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On November 24th, 1988, the WWF presented Survivor Series 1988. The event took place in the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, Ohio. Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura were on commentary for this event.

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The familiar sound of the Ultimate Warrior’s music ushered in the team of The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake, Sam Houston, Jumping Jim Brunzel and the Blue Blazer. As they were in the ring, the five-man team awaited their opposition.

Survivor Series 1988
The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake, Sam Houston, ‘Jumping’ Jim Brunzel and The Blue Blazer vs. The Honky Tonk Man, Dangerous Danny Davis, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, ‘Outlaw’ Ron Bass & Bad News Brown.

Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine begin the match against one another. The two former teammates immediately do battle. Valentine tags in Danny Davis, who maintains the advantage. Beefcake locks in a sleeper on Danny Davis, who causes him to be out, leading to an elimination.

Dangerous Danny Davis is eliminated.

Greg Valentine comes in and begins to work on the right leg and hamstring of Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake is able to kick him off and makes the tag to the Blue Blazer. The Blue Blazer makes a flying headscissors and takes Valentine down.

Jim Brunzel is then tagged in and attempts to work over Greg Valentine. But Valentine maintains control with a side headlock. A blind tag to Bad News Brown is made, who comes in and begins to work over Jim Brunzel.

Brown maintains control on Brunzel with a series of slams, kicks, and fists measured into the face of Brunzel. Brunzel attempts to fight back, but Brown gauges his eyes while he is in the corner turnbuckle.

Brown hits his Ghetto Blaster on Jim Brunzel, making a pinfall leading to the three count and the elimination.

Jumping Jim Brunzel is eliminated.

Sam Houston comes in after Brutus Beefcake and is just worked over by Bad News Brown. Brown drops a leg on Houston, who attempts to fight off the attack by Bad News. Houston is whipped into the corner turnbuckle.

As he comes out, he then makes the tag to Greg Valentine. Valentine attempts to drop Sam Houston and hits. Bad News Brown. Brown and Valentine begin to push and shove one another. This leads to Bad News Brown to walk out on the team.

Bad News Brown is eliminated by countout.

Sam Houston and Greg Valentine begin to battle. After a failed pinfall attempt by Sam Houston, Greg Valentine makes his way out and makes the tag to the Outlaw Ron Bass. Bass comes in and slams Houston in the middle of the ring.

He follows up by dropping an elbow on Houston. He attempts another slam, but Houston slips out of it, and Bass continues to work over Houston. Ron Bass goes for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two.

Each time Houston tries to recover, Ron Bass has the answer. He tries a monkey flip but Ron Bass catches Sam Houston and hits a power slam. He follows this up with the pinfall and the elimination of Sam Houston.

Sam Houston is eliminated.

The Ultimate Warrior comes in and cleans house. He begins to work over everyone. He then slams Ron Bass and makes the tag too. The Blue Blazer hits an aided diving headbutt and makes a pinfall attempt.

Bass makes his way out to his corner and tags in the Honky Tonk Man. As soon as Honky Tonk Man is in trouble, he makes the tag to Greg Valentine. The Blue Blazer then hits a slam and climbs the top rope.

But Honky Tonk then pushes the Blue Blazer off the top rope, who is locked into the figure four leg lock forcing him to submit and get eliminated.

The Blue Blazer is eliminated.

Ron Bass is tagged in and drives a knee into the midsection of The Barber. Bass tags in the Honky Tonk Man, who continues to work over the head of the Barber. The Honky Tonk Man makes a tag to Greg Valentine.

Beefcake is facing a three-on-one attack, and the Ultimate Warrior can’t seem to do much as the referee moves him back. Ron Bass came in, but it appeared as though he hadn’t tagged, but he still came in nonetheless.

Beefcake won’t make the tag and tries to work over the Honky Tonk Man in the meantime. The Barber slaps on the sleeper, but Honky Tonk Man forces them both to the floor. Both men are then counted out.

The Honky Tonk Man and Brutus Beefcake are eliminated by a double countout.

