Swinger then leaves the ring to put on his fanny pack and grab a chair. Cousin Jake swipes the chair before Swinger can do the deed, but Swinger bashes Cody Deaner with a loaded fanny pack for the victory.

After the commercial, Moose hits the ring with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in tow. He says he hasn’t been given the respect he deserves, and neither has his belt. He then touts his credentials: He’s undefeated at PPV, he’s beaten RVD, Ken Shamrock, and Tommy Dreamer, along with EC3. But all people talk about is the IMPACT! World Championship. Rich Swann gets all the attention even though he holds the 2nd most important championship in the company. He shows the video of his attack on Willie Mack last week, and puts Rich Swann on notice. Willie Mack then appears to unleash on Moose, but Moose brutalizes him around the ring to end the segment.

Backstage, Chris Bey asks Rich Swann for an IMPACT! Championship match. Rich Swann tells Bey it’s gonna take more than that to earn a championship opportunity. Eddie Edwards comes to collect Swann for their match before he can finish his speech.

The List of 10

Back from the commercial, and Tommy Dreamer has narrowed the suspect list down to 10 individuals. The Deaners, Team XXXL, Johnny Swinger, Hernandez, Havok, Fallah Bahh, Father James Mitchell, and Rosemary all protest their innocence. Dreamer says he doesn’t have all the answers just yet, but he’ll be investigating them further next week.

The IMPACT Assessment for 11/03/20
Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young & Sami Callihan

Rich Swann and Sami Callihan start in the ring, and Callihan takes control early on, shoving Swann into the neutral corner. Swann then takes control with some acrobatic dodges and a dropkick, sending Callihan out of the ring. Young charges out of the corner to meet Eddie Edwards, who sends Young out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive, followed by a senton from Swann as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Eddie Edwards tags in, catching Sami Callihan in a Boston Crab as Swann hits a front-flip leg drop. Callihan wrestles out of the hold and takes control of Edwards before Young tags in and lays into Edwards with fists. He trades control with Sami Callihan as they keep Edwards in their corner. Edwards slides out of Callihan’s grasp and follows up with a blue thunder bomb. Young tags in and runs the apron up to the top turnbuckle. He brawls with Edwards on the ring post before Edwards hits a superplex.

The Hot Tag

Eddie hits the hot tag to Swann who builds momentum against Callihan. He gives Callihan a 2nd rope hurricanrana onto Young. He tries to follow up, but Young breaks up the pin. Edwards hits the ring to fight with Young only to get sent outside. Swann capitalizes on the distraction with a double handspring cutter, but no pin. Young and Callihan pick up Swann and Edwards for stereo piledrivers, but they both wrestle out. They follow up with a sharpshooter from Swann and a single leg crab from Edwards, but Callihan and Young prevent each other from tapping out. Edwards then tried to catch Sami Callihan in a single leg crab, but Ken Shamrock appears to make the distraction. Callihan capitalizes with a piledriver onto Edwards, sealing the win. He stands tall with Eric Young and Ken Shamrock as the show goes off air.