Ron Bass and Greg Valentine try to work over the Ultimate Warrior with their one-man advantage. Bass is tagged in, and they both tried to work over the Ultimate Warrior pounding on him time and time again.

He is then brought back into their corner. Bass tags in Valentine, who continues to work over the Ultimate Warrior. The Ultimate Warrior tries to fight back.  But the Warrior is able to take both men out.

He then makes the pinfall attempt on Ron Bass, leading to an elimination.

Outlaw Ron Bass is eliminated.

The Ultimate Warrior then hits a double ax handle across the head of Greg Valentine, leading to the pinfall and the win by the Ultimate Warrior. 

Greg Valentine is eliminated.

Winners: The Ultimate Warrior’s

Survivor Series 1988
Demolition (captains) with Mr. Fuji, Los Conquistadors, Brain Busters, The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, & The Bolsheviks vs. Powers of Pain (captains), The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, The British Bulldogs, & The Young Stallions

It is unique to see a Survivor Series match that highlighted five teams against five teams, making this twenty-man tag team match. On the surface, it could easily pass for a battle royal.

As it is explained, when one tag team member is eliminated, both members of the tag team are eliminated. The match begins with Davey Boy Smith and one of the Conquistadors, followed by Jacques Rougeau.

Then Nikolai Volkoff and Shawn Michaels are in there. Boris Zohoff is then tagged in. Marty Jannetty is then tagged in as well. But Boris tags in Ax, who begins to battle with Jannetty.

Arn Anderson is then tagged in, and he tags in Tully Blanchard, who begins to battle Jannetty. Blanchard then faces fist after fist from the opposing team.

Jacques is then tagged in, and he misses a cross-body on Jannetty. The Dynamite Kid is tagged in and begins to work over Jacques Rougeau. But then Jim Powers is tagged in momentarily. Powers is then tagged in a is Boris Zohoff.

But then Smash is tagged in, and he begins to work over Jim Powers. Jacques Rougeaus is tagged, and he begins to battle Bret Hart. Hart kicks off Jaquues but then sneaks in a small package on Raymond, who is tagged in.

Raymond Rougeau is tagged in, and The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers are eliminated.

Nikolai Volkoff and Bret Hart continue to battle. Paul Roma is tagged in, and he tries to beat down on Volkoff, but he is stopped by Roma. Jim Niedhart is then tagged into the match. But Volkoff traps Niedhart on the other side of the ring.

He then hits Smash and then tags in The Barbarian. The Barbarian and Smash battle in heels side of the ring.

But The Barbarian is able to recover and lays waste to one of Los Conquistadors, who quickly tags in the Warlord. Bret Hart is then tagged into the match, and he battles Smash.

Ax is then tagged in, and the tag team champions beat down Bret Hart. Tully Blanchard comes in and hits a double-ax handle on the Hitman on his way into the ring.

Blanchard tries to measure Hitman, but Ax is tagged in, as is Shawn Michaels, on the opposite side of the ring. Smash then catches Shawn Michaels and rests him over the top rope as everyone is beating him down on the opposing side of the ring. Volkoff then continues to work over Michaels.

We then see Arn Anderson hit a spinebuster on Michaels and a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. The Los Conquistotar is tagged in, as is Marty Jannetty. Jannetty then faces Volkoff. Volkoff is then hit with a dropkick.

But then Paul Roma is tagged into the ring as is Davey Boy Smith. Smith slams Volkoff but is then hit with a reverse thrust kick.

Blanchard is back in and hits a series of elbows but misses the last one. We then get the Warlord and Los Conquistadors tagged in the ring. Ax and the Warlord trade punches in the middle of the ring. Warlord is then dropped into the other side of the ring but catches an attempted boot by Smash.

The Barbarian is then tagged in and hits a series of boots on Smash. But Blanchard is tagged back in the ring and hit with a slingshot off the top rope. The Anvil then hits a powerslam on Tully Blanchard.

Then the Dynamite Kid is tagged in and he is tossed to the outside of the ring temporarily. Arn Anderson comes in and frequent tags to Boris and then Jim Powers on the other side. Powers then attempts a cross body but he is reversed by Boris Zhukoff.

Jim Powers is pinned, and The Young Stallions are eliminated.

Shawn Michaels makes his way into the ring and begins to work over Boris Zhuhoff. Michaels hits a scoop and a slam on him. Then he makes a tag to the Barbarian. But as soon as Tully Blanchard is tagged in and, he almost immediately tags out to Barbarian.

Ax is then tagged in, and he hits the Barbarian with countless fists to wear him down. Volkoff is then tagged in and tries to work him over, but the Barbarian tags in Jannetty. But Zhuhoff is tagged as is Marty Jannetty.

A sunset flip into the ring, a pinning attempt by Jannetty leads to a three count and another elimination.

Boris Zhkoff is pinned, and The Bolsheviks are eliminated.

Arn Anderson is in the ring now with Marty Jannetty. Anderson tags in Tully Blanchard. But he tags in Ax, who later tags in Los Conquistadors. But Janetty is hit with a back-body drop. Smash is then tagged in and pounds on Jannetty, who tags in Ax.

Ax then tags in Anderson, who telegraphed a move, and a tag is made to Davey Boy Smith and then Tully Blanchard on the other side. After initially backing off of Davey Boy Smith, Tully Blanchard pulls him over to their side of the ring.

He then makes a tag to Smash, who is wrenching on the neck of Davey Boy Smith. A tag is then made to Los Conquistadors. Another tag is made to the other Conquistador. But Smith made a tag to Jim Niedhart, who then tagged in Bret Hart, who dropped an elbow.

We then get a tag into Shawn Michaels, who makes a tag to Marty Jannetty. A tag is made to Dynamite Kid and hits a snap suplex. He then hits a knee from across the ring on Los Conquistador. Dynamite then tags in The Barbarian.

The Barbarian then follows up with a power slam and an elbow. A tag is then made to Los Conquistador who then tags in Tully Blanchard. Blanchard then sucker punches The Barbarian.

Ax and Smash are then both tagged in and continue to work him over in the middle of the ring. Smash continues to wrench on the neck of The Barbarian. But the Barbarian attempts to kick out.

A tag is then made to Arn Anderson, who then makes a tag to Los Conquistadors. Both Conquistadors continue to tag in. But Ax comes in, and then wrenches on The Barbarian’s neck. Arn Anderson is then tagged in.

This leads to a tag to Marty Jannetty. Jim Niedhard comes in and ducks and gets caught with a cross body by Tully Blanchard. Bret Hart Is then tagged in and begins to work over Blanchard from top to bottom.

Blanchard is then backed into the corner. We then see a back suplex pinfall by Bret Hart. But Blanchard got his shoulder up, and the Hitman’s shoulders were counted down for the three count.

Bret Hart is pinned, and The Hart Foundation have been eliminated.

Dynamite Kid and Tully Blanchard are now in the ring. A tag is then made to Davey Boy Smith who both work over Blanchard. We then see a tag to Shawn Michaels, and both The Rockers and The Brain Busters battle in the ring as the referees tear them apart.

We then get both Brain Busters get superkicked. But both teams are eliminated after refusing to leave the ring and continuing to battle.

The Brain Busters and The Rockers were both disqualified and eliminated from the match.

Smash and The Dynamite Kid continue to battle in the ring. Dynamite is then kicked off by Smash on Dynamite. Los Conquistadors are tagged in the ring and tagged to the other Conquistador.

A telegraphed move leads to Warlord being tagged into the ring. Warlord then drives one of the Los Conquistadors into the foot of the Barbarian. But they make a tag to Ax and Davey Boy Smith, and both go at it.

Ax recovers and then drives Smith’s head into the boot of Smash. An arm drag by Smith leads to a tag to Dynamite. Dynamite then drops Smash’s chin across the top of Dynamite’s head. Smith is tagged in, as is Los Conquistadors.

We then get a powerslam by Davey Boy Smith. He then picks him up and tags in The Barbarian. But the Conquistador falls back and tags in Ax. Ax is relentless and then throws The Barbarian onto the floor.

Los Conquistadors are tagged in and hit the Barbarian with a dropkick. We then get a tag to Davey Boy Smith.

Dynamite Kid hits a pair of headbutts on one of the Conquistadors and doesn’t hook the leg for the pinfall. The Conquistador then staggers over to the wrong side of the ring. Warlord is tagged in and then hits him, and the Conquistador makes the tag to Smash.

Smash pursues Dynamite, who then hits a snap suplex. He then attempts a diving headbutt but Smash moves and then hits a clothesline on Dynamite. Smash makes the pinfall for the elimination.

The Dynamite Kid is pinned, and The British Bulldogs are eliminated.

The Barbarian battles Smash, who takes him over to their corner. Los Conquistadors make the tag in, but he gets brought over to the Powers of Pains corner. Ax is then tagged in, and he continues to work over the shoulder of the Warlord.

Smash then continues to work over Warlord and gets up on the apron but is then forced off the apron. There are frequent tags with Los Conquistadors and Demolition. Ax works over the arm and shoulder of the Warlord in the middle of the ring.

Smash is then tagged in. Mr. Fuji gets back up on the apron as the referee is trying to get him off the apron. Smash then goes across to the apron, and Mr. Fuji is holding the ropes open, causing him to fall through.

Ax then gets off the apron and checks on his partner, but the referee is counting Smash out. Smash is then counted out, and Demolition is eliminated. Ax is furious.

Smash is counted out, and Demolition is eliminated.

After the elimination, Ax and Mr. Fuji bicker at ringside. Fuji says he’s the boss and screams that he hits Ax with the cane. Ax picks up Mr. Fuji and slams him on the floor. The Powers of Pain are checking on Mr. Fuji at ringside.

They dust him off and are checking on him. They help him over to their corner. Los Conquistadors and Powers of Pain are battling. When one of the Conquistadors hits the ropes, Mr. Fuji hooks the leg, causing him to trip up and fall.

The Barbarian then hits a diving headbutt and follows up with a pinfall and the win.

Conquistador 1 is pinned and Los Conquistadors are eliminated.

Winners: Powers of Pain

After the match, the Powers of Pain hoist up Mr. Fuji on their shoulders as Demolition, then charge back to the ring and continue their battle with the Powers of Pain. Fuji’s former men battle with his current men.

Mr. Fuji has switched sides in the middle of the match, and the double turn took place in the middle of the match. Demolition’s music plays them out. We then see the turn of events that took place towards the end of the match.

Sean Mooney is then shown backstage as he is interviewing Bad News Brown. Brown shares how he is a victim of a conspiracy and wouldn’t stand by and take what his team was attempting to do earlier in the night. He then shares that he is deserving of the WWF Championship and Randy Savage.

Mean Gene Okerlund is then shown backstage with the Powers of Pain. Mr. Fuji says that Demolition thought they knew more than the master and that they disrespected him. He said that Demolition would pay for turning against him.

That they will suffer at the hands of the Powers of Pain.

After announcing the next match to take place, we see Mean Gene backstage with Andre, Dino Bravo, Mr. Perfect, Harley Race, and Ravishing Rick Rude. Bobby Heenan shared about how much he has invested in that ring and what his team in store for his opposition.

Dino Bravo, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, and Harley Race shared their plans for this upcoming match. Andre hammers down the point with how he plans on leading his team to victory on this evening.

Sean Mooney is then speaking with the Mega Powers-led team with Koko B Ware, Hillbilly Jim, and Hercules, addressing what is still to come. Each member of the team shares what they plan on doing to their opposition ahead of their match later this evening.

Hogan shares how he feels sorry for the team of Akeem, Big Boss Man, Red Rooster, Ted DiBiase, and … later on in this evening.

Gorilla Monsoon then sends it over to Howard Finkel, who introduces the upcoming competitors of the match.

Survivor Series 1988
‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Scott Casey, Ken Patera and Tito Santana vs. Andre The Giant, Dino Bravo, Mr. Perfect, Harley Race and Ravishing Rick Rude

After the Jake Roberts and Hacksaw Duggan-led team make their way to the ring, it is their opposition’s time to make their way to the ring. The match begins with Ravishing Rick Rude and Ken Patera.

After a brief test of strength, Rude tags out to Dino Bravo. As Bravo comes off the ropes, he and Patera have a stallmate with a shoulder tackle and neither going anywhere—Mr. Perfect tags in and Patera tags in Jake Roberts.

Roberts focuses on Mr. Perfect’s arm. Tito Santana is then tagged into the match. Santana then works over Mr. Perfect’s arm. But Perfect catches Santana with an elbow. Bravo is tagged in and Jake Roberts is tagged in who then tags in Scott Casey.

Casey hits a back elbow on Dino Bravo. But Bravo catches Casey with an atomic drop on Casey. Race then hits a belly to belly suplex followed by a knee. Harley Race then tags in Rick Rude. Rude works over Casey and then drives Casey’s head into Andre’s knee.

Mr. Perfect is tagged in and he works over Casey. Casey fights off Perfect and tags out to Tito Santan. Santana and Patera both work over Mr. Perfect. Ken Patera then tags out to Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Perfect and Duggan continue to battle, with Duggan getting the advantage. Duggan tags out to Scott Casey. Casey is then beaten down on by Ravishing Rick Rude. Rude poses a bit and he and Casey exchange fists. Rude comes charging in and Casey moves.

Casey then tags in Tito Santana. Santana then decks Ravishing Rick off the ropes. Santana then tags in Hacksaw Jim, who tries to gain the advantage on Rude. Rude gets up and goes off the ropes.

Both men collide, and it takes both men off their feet. Patera is tagged in and he works over Rude. It’s a pinfall attempt by Patera, but only gets a count of two. After whipping Rude into the corner, Patera gets caught with a big boot.

Rude comes off the ropes and hits Rude Awakening finisher. He makes the pinfall and gives his team the advantage.

Ken Patera is pinned and eliminated from the match.

With Patera now eliminated, Scott Casey comes into the match. But Casey ends up in the wrong corner. Harley Race is tagged in, and he works over Casey. Dino Bravo is tagged in, and he works over Casey.

Casey is tossed off the ropes but gets caught with a side slam. Bravo makes the pinfall attempt and gets the three count.

Scott Casey is pinned and eliminated from the match.

Tito Santana then charges into the ring, and he decks Bravo. Bravo makes the tag leading to Mr. Perfect into the match. Santana then makes a tag to Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Duggan then whips Perfect off the ropes, but he catches Duggan coming off the ropes.

But Duggan gets caught and into the wrong corner as Andre works him over. Mr. Perfect works over Duggan and then makes a tag to Rick Rude. Rude comes in and hits a series of punches on Duggan.

Duggan recovers and decks Rude with a clothesline. Harley Race and Tito Santana are both tagged in the match. Bravo is tagged into the match and he and Santana are in a stalemate.

Santana then hits a sunset flip with a pinfall attempt but only gets a count of two. Race is then tagged in and he hits a piledriver on Santana. He makes a pinfall attempt but only gets a count of two.

Race hits a clothesline on Santana and then takes him down again. He then hits Race with his flying forearm taking down Harley Race. Santana makes the pinfall and gets the elimination.

Harley Race is pinned and eliminated from the match.

This leads to Andre coming into the ring and just mauling Tito Santana. He just batters and chokes Santanan time and time again. Andre just throws chops and stomps on Santana time and time again.

Santana tries to fight back. He then gets choked by Andre and knocked down with a cliubbing forearm. After an attempted sunset flip on Andre, Santana falls victim to Andre the Giant just stopping and sitting on Tito completely winding him.

The Giant makes the pinfall for the three count and the elimination.

Tito Santana is pinned and eliminated from the match.

Duggan decks Andre leading to him being caught in the ropes. Both Roberts and Duggan throw fists at Andre who is tied in the ropes. Roberts is choking Andre who finally breaks free and makes the tag to Rick Rude.

Rude poses and whips Jake from one end of the ring to the other. Rick closes in and decks him and makes the tag to Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect works over Roberts who then gets caught with his throat across the bottom rope.

Perfect makes the tag to Dino Bravo. Roberts then hits a short clothesline on Bravo. As he attempts a DDT he gets caught with a clothesline. Rude is then tagged in and he is driving Roberts head into the mat time and time again.

Now, Rude awaits Jake as he is getting up. As Roberts turns around, Rick Rude drives a hard right on Roberts. Roberts gets his foot on the bottom rope in a pinfall attempt. Dino Bravo is then tagged in and he too makes a pinfall attempt.

But Roberts once again gets his foot on the bottom rope. Bravo then hits a scoop slam on Roberts but telegraphs an elbow drop on Roberts. Roberts then makes the tag to Hacksaw who come in after the hot tag.

Hacksaw comes in like a house of fire. He then backs Bravo into the corner and hits a clothesline. Duggan signals for the 3-point stance which leads to Duggan going to the floor. Duggan is then slammed on the floor and he goes in with the 2 x 4 and manages to get himself disqualied.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is disqualified and eliminated from the match.

This leaves Roberts to be on his own against the four remaining men. Mr. Perfect comes into the ring and he and Roberts lock up. Roberts hits a series of rights and then fans are chanting for the DDT. Perfect back into his corner once again to consult with his team.

He returns to lock up with Roberts. Roberts fights back and hits a knee lift as fans chant for the DDT. This leads to Dino Bravo to come into the ring. Roberts is back in the ring with Bravo and working Robert down with a test of strength.

Bravo misses an elbow drop and leads to Rude to come in and Jake slips out.

Once back in the ring, Rude is on the attack on Roberts. Rude continues to work over Roberts as the rest of the team watches on. Rude then locks in a bearhug and Roberts collapsed. He then leaps off the top rope and hit a fist to the prone Roberts below.

Roberts then hits the DDT on Rude pinning him in the process.

Ravishing Rick Rude is pinned and elmininated.

Immediately after the pin, Andre comes in and attacks Jake in the process. Andre comes in like a man possessed and is refusing to break the count as the referee attempts to count him out and disqualifies him in the process.

Andre the Giant is disqualified and eliminated.

Mr Perfect comes in and then pins the battered Jake Roberts pinning him and eliminating him and his team from the match.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts is pinned and eliminated.

Winners: Mr. Perfect and Dino Bravo

Jake then gets Damian and tosses him in the ring after the match. The fans show their appreciation despite being the final man eliminated for his team.

Backstage Slick and Bobby Heenan have their team sharing about what they have in store for their match coming up next.

Survivor Series 1988
Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Akeem, Big Boss Man, Red Rooster, & King Haku vs. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Koko B. Ware, Hillbilly Jim, Hercules, and Hulk Hogan

DiBiase and Savage start off the match. Ted DiBiase has the early advantage laying in fists on the Macho Man. Savage makes a comeback and tags in Hercules he goes right after DiBiase.

But the Red Rooster is tagged in and he attempts to lock up Hercules’ legs but he tags in Koko B. Ware. Akeem is tagged into the ring who beats on Koko. Then King Haku is tagged in and Hercules is tagged back for his team. Hogan is tagged in and goes after Haku.

He then drives him into the knee of Hillbilly Jim. Hillbilly Jim takes out the freshly tagged in Red Rooster. Jim tags in Koko B Ware who takes out the Rooster. But the Rooster attempts to ram Koko’s head into the top turnbuckle.

The Mega Powers outlast everybody: Survivor Series 1988 | WWE
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Hogan is tagged back in and goes right after the Red Rooster. He then tags in Savage who hits a top rope elbow and makes a pinfall for the three count and the elimination.

Red Rooster is pinned and eliminated for his team.

Haku makes his way into the ring and he and Savage lock up. But Savage makes the tag to Hogan and goes in for an exchange with the Hulkster. He then hits a dropkick. But Hogan then picks him up for a scoop and a slam.

Hercules comes and drops an elbow. Haku recovers with a side suplex and tags in Akeem. Akeem drops an elbow but misses! Hillbilly Jimn is tagged and hits a big boot on Akeem. Jim gets hit with the 747 splash followed by a pinfall and an elimination.

Hillbilly Jim is eliminated for his team. It is now 4-to-4.

Koko B Ware then comes in and goes right after Akeem and follows up by tagging in Hulk Hogan. Hogan gets the advantage but then Savage is tagged in. Hercules is tagged in and he goes after him hoping to knock him down.

Koko is tagged in and hegoes back and hits a dropkick. Koko makes the tag and charges after Akeem. But he misses and hits the corner turnbuckle. This leads to Akeem tagging in the Big Boss Man who catches Koko off the ropes for a sideslam pinfall and elimination.

Koko B Ware is eliminated, making it 4-to-3 for the Slick and Heenan team now.

Hogan and the Big Boss Man are now getting ready to go after one another. Hulk then goes after Bioss Man. He gets hit by the entire team. Hogan then teases athat he is is going to slam the Boss Man.

Boss Man catches Hogan with a spinebuster and makes a tag to Akeem. Akeem after Hulk and continues to work him over. Haku comes in and he begins to go after Hogan. The Boss Man comes in and continues to work over the wounded Hogan.

DiBiase is tagged in, and he is getting worn down by the Million Dollar Man. Hogan recovers and springs back into action, going after the Million Dollar Man. But Hercules is tagged in and goes right after DiBiase.

Hercules goes after DiBiase, who decks the distracted Hercules from behind. He is rolled up, pinned, and eliminated.

Hercules is eliminated, making it a 4-on-2 advantage for Slick and Heenan’s team.

DiBiase is distracted by the just eliminated Hercules that Savage comes in and rolls him up from behind, eliminating him in the process.

Ted DiBiase is eliminated for his team, making it a 3-on-2 advantage for Slick and Heenan’s team.

Haku comes into the ring, and he and Savage square off. The King misses a diving headbutt. He holds off, takes him out at the legs, and then tags in Hulk. The Boss Man comes in and works over the Hulkster.

Akeem is tagged in and continues the assault on Hogan. Haku comes in and suplex’s Hogan. He then works on the traps area of the Hulkster, squeezing on him in the process. The Boss Man comes in and then hits Hogan with a side slam but doesn’t go for the pin.

The Boss Man then climbs the ropes but misses on the splash in the process. Hogan crawls and makes the tag to Savage. Savage is taking out everyone in the process. But Savage is distracted, and Slick pulls on Savage in the process.

Hogan is then handcuffed to the bottom rope. The Big Boss Man was counted out in the process of handcuffing Hogan on the bottom rope.

The Big Boss Man is counted out and eliminated. It is now a 2-on-2 match-up.

The problem is Hogan is in the match but handcuffed in the process. Bug the Big Boss Man refuses to leave the ring, and Akeem is disqualified. The reason was unclear, actually.

Akeem is disqualified, leaving it to a 2-on-1 advantage, but Hogan is handcuffed on the bottom rope.

Haku and Savage continue to battle inside the ring. King Haku misses a leaping elbow drop on Savage. Haku misses a dropkick. Haku hits a thrust kick on Slick, who held Savage in the process.

Elizabeth goes in, grabs the keys, and unlocks Hogan from the bottom rope. King Haku hits a splash from the second rope on Savage, but Hulk is tagged in. Hogan goes after Haku and hits him with a series of moves.

He drops the big leg and makes the three count for the pinfall win and elimination.

King Haku is eliminated and the final competitor for his team.

Winners: Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan are the winners for their team in this match.

After the match, Hogan lifts up Elizabeth to celebrate, which leads to Savage looking at him cross-eyed a bit, wondering what he is doing. He would plant the seeds for what would turn out to be a major feud between the two of them.

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